Reviews for Fallen
Idonquixote chapter 4 . 10/16/2012
Even if you choose to abandon this fic, I'd still love to see an author's note chapter that tells us what you wanted to happen. I like the what-if concept and I don't care if it turns out cheesy; some cheese is good once in a while. Besides, these guys deserve a happy ending once in a while!

Nice job again :)
Glass Prism chapter 3 . 2/8/2012
Well, looks like I'm still the only one reviewing. Fancy that.

A divorce? Oh, finally. I like the whole Thomas/Meredith interaction. Nothing gets a girl back like the line, "You need me!" She'll definitely come running back to him!

I like the name Fairmont. It sounds nicely typical.

Well, it's FanFiction, so I don't think you need to feel guilty. It's not like you're getting paid. Or getting much encouragement, for that matter. I am liking where this going. Let's get to Edgar's analysis!

How to Train Your Dragon is fairly awesome. I have some music from there on my mp3.

Oh yeah, I would totally recommend you download the video of Rick Storm as Bat Boy. It's clear and well shot, and they add tons of little touches and new dialogue that's very funny. Unlike the other one I sent you with Deven May, which has fat heads blocking the way all the time...
Glass Prism chapter 2 . 2/8/2012
Yay, another chapter!

I see the liberties. Chains on a patient? How primitive. Then again, it IS near Hope Falls, home of the pitchfork-wielding rednecks, so maybe your description is not far off. I'm waiting for them to put a straitjacket on Edgar.

Bahahaha - "Going out and trying to escape" - talk about redundancy, Mr. Warden Dude.

Liked the comparison of the cell to his cave.

Call the Suicide Hotline, Edgar! Killing yourself is not the solution!

Clearly I have had too much candy and am no longer taking ANYTHING seriously.

I won't comment too much on it, but I really, really loved Thomas's... erm, justification of his plan, and how he remains in denial over everything.

Bwahahah, it's so weird reading Shelley acting like a teenager and stuff with her stupid teenager friend. (I am aware that the two of us are teenagers, and will choose to ignore that little fact.) I also read your little note about the person you named this friend after. It made me laugh, so I read to my family, and made them laugh too.

What? You're going to leave us (me) hanging over the whole confrontation with Thomas and Meredith? Fine.

Checking your reviews, I don't think your note at the end really worked. Kind of sad...

I also wanted to ask about your penname. It keeps changing! I went to my profile and was like, "What? Who's this FFA30 person?" Only now it's ScatterSunshine30. O.o

Okay, and finally, a bit of news to hopefully brighten your day - I got a bootleg of Bat Boy: The Musical! Off-Broadway with the original cast (apparently it was Kaitlin Hopkins's last performance)! PM me - actually, email me - and I'll send links to you! Though it's kind of a bootleg, kind of illegal, so if you're not good with that stuff, I'll understand. (- Slight undertone of sarcasm should be added there.)

Update soon!
Glass Prism chapter 1 . 2/8/2012
Oh yay, a new FanFiction! What's interesting is that I had this idea bumping around in my head for a few days, but it was more like a "This is an interesting idea" kind of thing than a "Wow, I really need to write this down!" thought.

Poor Edgar. Do Bat Boy fans enjoy torturing him, or is it just us?

The entire Taylor family is dead? I secretly LOL'd at that. And all in one night too. (Another quiet LOL - man, I'm mean...)

Liking Meredith's, Shelley's, and Sheriff...crap, forgot his name... Sheriff Reynolds's (thank you, Wikipedia) overall reactions to the whole messed up situation. Very realistic. And Dr. Parker's reaction. Well, at least he isn't going into insane rage again. Though I would like a bit of clarification on that, if he's reflecting back on how it felt to whip up a mob due to his jealousy.

I'll admit I laughed again at the Sheriff's line - "The institute isn't torture chamber. More like a prison." Very reassuring.

And, in response to your A/N - I haven't really heard of anyone complaining about long chapters. Well... keep it less than 7500 words, ha ha.

Great beginning! Hope you can get another update out soon!