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FeministFighter chapter 1 . 5/5/2013
Haha, I cnat belive I just maratoned through ur garbage of stories that r obvioulsy copid from other crapy stories around this section of fanfiction as wel as being full of stereotypes.

To the readers, I announce you, don't waste ur time, for its the basic story of a male going on a magical adventure saving his damsel in distress woh is obviusly tooo stupd and wek to figt her own fihgts, and his predominant male friends come along. And to pruv ur total mysoginy, the only monster that is a female is a BIRD! And both females are attracted to the main character as if hes a magnet for women and they're too brainless to see the worthless scum he is. Of course, the villin is teh typicval evil male that wants to control everyon e (as all men truly are, to by honest) and hes stoppeed by a hero whos no bettar than him. Blablabla, THE END!

If this isnt the pruf of patriachal influenced writing, then I don't know what it is. Stop brainwashing people with this sick stury.
dawriterman chapter 8 . 8/7/2012
Hmm...Karon's certainly not him this time

He summoned Dragons and all but no Shadow commands...Whats the matter

Well a cliffhanger for sure

Mind blowing duel :D

Have to say i liked Pluto the most :D

Lets see what you have next
dawriterman chapter 7 . 8/7/2012
Great action in this chapter

Epic fight between Marcus and C.J. :D

The cross gear fight was the best that i have ever read so far... And so was the avatar fight

Also the other amazing things include the sudden rise of Tsume :D That sure was suprisiong

Tsume deserves a kikj in the butt for that..

And karon collects the Necrodragon Giland card o.O

Well Well they are going to go to the Water civ :D Looks like Karon wants Emergency Typhoon or Deepsea Dober

But one thing thats surprising me is there was no mention of Dorballom o.O I thought he'd be the deck avatar /./ Well whatever

AMAZING chapter
dawriterman chapter 6 . 8/7/2012
Great adventure, Romance and the ever present suspense

Whenever i read one of your chapters the first thought that comes to my mind is just when will i be able to write like this :D

Awesome way of storytelling and the thrills up a notch with Marcus Vs C.J.

Well no time to write am moving on to the next chappy
dawriterman chapter 5 . 8/7/2012

I love your description of the creature world

The plot is getting more thrilling every minute

And you sure know how to leave the chapter at a cliffhanger

So NOVA have got hold of Dragonfriend Kachua LMAO

and We have her depicted as a teen rotting in Darkness jails

Well the stage is set for a heroic entrance :D
dawriterman chapter 4 . 8/7/2012
Great so we have Team KG defend the universe now :D

Wow the background story is awesome Aligning planets...Keys to awaken supervillain :D This reminds me of Intergalactic Wars :D :D

Well looks like the first duels underway and looks like Michaels the first to use three civs :D

Well lets see what you have
Freelancer 1989 chapter 20 . 8/3/2012
Wow... Epic finish dude P

and I loved the Mega man reference in here, P

And its about bloody time Jamie and CJ got together ;3 Way to go Terra knight

I can not wait to see the next arc
dawriterman chapter 3 . 7/29/2012
:D another galaxy evo and venus as i thought

Well venus has a pretty good ability :D

the duel was pretty epic with some awesome new creatures ( guess i am losing touch withsome of them)

Also Venus coming twice was a real downer

Guess who comes to save jamie again :D ..C.J.

Why havent they kissed yet :P :P

Oh well guess its time for them to save the world again :D
dawriterman chapter 2 . 7/29/2012
Thats a bang way to inroduce the galaxy vortex evos :D

C.J. and the others have the great xgears given by the vortex evos :D

But the others are trying tosteal it

Ahh well the bad guys have to do something bad right?

Have to say the cards that you wrote about were all new for me :D

Still the chapter was awesome;)

Great now lets see how Venus AKA that vanessa girl awakens
acumashindorballomu chapter 20 . 7/27/2012
So I am guessing that this is the end of this fanfic. Wait a minute *checks Nolan's other fanfics* Yep, chapter 20 is usually the last, so in case the fic ends here... here is the final review for it :P

First of all, this chapter was better than the previous in many ways... and the previous one was already amazing... Shows how much you want to develop your writing skills and I appreciate that. Keeping the tension in CJ's battle, then showing Jamie's choleric side by her accusing Shotaro in front of mister Roman and then the huge plot twist with the diary which reveals that it was not Gentaro, but Shotaro the one who was chosen by Thanatos, that one really blew my mind! O_o

Another great thing about this chapter.. no, fanfic, is Marcus, who has undergone some well-deserved character development and chose to become CJ's 'rival' :3 And as CJ stated, it will be awesome to have him as a rival :P The duo's way of handling that Ryuseei android was epic and shows the potential friendship that might occur between them.

Afterwards we come to Shotaro, who despite being under arrest still has an ace up his sleeve by threatening Jamie with gunpoint. This proves that you're really willing to take the story to the extremes, which worked well for the overall tension that you were aiming at. And the touching discussion between Tachibana and Shotaro was also great, especially when Tachibana revealed that he was Ixion's chosen one. The way he fell with the smile of confidence in the KG was also emotional.

And afterwards we arrive at the heroes who seem to have made amends with the NOVA. Screw that, let's see CJ's and Jamie's relationship move further :P

And just because you had to end the story with a blast, we have Shotaro at the very end preparing new schemes in the dark... with a new team of duelists (!) What was shocking to me was that Justin, June's childhood friend, is in that team.

To conclude this review, I have to congratulate you for yet another entertaining story that you decided to honor us with. It was epic, it was intense, it had its funny moments as well as its dramatic ones. And the cliffhanger at the ending worked greatly, as if made me crave for more. So congratulations once again, and for a rating I'd say.. 10/10, though I'm tempted to jump to an 11 :P
acumashindorballomu chapter 19 . 7/24/2012
The more I read about Gentaro, the more I feel that he and Ryuusei are the same character. Anyway, you were right, this probably is the best chapters in this fanfic, and if not then it's certainly one of the best you've ever written :P
I like the suspense that came from Dylan and Jamie reading that diary and it makes me wonder what will happen if they don't leave the ship a.s.a.p Oh well, we'll see in the next chapter
And then we come to Ryuusei VS CJ and as Peyton mentioned, Ryuusei was merely toying with the poor fellow and at the right moment humiliated him in front of everyone.
Jamie's scene with CJ was once again emotional and for a moment I really thought that CJ was going to die. Then again I also liked how Jamie pointed out to CJ that everyone can be a hero and that he's not special, this is truly a valuable lesson that everyone must know -_-
And finally, we have CJ VS Ryuusei, round 2, which I kind of think that it will be a 'cross over' fight and not a duel. Still, can't wait to see how this is going to go down :P
Freelancer 1989 chapter 19 . 7/21/2012
C. has to play the hero, doesn't he ;P

He definitely got his butt handed to him in that duel just now and I am curious to see just what this "Inferno Armor" can really do.

I also loved Jamie and C.J.'s moment in this chapter. Its was very touching :3

But lets see if C.J. survives this battle
Freelancer 1989 chapter 18 . 7/16/2012
Wow, now that was a hell of a duel. Karon got the payback he wanted and I think it really showed his character here... Fear the Reaper

I am glad to see the Team Nova kids actually acting like a family, and to see them helping both June and Jake. Now that's what I like to see... and I'm happy to see they don't trust their boss at all :P

I kinda agree with Peyton, CJ just might be in way over his head this time. Lets hope he can pull off that Hero's miracle he was talking about

All and all, a great chapter. I am really looking forward to the next
Freelancer 1989 chapter 17 . 7/16/2012
I loved the air battle with the skyterrors in this one, very nice. I also like how Tsume and Kage team up with Blaze, the New Guy, while Tenshi is out of commission at the moment. And I loved the reference to Duck Hunt in this

It is nice to see the NOVA team actually getting along, makes them seem like a real family, ya know

And it looks like Karon is gonna get his rematch after all (Note to self, do not piss him off)
Freelancer 1989 chapter 16 . 7/16/2012
Damn... good duel, well written, I could see it play out in my mind

Jake got pissed off back there and I cant say I blame him. But Arc jumping into and taking over Tenshi like that was a great twist and then the way they stopped it, quick thinking on Jake's part. I feel sorry for poor June, especially since she got hurt like that. I really hope they can get her the help she needs

I do have to agree with Dylan, this does seem like a suicide mission... especially since it seems that Ryuusei had all this planned

I can not wait to see what happens next
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