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jeremy mcneal chapter 17 . 12/28/2016
I loved it but how do it relly end
KiyaTheCrow chapter 17 . 7/28/2016
Cliff Hangers make me cryyyy

Other than that, this is a GREAT story! I really want to see it continued, finished, but That's only a hope unless it's been planned.
samantha nelsoon chapter 1 . 5/16/2016
“Fionna… I wish to turn you into a vampire…” Marshall turns away and stares off into the distance, “so you can be with me, you know forever.” marshall started to blush like crazy, also did fionna. Fionna started to respond when he interrupted. “Fionna i really like you and i’m hopping you like me to, but if we were to be together, I would still be this age when you are already 80.” marshall let his head fall, Fionna put her hand on his chin and lifted his head up. She stared into his eyes, “Marshall, I didn't know you felt this way about me…” Fionna gives a smirk back. “ and i really like you to.” marshalls gloom expression turned into a happy smile. “Oh Fionna! So you’ll do it for me?” Fionna stared at him doubtingly,” I’m not sure I’ll have to think it over… but consider the answer no until I get more answers and think about it more…” Fionna and marshall stared at each other for a while. “ Well i better get you back before cake flips out.” Before Fionna could catch a breath the vampire king swooped her into his arms and flew back to the tree house. He gently set her down at her door gave her a peck on the cheek and flew off towards the rising the romantic silence Cake knocked down the door. “Fionna! Where have you been! I knew he was a no good vamp!” cake yelled while hugging the lights out of Fionna. Fionna pushed Cake away and walked dreamily stepping on the broken down door into the house. Cakes tail fizzed up “ Oh, honey!what has he done to you, are you hypnotized, under a spell…” Cake paused and the color drained from her face. “Please don't tell me you where bitten!” Fionna abruptly turned around at that and started to blush. “What! Bitten! I’m not…He didn't… I wasn't… what do you know?” Cake backed away and stared at her suspiciously. “Ok, honey. You need some rest.” Cake picked up Fionna and stretched upstairs and put her in bed. “ Goodnight sugar cake.” Cake yawned than went to sleep. Fionna just stared at the ceiling feeling marshall's presence.

Chp 2

Marshall lay on his back floating, when Fionna was practically on the other side of Ooo he wished he was closer. He sighed and rolled on his side in the air. Marshall popped out of bed. He would go see her tomorrow and see if she knew the went into the kitchen and grabbed a red apple and snacked. He backed up and threw the apple in the garbage and missed as always. He sighed and actually bothered to pick it up this time. If he was going to have fionna in his life than he was going to have to change some habits.
The next morning fionna got out of bed. Got dressed and decided to see Marshall. She had stayed up all night and thought about his proposal. She walked down the stairs silently making sure not to wake up Cake. She opened the door and headed out. It was hot that day, she walked in the intense heat to Marshall's house. She was almost there when she felt someone grab her. She screamed and turned around ready for a fight and got her sword out when she noticed it was just marshall and his cute umbrella he carried around when he had to travel around sun. But Fionna noticed he was also holding something else. He had flowers. Fionna blushed furiously and turned away. Marshall floated over to her and turned her towards him. He leaned down and kissed her. Fionna had never experienced a kiss as passionate as this. He left her breathless and than handed her the flowers. He smirked and gave her an embarrassed look. “ I’m sorry, i got kind of carried away. But i got these flowers for you… maybe to make you choose you're decision sooner….” He stared at her. “ Can you please tell me soon. It’s killing me… well living me to wait.” She stared at him still caught up in the moment of the kiss. “ Marshall… when would you like to do it?” She slowly lifted her head up and forced a weak smile. She hadn't even told Cake yet or Prince Gumball, Lumpy Space Prince,Flame prince…. She used to have a relationship with Flame Prince, but that didn't end well. He looked at her in surprise but relief. “ Well,” he stuttered in shock, “ I want you to be ready and i guess i don't care when but soon and i want you to choose when.” He was so happy, it almost looked like he wasn't so dead. Fionna felt a warmth in her heart, but was suddenly clouded with doubt and her mind started searching for anything bad about being a vampire. Well it would be harder to fight monsters and save people in the day while the sun was up, she would have blood craves and never eat normal food except for the color red , but the bright side ws new abilities to help with fighting monsters. Fionna opened her eyes from her thoughts and found Marshall hugging her. She hugged him back when she heard Cake yelling faintly from the distance, “ Fionna! Oh my glob child! Where have you been! I thought you would be headed this way since that vampire is controlling you!”
Marshall and Fionna let go of their hug and stared at each other until Cake came and punched him in the face. Fionna stared in horror. “Cake! Get off of him!” Fionna grabbed her sword out, went in front of Marshall and pointed it at Cake. “ Cake I know you are my friend but Marshall is to. So i don't want you to hurt him. We are officially… um… we are….” Fionna turned her head around still pointing the sword at Cake and Marshall nodded with a smirk. “ She turned around more bravely now.
“ We are officially DATING.” Cake gasped and ran towards Fionna in a hug. “ Please don’t go with bat boy…” Marshall hissed at her, “ go with turtle prince or gumball,” Fionna pushed Cake back in a harsh shove. “ Gumball! That little freak hasn't even known that I had been liking him for like, years! And he made it clear to me that I was…. To young…” Fionna was now red and huffing. “ whoa, okay sugar no Gumball.” Cake made a fake checklist with her hand and scratched of something. Marshall was finally standing and floated over to Fionna. “ Hey do you want to tell Cake…” Fionna turned around sharply stared at him doubtingly and finally nodded.
“Cake, I need to tell you something.” Fionna started whispering in her ear. After a few minutes or so Cake started crying. “But Fionna than I’ll never see you get old and die.” Fionna stared at her in shock. “ Did you want to see me die!” Cake wiped of her tears and looked her in her mad eyes. “No….well i didn't want to be first.” Cake mumbled under her breath. Fionna stared at her not getting a word she just said. Heavy silence settled in the group. Finally Fionna broke the silence by giving Marshall a loud peck on the lips. “ Cake will you bring me home?” Fionna asked. Cake smiled at her sadly. “ Yup sure hop on my back.”
As soon as they got back to the tree house, Fionna skipped lunch and laid down to sleep for the rest of the afternoon and night. Marshall Lee said that she had to have good rest for the ritual tomorrow.
Chp 3

Marshall had stayed up night and day to prepare a nice meal for her once she became a vampire. Woah marshal thought she's going to e a vampire…. He hurried and got the last of chores done for his house. He was finishing sweeping when a knock hit his door. His heart started to race. He patted himself on the back and said some encouraging words to himself. He floated to the door and opened it. Their she was. Fionna was in her normal clothes. He was in a suit and a tie. He probably had overdone it. When Fionna saw him and his reaction she said “ Hey it’s ok, I wasn't told what to wear, but cake thought it was my funeral and brought me a dress…” She didn't appreciate the “dresses” Marshall gave a relieved sigh. She went to the bathroom and changed. Marshall told her to take her hat of too. She did and noticed how long she kept that thing on everyday. She looked in the mirror, she had a black dress on that shimmered against the candles and a black headband to pull back her long hair. That would probably be the last time she looked into a mirror and saw herself. She sighed and went to the main room where they where doing it. Cake was crying on the couch and she caught a glimpse of Mrs. Abadeer, she went to grab her sword when she remembered she had it in the bathroom. She started to charge her when Marshall came and stopped her. “ hey Fi it’s okay I brought my mom her to perform the proper ritual.” Fionna made an awkward smile at Mrs. Abadeer. Than she found herself wrapped in the arms of Marshall's mom. She couldn't believe her eyes, Mrs. Abadeer was crying. “Please take care of my son.” She backed off and stopped crying. Fionna told her she would and walked away to marshall with an awkward look on her face. He went to the altar in the center of the room and Mrs. Abadeer came and took Fionna and laid her down on the bed a few minutes of a strange chant from the both of them the room started to glow. Fionna could hear Cakes sobs behind all the noise. She saw Marshall lean down towards her neck and he opened his mouth. She had doubts and encourages swim through her head. She closed her eyes and felt two hard pricks on her neck. Fionna's eyes shot open and she screamed in pain. She could feel her canine teeth getting longer and sharper, her whole body was changing. Marshall was still biting her and she could feel her feet and hands go numb but than could feel them again with a new energy. It kept climbing and she was still screaming as it reached her neck. And than she went out. All she could here was Cake screaming at Marshall and his mom for killing her.
Chp 4

Fionna slowly opened her eyes. Everything was blurry. She couldn't make out the room or anything else. She opened her sore throat and yelled for Cake. She heard some dishes breaking and than Cake came running in and hugged fionna. “ Oh Fionna, I am so glad you are okay! Oh my glob you must be starving!” Cake hurried and ran out of the room. She than noti
Jj chapter 17 . 4/19/2016
PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEAAASSSEEEE UPDATETHE STORY PLEASE also if you do update could you email me if or When you do make more chapters pls
Guest chapter 17 . 11/15/2015
more more more
wakinyan chapter 17 . 11/4/2015
I hope that there will be a chapter 18 soon
Guest chapter 3 . 3/12/2015
I Love it that is all there is to say it made me speechless it was not well this more like this
Bbvvvnnjvb chapter 17 . 3/9/2015
Are you going to put a new one that finished this one off because I spend 2 hours just to read this I mean what about the wedding and Fiona becoming a vampire this is such a clif hanger the ending to Breaking Dawn part 1 was less nerve racking then this
UnicornQueen chapter 17 . 1/20/2015
this is great don't stop!
KillerAkuma chapter 17 . 12/1/2014
PLEASE Hurry And Post The Next Chapter
Ashley chapter 17 . 7/7/2014
skbby chapter 17 . 7/4/2014
Make a part 18 for adventure time
Guest chapter 17 . 6/23/2014
Next chap plez
Mina chapter 17 . 6/9/2014
regan chapter 17 . 2/26/2014
Please write more WHEN dose fiona get bitten
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