Reviews for Little Princess
Tereena chapter 1 . 10/8/2002
Good questions Elim...Elmist...I'll just call you Mr. Kick-ass Mage Dude...erm..sorry about your fight with Edwin(a)

Abazigal...he's evil, and so is his son, but it kinda made me sad to kill a draggie...if I could, I could have dissuaded him from working with The Five.

Firkraag? He was an okay guy...until he betrayed us and pissed me off...when I found out he was a dragon, this faltered my attack toward him..

The Dragon at Watcher's Keep we decided to keep alive and happy, and complimented.

Tiamat is one of the very FEW Dragons I despise...trying to kill my giant, cute, Bahamy...

Draco-Liches? What the hell are they?...Oh. Well...if they were in need of help, I'd lend them a hand...of course, if they were in need of help from Dragons, I'd have a tough time...

Another weakness of mine is that I tend to get myself into trouble faster than Jack does...take Drizzt for example...first time I met him, I socked him in the jaw...hehe...sorry Drizzt!

Another time was when I went off to fight 6 Beholders...turns out it was actually a Sword Spider, 6 Beholder Lords, and a Magic-Enhanced Fire Giant.

Well, I'm off to Neverwinter...maybe after, Ehb...then Vvardenfell...then Icewind Dale...Hell, maybe the glove I got from the "Rifter" will take me to "A galaxy far, far away..."
Elminster chapter 1 . 10/4/2002
hmmm, how did you react to killing Abazigal, the Dragon Bhaalspawn, or his son, Draconis? Or the Dragon Frikraag? Or better yet, how do you feel about Tiamat, god of chromatic dragons, sworn enemy of Bahamut, god of metallic dragons? Or What of Draco-liches, do you attempt to save them, or view them as Abominations as dragons do? otherwise it appears to be a good character, very powerful, save some inconsistences (such as the Abazigal thing, bezerker rage when Dragons hurt, yet forced to kill two dragons). But I am but an old man.

Silver6 chapter 1 . 6/11/2002 interesting character. Maybe a little too perfect, she doesn't seem to have any weaknesses that I can see and she seems to be pretty strong, but a good character all the same.

Mia Kilya chapter 1 . 5/12/2002
Nice bio. I especially liked the bit about the Dragons, and when Tereena is pissed. Keep writing those fics!
Jack Nief the Mighty Thief chapter 1 . 5/12/2002
Deep Sea Research Center idea was inspired by BarrettMachain's second part in a Trilogy of story. Read Barrett's Stories, "The Exiled Guardian", "Lunar's Lord", and "A New Alliance". And don't forget to review them.

Tereena-...He said READ and REVIEW, DAMN YOU!

Hahaha...uhh...Calm down Tereena. I'm sure they'll read and review Barrett's stories.