Reviews for Clumsy Little Heart
64 paslm-hinata chapter 57 . 8/8
Thank u so much signe and christine for an amazing fanfic! I absolutely loved it this shizaya storie truly stole my heart! And im sure many others . And agian thank u for That wonderful journey of 57 with the crazy fun storie of clumsy little heart! You did an amazing job my heart was doing back flips th whole time! so thank u! Yours untill the end time - Hinata c:
64 paslm-hinta chapter 49 . 8/6
(Says in faint sad voice) First Nakura and then Nakashi! :'( why is everyone after my poor,defenseless, misunderstood,baby! *Sniffles* Whhyy himmm WHY?
64 paslm-hinata chapter 48 . 8/6
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHY DID SHIZUO'S PAPPY HAVE TO SHOW UP OUT OF ALL OF THE DAMN YRAR! THE OLD MAN CHOSSE TODAY OH WOW! Welp shizuo might as well start digging an early grave! And izaya might aswell do the damn same. (Im just saying)
64 paslm-hinata chapter 43 . 8/5
AWWWW that was heart warming! Made me melt into a pile of mush :-D . Never in my mind would i have thought that sizuo hewajima and izaya orihara would ever say yhe words i love u at heart free willingly ! But thats just shizaya. ;-)
64 paslm-hinata chapter 42 . 8/5
Ok ok i know ive been reviewing alot latley but i just have to say that NAKURA IS JUST MAD THAT HER GRANDSON HAS A MAN WHO'S HOT AND YOUTHFUL WHILE SHES IN HER CRIPPLING AGE AND SAGGY TITS WITH A BAGGY ASS AND WRINKLES! : sorry for all the spams guys lol anyway yeah FUCK NAKURA! GO TEAM SHIZAYA!
64 paslm-hinata chapter 42 . 8/5
Ok i really hate Nakura im like JUST SIT YOURE ASS DOWN OLD HAG (i mean why u gotta be all up in his ass for) i like stopped reading halfway through and literally cried (tears of regret and sympathy) for izaya when he screwed up when talking to the grandma (Nakura) about being a normal male. TwT
64 paslm-hinta chapter 41 . 8/4
I loved that chapter i think it was the best yet u guys have ever made! Although i think that kasuka was out of line when he asked izaya that personal question. (Even though i know he was just asking to be asking). And im also kind of getting on edge about the grandma maybe she'll find out? Anyway thnx onuce again for another great chap chap ! *Pip pip - urs truly hinata :))))
64 paslm-hinata chapter 40 . 8/4
That made sooo happy im so glad that miyase is so caring (does'nt hate gays) and likes izaya. :) Brings a tear to my eye that theres only ten more chapters though. O well what can a gall do. Anyway thnx for the amaze balls story so far ROCK ON! - love hinata 3
64 paslm-hinata chapter 39 . 8/4
Ok ok i know that i said i loved u guys but u making izaya's mom such a jackass is making me sooo mad but i love love it at the same time! Cant wait to finish.!
64 palsm -hinata chapter 38 . 8/4
Whhhyyyyy i hate the fact is hos mom! But besides that way-to-go on this chapter and I LOVE U GUYS thnx for all the wonderful stories. :))
Angel chapter 57 . 8/10/2016
You should finish it. You decided to start so you pratically made a promise to the people that read this story that you would give them something to read and enjoy, but then you flake on them?!
This is what we call a bitch move.
unknown chapter 57 . 7/31/2016
Oh my goodness; please dont discontinue this fic; its wonderful!
My Mutilated Heart chapter 6 . 12/28/2015
Uhh... Fractures don't take 1 week to heal. They take 6 weeks. I know because I've had exactly four, including the one I have now, which is only 2 weeks into the healing process. I do like your story a lot but it just irritates me when writers don't use anything factual.
Izaya Orihara chapter 42 . 8/21/2015
She's a bitch
Shizu-ChanAkaElaina chapter 57 . 7/15/2015
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