Reviews for Direction
FishSlayer chapter 1 . 8/18/2012
This was great. Needs more yuri though. ;P
Lunar Hikari chapter 1 . 5/19/2012
I... holy crap. Yeah they were a little more open than usual, but considering they're probably in junior high in this fic (I think, I have no idea how long it took them to get promoted and stuff.) but I kinda think that made them adorable. X3

I love how Akira didn't know how to react to Sae being emotional in the slightest, and... the synchro-name-splinter pull. Yes. This would happen. Definitely. Now we just need Hayashiya-sensei to make this into the manga and... yessssss...

Heh Heh Akira stealing Sae away... Reading this immediately after reading the chapter where Hayate refers to Sae as Akira's wife made that all the funnier.

Here's hoping you'll write more for these characters (or even just the series in general) 3
shaggy-bear chapter 1 . 1/16/2012
Now look what you've done! You have set my expectations too high to ever be met again. :(
Immi chapter 1 . 1/14/2012
OOC perhaps, but I'm so happy to see a story with Akira and Sae in it that I don't really care.

...More helpfully, I don't think the characters were too far off the mark, they were just rougher and more upfront about their issues than we usually see in the manga. That's not necessarily a bad thing, since they are younger here, but it is a little disorienting. Part of the fun on Sae's end is seeing her smile nonchalantly and play with people and not lose her cool despite having a lot of reasons to do so. Making her emotional is tricky, and I can actually only think of one sequence in the manga where some degree of temper is seen on her face.

On Akira's side of things, most of what I have to say is pretty spoilery so I'll keep my mouth shut, but I think the part about being more upfront than usual applies pretty directly to her.

Regardless, this was fun, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. The suggestion of Akira stealing Sae away from Ryouichi made me grin (if only), and Sae enunciating Akira's name in time with the removal of splinters was perfect. I very much hope the mood strikes you to write for this fandom again.