Reviews for Red Letter Day
Seablue Eyes chapter 1 . 2/6/2012
Oh gosh, I had completely forgotten how much I love Chas and John. You've written them both so well! I love how you've expanded so much on Chas' character, given him little mannerisms and characteristics that we don't see in the film, and yet they work well enough that they could be canon.

Also, this line: "Chas was the only person he knew who was simultaneously dumb enough to help him and smart enough to keep up with him." Brilliant. It's so true.

I must also salute you for addressing a topic I've never seen explored here before, and never given any thought to myself. This is a really great fic, and I hope you'll write more for the fandom.
Semjaza chapter 1 . 1/15/2012
'We don't go any further than that Chas.'

This story is just so full of win I don't know what to say. :D It's extremely well-crafted; you can really tell it's a complete piece stylistically. The writing is excellent, deep without being cluttered, and I find the repeated theme of sentences interesting given how perfectly formed this story is. Love it!

And the characterization! This is exactly how I like to read about John and Chas; attached in strange ways but not quite comprehending each other. Chas' indignation at John's diagnosis is poignantly funny in a very dark way, and keeps the story from being bogged down in the serious subject matter. John's thoughts on Chas are interesting; I like the undercurrent of coldness and detachment in them, paired with the relief he feels once he and Chas are back on the same track. I like when Chas tries to get a handle on things and take control by pulling over, as though he could stop all this by keeping himself and John on the side of the road. And when it's paired with John telling him to drive, to go forward to their destination/their future/John's death, it's just gah. Angstily awesome.

Finding this made me so happy you don't even know, haha. I love John's snarky thoughts (interfere with my smoking) and the heart-rending image of this 'hazy gray space containing Chas and the vague outline of a room around him' and "You get used to it."

And you'll probably get a rambling message shortly as I re-read this again and need to gush to you about all the neat stuff I missed the first two times, haha. My only complaint is that you don't post more often. Gonna put you on alerts so I can stalk you better. Ahem. Sorry for this incoherent review. Love your story. :D