Reviews for A Four Year Secret
Mrs. O'Shea chapter 39 . 3/18
Mrs. O'Shea chapter 38 . 3/18
I love how they love each other and the new baby. I'm happy Jess want a tramp and was mad at Edward. Great chapter.
Mrs. O'Shea chapter 37 . 3/18
Remember you trust him and we won't being up past mistakes.
Mrs. O'Shea chapter 36 . 3/18
I miss this story. What a great chapter.
sueIZide chapter 2 . 3/1
Will this be continued?

joshuasmom131 chapter 40 . 2/20
I love this story! I found it and told myself it I'll try it and see what happens, well I could not put it down lol I read all 40 chapters last night in one sitting. I could not put it down. I usually never read WIP because they never seem to get finished then I'm left wondering what happened, did Tanya come back? lol...please please finish the story! I love love love this. Don't listen to the haters, they usually don't hate they just need something to bitch and complain about cause they have no life! Can't wait for the rest of the story, I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting. I have you as fav author and story so I get updates and I'm going to start your other stories today also. Thank you for such a great story!
Guest chapter 40 . 2/17
This story is retarded and disgusting
crazycats7 chapter 40 . 2/17
I hope that you will finish it. I like to see her deliver the girls and find out what happened to Tanya, to get her signature so Bella can adopt Liam
sueIZide chapter 39 . 1/7
I can't post in chapter 40.
I hope you haven't given up on this?
I don't even know how many times I've read this and I still want to strangle them both in the beginning.
Happy New Year!
sueIZide chapter 6 . 1/7
Hot headed Edward thinks he can do no wrong. I think it's funny given that he's a doctor yet he's in such a fucked up situation.
jk chapter 40 . 11/8/2015
can you believe bella said yes to that proposal? I bet no where in her wildest dreams did she ever think that the name Tanya would show up in her proposal of marriage...I would have said that, then said fuck no...try again in a year
jk chapter 35 . 11/8/2015
so her house was dirty so what that doesn't make her a bad mother...just saying. if theres 30 dirty bottles it really doesn't fuckin matter as long as one is clean when he needs it...ya its gross but shes all alone with a baby and no one is showing her what to do and some people are just pigs...
I hate that your making Tanya such "bd guy" and having bella take care of liam...why have Tanya get pregnant in the first fucking place...why would Edward fuck the bitch repeatedly if he knew the whole time that she was the reason bella left him? he knew she kissed him on purpose cause bella would see and he still fucked the whore, again and again her sister too...
and everyone else that would spread her legs the nasty son of a used up bitch
jk chapter 29 . 11/8/2015
why in the fuck is Edward all I don't have a bond with the kid and I never will
and bellas calling the kid a fucking bastard in her thoughts...I don't like Tanya and I don't like Edward being with the skank and for sure not having fuckin spawn with her and I think bella shoud never have to have tanyas sloppies or be step mom to her kids...but I don't like them talking about a baby this way...I think bella should just leave Edward...hes all gross and used up anyway
jk chapter 23 . 11/8/2015
anyone else not give a fuck about the whores kid?
jk chapter 22 . 11/8/2015
wow that was a stupid chapter...don't you hate it when the writer puts in a coma patients or someone whos passed out point of view?

its like someones trying to speak to me...
beep,beeep, beep

what is that noise...where am I
why am I such an idiot? LOL I fuckin hate that
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