Reviews for To Some a Gift
excessivelyperky chapter 1 . 3/22/2014
The sad part is that forgiveness is supposed to come after punishment, and Severus never received it, at least not in canon-not from Minerva, not from Albus, and not from anyone (and yet he was supposed to forgive everyone who tried to kill him. Double standard, you think?).

And I like how you show Minerva's own flaws ('well, can't change the way I hosed him by letting the Marauders use him as a chew toy, so there's no point in letting him know it was wrong of me'). It's the whole Gryffindor is always right even when they're wrong and Snape is always wrong even when he's right that gets repeated here that disturbs me the most, I think.
Saeshmea chapter 1 . 3/8/2012
I must say that this was without any doubt one of the most mature stories I've read in fanfiction. Full of emotions, sensations, feelings... Although I do not entirely agree with this idea of punishment, the story seemed true all the time and both Severus and Minerva didn't seem out of characters.

It left me speechless. Congratulations.
Mothwing chapter 1 . 1/30/2012
Very powerful, multilayered and magnificantly subtle piece. I read this to Crocky as soon as I discovered it, though I don't think I reviewed it yet.

TRS has covered the lines that I would have quoted and the other reviews have left me quite speechless because many have already expressed what I would have said.

I can only add that this is one of the best portrayals of the best walks on the fine line between sex, BDSM and abuse that I have ever seen, though that is not surprising, considering you are the author.

Thank you!
Swallow B chapter 1 . 1/15/2012
Powerful, intense, ambiguous, disturbing. You are one brave writer.

The only other fan fic I read on the subject of spanking had sick undertones. This one is very different.

I like that you kept the format of this story simple, beginning with Minerva's childhood experience and then in a linear chronology. The intensity could not bare frequent time changes.

This glimpse into Minerva's early life is enough to explain a lot of her character. (Of course, now I am always going to wonder what comes from JKR and what from the fanfic writer, in such stories.) I am glad you let Minerva have her way, instead of making her act the way you would have wanted. She rings very true.

I would find Dumbledore's caring about the quality of teaching quite admirable, if I could stop thinking of a few other teachers, particularly Gilderoy Lockhart. It seems what was important to him here was simply that Severus should 'stop wallowing' and become the good teacher he has the capacity to be. Let's not wonder too much whose interest he had in mind. Nothing is abolute or clear cut here.

Not even what it was that Severus really wanted. All these characters, at least, Severus, Minerva and even Dumbledore, are painfully damaged and you did a great job of writing them objectively.
Batwings79 chapter 1 . 1/15/2012
I am always so 'moved' by your Severus and Minerva stories and this one is no exception. I think that 'The Real Snape' covered most of the quotes that I might have commented on and we were thinking along the same lines so I will not repeat them in my review but I would like to say that I can really relate with your young Minerva and the way in which her father would punish her - 'in a dreadful cold voice, telling her how she had disappointed him' - I would get that 'I'm SO disappointed in your behavior' line from my Mother and then I would spend weeks 'punishing' myself because I HAD disappointed her...even at an age that starts with a digit larger than a 3, ok, even larger than still affects me sometimes and how I interact with other people.

And although I'm not sure that there are many people out there who would stand up and say 'I want to be caned' are SO right about how the act of corporal punishment does draw a line in the sand that is clean, clear and much easier to move on from.

I will admit that I enjoy some of the fun and fluffy stuff that is out there about Severus and's the most of what we can find out there about about them...but I always love reading new material from you, The Real Snape, Squibstress and Moira of the Mountain because ya'll really give me the characterizations that I think are more true to what the experiences that these two have gone through, would have made them...these are the stories and characterizations that I would have loved to see in a version of Harry Potter aimed at adults.

I look forward to your next story!

P.S. I know that you tend to write things that are compact units, that do NOT always have happy endings or even endings that are tied up in neat little packages...but I would like to mention that it does cross my mind that this story is entirely from Minerva's POV and it might be interesting to see the episode from Severus' POV. Not that we need a 'rehash' of the scene but perhaps a one-shot follow on of Snape sitting in the dark, drinking a fire whisky and brooding on the incident...did it really do his soul any good or was he just pushing Minerva's buttons to see how far she would this point in Severus' life, we all acknowledge that he's had a rough go of it and that we all want to believe that he CAN be an indefatigable force for good but he's still at a point where he'll be pushing his boundaries...and the boundaries of his colleagues and other members of the that he can know exactly where he stands and far he can go in any one direction.

Not begging here but planting a seed for thought...again, job well done and looking forward to more! ;-)
the real snape chapter 1 . 1/15/2012
The way you depict Minerva in the first section is such a powerful one. The motherless girl, who has to look after her little brother. The cold and, indeed, abusive father, who is the only parent left to her, so naturally she craves his approval.

/of course give him the dignity of not noticing his finally-flowing tears./ She really is a marvellous older sister to that boy.

/No, she would have much preferred the bite and directness of the cane./ This is such a beautiful set-up for the rest of the story.

/Joining the Death Eaters might have been a boy's stupid mistake, but Severus had paid a man's price for it. / Indeed.

/Minerva straightened her shoulders and took herself sternly in hand./ Still straightening her shoulders. Old habits die hard. And she's so rightly pragmatical here. /She had nothing now except the present and whatever good she might be able to do for Severus the man./ Quite.

/But when I see a teacher with an overall failure rate of sixty-six percent, I fear that the problem might begin with the instructor./ It is good to see an Albus who takes an active role in mentoring new teachers. /One didn't become a good teacher in a single term, and few understood that truth as well as Albus Dumbledore. / So very true.

/She should consider it a compliment that he knew he could rely on her./ Which is, in fact, taking her for granted. But it's understandable that Minerva, with the background you give her, would see it like this.

/But first they needed actually to be equals. Merely serving on the same staff did not automatically make them so./ Another excellent insight of Minerva. And how clever to ask for corporeal company - Severus would sneer at the notion of interaction or friendship, but corporeal company over a hand of whist would be just within his limits.

/"I know what you want," Minerva said, sure of herself now. "You want to be punished."/ So utterly right and believable after the whole previous scene. Severus who can't forgive himself, and who despises easy forgiveness from others, for it shouldn't be easy after everything he did.

/Having necessary punishment withheld had merely trapped Minerva and Severus inside their remorse and shame, the mark of their sins forever staining them, leaving them no way to make themselves clean./ THIS.

/"No, of course you couldn't. Perfect brave Gryffindors don't get their brave little hands dirty, do they? Not for Slytherins."/ The one argument that would make her sway, of course. The idea that she despised him too much to do it. And it's the only way Severus can see it, too.

/He was testing her, she thought - - trying to see how far she would go to help him, to see if she were actually willing to "dirty her hands" or if she would insist on the distance of the cane./ He would, too. And while the cane would be a harsher punishment, there is that. The distance of it.

/Just like her Finn, her Severus was strong./ Such brilliant use of the possessive.

/Whatever forgiveness he found could not come from her, not from someone he'd never wronged and who had sufficient sins of her own./ True. But she probably did help him to make a start on it.

A spectacular portrait of a flawed and damaged Minerva. /Finn had grown into a fine man - - quiet, like Severus, and perhaps not always happy, but a fine person, far finer than she. / Such a telling phrase. Finn didn't come unscarred through the abusive childhood, and neither did she. But she can't even think about reproaching her Father for what he did to Finn, and she doesn't realise the damage he's done to her. She just isn't 'very happy' either. And doesn't realise she actually has a right to be.

And at the same time, you do show, powerfully, how important it is to feel that you've atoned for your errors - truly atoned. Minerva's point of view makes eminent sense, even if one disagrees with corporal punishment.
BrokePerception chapter 1 . 1/15/2012
I very much liked how you have portrayed Severus being unable to see how upset Albus was, but Minerva do noticing because she knows him so well.

Your characterization of Severus especially blew me away as per usual. I keep finding myself surprised at how very well in-character he is in your stories, despite what you make him do. Dumbledore's description of him as an intense and often overwrought young man with much to regret and atone for is spot-on.

Ah, Minerva's "Professor McGonagall" tone made me chuckle aloud.

Severus wanting to be punished for his deeds seems logical. I love how you've described him spilling himself and how she made herself continue.

The end was very poignant and beautiful.

Great job.
quillofminerva chapter 1 . 1/15/2012
Will you be exploring this story further in anyway - I'd love to read a sequel of some sort as thoroughly enjoyed this story as it disturbed me but hooked me and reeled me in. You have such a talent for scene setting. Thank you for sharing this story with us.
moira of the mountain chapter 1 . 1/14/2012
I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed - the intensity of this piece is so layered. Part of the wrenching impact of this piece is the realization that Snape's only, what, 23 or 24 years old at this point - and we can only imagine what he's seen and done. Minerva's compassion and courage - her ferocity of spirit - are remarkable.

Ultimately, I doubt Severus would have survived to fulfill all that Dumbly demanded of him, had he not had Minerva at his back. The cauldon of his psyche would eventually have boiled over and he'd have drowned in his own poison.

This piece won't be everyone's cuppa but it's stunning in both concept and exeuction.
Vera Rozalsky chapter 1 . 1/14/2012
The stories behind this story are disturbing in more ways than I can count: Minerva and Finn and their upbringing, Severus and his touchy relationship with Albus, the things for which he can't atone, the whole lurking gloom of generation after generation at war... and then the erotic element at war with everything else and yet part of it, and the closing scenes, which can't be mere kink because I had tears in my eyes.

Altogether a tour de force in a very small space, with a powerful aftertaste.