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Crystal M. Key chapter 11 . 5/25/2012
This story is really interesting. I hope you update soon! I loved the 'Prince Sevvie the Savior' bit. Hilarious! Thanks. Favorite quotes:

From what he had seen and heard of Granger, she was nothing spectacular other than her spectacularly bad taste in friends and ridiculously long essays he always dreaded to grade. Usually after about a month into the year, he would get sick of reading her essays; he had created a grading system just for her, where he skimmed for key words, checked the length of the paper, took off points for exceeding requirements and being annoying in general, and wrote some nasty generic comment at the end. Not very fair, but it worked.

In the past, she had written lengthy essays, detailed essays, messily written essays, essays measuring the exact length requirement, and even essays that resembled Harry and Ron's! He seemed to hate them all.

Mornings were always too early.

Severus knew he was an even bigger bastard than usual on Monday mornings, not that anyone else could tell the difference. There was a large difference between waking as a spy and waking as a grouch. As a grouch, his brain took its merry time to start functioning.

"Hermione, are you alright?" Ron asked seriously with a mouthful of bacon, "You've been pretty moody these past few days."

"Is it your time of the month?" Harry quipped innocently.

Hermione couldn't suppress a small grin, "Quiet, you two, or I'll give you detailed commentary during my next period."

"At least we got you to smile…" But both boys looked nauseous at the threat.

Realizing what that meant, she beamed at him. "Thank you, sir!" and fled the room a third time, but this time in exhilaration.

If she had turned back, she would have seen Snape frozen, confused and stunned at being the cause of such a smile.

Morning brewing. She would need to wake by half past five. Oh no…

Everyone knew she was a bookworm. Everyone knew she could be bossy. Everyone knew she studied ahead in all her classes. Everyone knew she secretly hated Professor Binns. What everyone didn't know was that Hermione Granger was not and will never be a morning person.

"Minerva," He cocked an eyebrow. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Severus, I don't know whether to be angry with you or to thank you."

"What have I done this time to receive your wrath or your gratitude? Either is troublesome, but you've always been indecisive."

Minerva pretended not to hear and snapped, "Take good care of her, or I'll have your throat."

"I will act however I like. My actions are my own. I can only guarantee that Granger won't die when she explodes my office," He scowled.

"You shouldn't underestimate her abilities…"

"Minerva, this is research. Potions research. Of course there will be explosions."

"That's where you come in, as a mentor. Help the girl. I will be watching you."

Minerva left with another huff and a small smile.

Hermione was so focused on thinking of nothing that she didn't notice an object in her path. Suddenly, her face was rushing towards the ground. With a loud yelp, her hands barely caught herself in time to save her nose.

And then, the object was nudging that nose.


He meowed loudly and pawed her nose again.

"Do not 'very well' me, young man," She commanded. "You will do as I say! Wake up, now!"

Ahh, his third master: Madam Poppy Pomfrey, Queen – no, Tyrant – of the Hogwarts Infirmary. There was no doubt that on a bad day she was worse than the Dark Lord and Dumbledore combined.

He opened his eyes and mind to reality, which was Poppy's condescending outrage. He recognized the private room from his previous stays and knew immediately that there was not a sliver of chance of escape. He had woken from one nightmare to another, but this one he could not rewind and re-do.

He, like every other person who resided in Hogwarts, was deathly afraid of the woman – even the Headmaster stepped carefully around her.

This was the only fear in Severus's life that he was not ashamed to admit.

Severus knew that tone. Poppy reprimanded and nagged loudly when she was upset, but when she was truly furious, her exterior became calm and quiet, much like him in fact. And while she would fume silently, her motions would become harsher and her magic would crackle around her.

Shite, she was going to turn into a vindictive Medusa any minute now.

He winced as she now jabbed his knee. "Poppy, is it necessary to kill your patient?"

"If the patient is you, it's mandatory," She jabbed even harder. "I'd rather kill you myself than let someone else steal my prey."

Devil woman.

"Leave the talk of weather until later," He dismissed. "I need to report, and we need to decide what to do about tonight," He looked at Albus for a sign of understanding.

The Headmaster nodded, looking crushed at losing the chance to offer sweets.

Only Albus – and perhaps the matron – who had studied the man closely for many years, could tell that this was the dour Potions Master's equivalent to any other person grinning and fidgeting excitedly.

As agreed, Poppy and Albus joined Severus in the private infirmary room after breakfast. It seemed two of the three suffered a difficult night while the third turned into sunshine and rainbows.

"Albus, either share your miracle treatment or tone it down," Severus groaned. "You're radiating light and happiness all over the place, and it's killing my eyes."

"Severus," Poppy grumbled and gestured at the table with her hand, "Couldn't you have made this more… organized?"

He sneered and answered with dripping sarcasm, "I sincerely apologize. How remiss of me to overlook a table of contents. It would only have disrupted the flow of observations crucial to the progression of the experiment."

But he had to agree. The notes had been a mess of every thought and idea which hit him last night; it was half an hour of randomness on paper and ink. Even after connecting the dots and rewriting them on fresh parchment, Albus and Poppy had difficulty comprehending the words. Having criticized his students for dreadful essays for over a decade, Severus was mortified to have written such an appalling thing.

He stifled a groan. He dreaded the barrage of questions that were about to be thrown his way, and nothing he did could stop it. Granger was relentless when it came to learning and would utilize every resource available to her. Including him.

As soon as they entered the Dream Room, Hermione shoved several pages of parchment into his hand and immediately began enthusiastically preparing the lab, completely forgetting proper etiquette…

Severus stood at the entrance with a cocked eyebrow, clutching crumpled parchment, and was about to kick her out when is irritation turned to amusement at her humming. Never in his life had he been treated so casually and without fear by anyone other than several colleagues at Hogwarts. As one corner of his lips twitched, he decided to watch what would happen when she realized what she had done. He was certain there was more amusement to come.

"Um… are you the one who named him, sir?" She asked quietly after a moment's hesitation.

He looked at her in amusement. "No, one of my nieces fell in love with the Muggle Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. She renamed seven house-elves after the seven dwarves," he cleared his throat. "The insufferable girl gifted him to me – or more like she forced him on me – around six years ago, and he has grumpily been with me since. I believe she thought us a perfect pair," he said drily.

Granger choked violently on the mouthful of pumpkin juice she had just taken.
Watchwoman chapter 11 . 4/15/2012
Good Lord! I hope you aren't going to leave us at this point. Wow! I'm quite enjoying this story so far. I like Hermione's maturity and I'm interested to see where her research leads her. Severus definitely seems to be getting a bad lot right now, I hope things will get better for him soon. Looking forward to the next chapter. Thank you.
Km Norton chapter 11 . 3/22/2012
Love the story, I love that your going into technical details. I think it enhances the story. But, haven't seen a chapter recently, did you abandon the story?
semicharmed chapter 11 . 3/5/2012
Hurry up with the next chapter, please. ]
serenity8118 chapter 11 . 2/25/2012
That is not to technical. Excellent chapter.
Von Aeliss chapter 11 . 2/25/2012
Ohhh that sounds traumatising. His thoughts are so descriptively written. I can't wait to see what happens with his arm!
number05 chapter 11 . 2/25/2012
Ah, no! Don't end it there!

You write wonderfully. It's a pleasure reading each chapter!
Lala97 chapter 11 . 2/24/2012
How can you leave us on this CLIFFHANGER? D:

Thanks for writing!
Zoldronica chapter 11 . 2/24/2012
Oh god, I'm so glad I found this when the most recent chapter had already shown some sort of solution for the arm. I would have been worried sick!

I'm expecting this'll end up being pretty long...


I like it long.

Update soon! I love this!
Sophonisbe chapter 11 . 2/24/2012
Thank you for this wonderful chapter.

Are you getting too technical? I suppose you're talking about all the potion stuff. Then the answer is "of course not!". I hate it when in stories we can read something like "she put the things and after three stirs the potion was done". The details are what make a good story a wonderful one. So don't stop your homework please!
Trails.Of.Broken.Hearts chapter 11 . 2/24/2012
Wow. This is an intense story. And that's what makes it so darn amazing. I mean, wow. You're so descriptive, and your words flow so beautifully. I just love the way you're weaving the story; the buildup is excruciatingly exciting! I can't wait to read more. Great work! :)

Von Aeliss chapter 10 . 2/22/2012
I like it!
number05 chapter 10 . 2/20/2012
Great chapter!
number05 chapter 9 . 2/20/2012
Love the twins!
number05 chapter 8 . 2/20/2012
Nooo, fix his arm!
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