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zoewinter1 chapter 21 . 7/2/2014
that was possibly the best, yet most frustrating fanfiction I have ever read
Phantom Ice chapter 21 . 6/19/2014
Wow, I've been ignoring this story for a while even though I keep running into it becasue the whole 'story written in emails' thing just wasn't my thing, you know? But today I really wanted a good USUK fic, and since this one was rated so high I though, eh, why not. Let me just say, I am so so so glad I did!

Despite my reluctance, I ended up really loving everything about this story! It's so well written and really captured the charecter's voice. You really tried to think like you were Arthur or Alfred when you were writting for that charecter, and it shows. I especially like the epilogue segments. Oh Hungary... and Japan of course. ;-) do I wish I could have read a first person acount of those last scenes, of course, but I also understand how it doesn't fit into the rest of the stories email format, and the original way you worked it in using Hungary without losing formatting was amazing.

Anyway, the whole point is I'm really glad I gave this story a chance, great writting.
awesomeprussiandude chapter 1 . 6/1/2014
IN FINISHED THIS IN TWO DAYS! can i just say you are my writing idle. You inspired for me to write. Ever since I was little i was writing and wanted to share them with the world and this made me get a account and start. You have to be John Green Veronica Roth, JK Rowling, or anyone else because this is smiple, yet beautiful. If this turned into a book later on in the years I wont be shocked.
A chapter 19 . 5/27/2014
Read all of these in one day. One question: Are you John Green? Because the writting style's beautiful. Simple and yet it makes you fall in love. Fantastic job.
Name here chapter 21 . 5/23/2014
I happened upon your fanfiction from the recommendation of a friend, and let me just express how incredibly spectacular this is. It was so beautiful, you painted out the characters and dialogue and just everything so very wonderfully. I was unable to stop reading once I had begun. I am just so emotionally stunted from your majestic tale, I love it so much. You're a great writer, and it excites me to see another with so many great OTPS that also happen to be within my list of pairings. As said by the tenth doctor... Just stand there, 'cause I'm gonna hug you. You beautiful, beautiful being. Gosh I love you. Anyways, this fic was great, most definitely among the greatest fics I have ever read. Thank you.
sunflowerreina3 chapter 21 . 5/20/2014
Gah do you seriously know how such a talented writer you are?!
I've been reading your stories for hours, and this one is my favorite! :D
It was such detailed and so in character and just well unique! c:
I really love it and I hope you continue writing :)
Chihori Anigma chapter 21 . 5/20/2014
I am dying! I am dying! 1)From laughing so hard at the epilogue! hahahahahahahahshahahahahshaha 2)From all the cheeseiness at the end! (in a good way) Tank You! Thank You so much for writing this fic!
Chihori Anigma chapter 14 . 5/20/2014
I'm only at chapter 14, but I just felt so badly that I needed to review. This is a great story. And I mean amazing! As in Prussia AWSOME! It's really, really funny and so true. Those are real problems and really what people should do. I also loved how you made them (especially Arthur) insecure, but not depressed. Most people don't seem to realize you can be like that. (I am sorry people who do! Especially since I didn't realize till not so long ago!) I wish that people wouldn't be so shy about being who they realy are. And I even more wish that people wouldn't put a standard of how people have to be. My opinion is as long as you're not mean/evil/cruel... you should be able to act how ever you want without people ridiculing you (or saying you are sick). Your story really puts that right on top of wverything. That's just great! You managed to write a story with a moral without seeming like you were writing a moral. (Hark, Aesop!) That is really hard to do and I congragalate you.
RottenGlass chapter 21 . 5/12/2014
I couldn't review the last chapters and I am dreadfully sorry about that. My laptop hates me -_-
Still, this is AMAZING! It was like a technological fairytale and I absolutely adore it! It's so original and humorous and romantic and touching! I cried somewhere but I can't remember where.

Anyway, this is WONDERFUL! The epilogues are hilarious! The scene where they confessed is sooooo cute and I think I got a major nosebleed since my laptop's covered in red at some parts but maybe that's just ketchup...

Again, this is AMAZING! I absolutely love this!
SayMrrp chapter 21 . 5/9/2014
Awesome. This has depth. There's me 20 minutes ago, going, I'm, like, totally going to write a huge review cause this is so awesome, and then the me right now, going "I'm too mentally drained by this awesome story to write a huge review" but yeah. The hamburger part... I teared up. And then I could not believe I was crying because of a hamburger. And the parts with clues made me want to bang my head on the desk HARD. SO FRUSTRATING. When I was reading your story, there were times that I just wanted to write down things you typed and keep them in my little notebook. Some things you wrote were golden. As in, they had true philosophical meaning and were awesome enough to receive my awesome attention. It was beautiful. I'll definitely remember this story. Oh, and I was confused on who was who in the end. I got Taiwan , Japan, and Hungary... and I didn't know the rest. Maybe you should add who they are? At the start, I read the summary, and I was, like, it's 100% going to be England and America. I mean, the Hero, and the Gentleman? Really? It was so obviously awesome. Then, I was thinking, what if you were going to troll the readers by actually making it different characters? But I quickly realized that there was no way you could do that midway through the story without making it unreasonable and crackish. I didn't feel that you were the type to do that. In all, this story is awesome (Prussia got mentioned! XD) and all that stuff. It was a bummer my favorite character didn't show or was mentioned though. Whatever. The story is epically awesome! Thank you for writing such an awesome story that made me think so much and enjoy it. Good writers make you do those things.

Well, I ended up writing an awesomely huge review anyway! See, the miracles of an awesome story gave me power to write this awesome review! Good luck with everything in your life!




SayMrrp from Wattpad
RottenGlass chapter 1 . 5/9/2014
I wish our school was like this... It's so cool
Pippin xox chapter 21 . 4/30/2014
Awh this was just sheer amazing ness, I was fan squealing like a dork, I'm not even joking I could have just rolled out the window from rolling round whilst reading this is much. The feels!

I love how Alfred plays out Arthur's fantasies, honestly it was just what I wanted to happen (how did you know ahy? ) xP

god I have to go sent my friends the link to this fanfic, it's such a nice storyline idea as well. I will recommend this thing no doubt about it :D xxX UsUk forever Xxx
Pippin xox chapter 16 . 4/30/2014
That bit near the end where he goes "WHAT! Gentlemaaaaaan!they took my favourite snack out of the vending machine D:" it was just so perfect, I could imagine my self saying something similar xD
BooksAreLikeChocolateButBetter chapter 21 . 4/30/2014
Oh my Gosh!
I FINALLY finished it :')
And I loved that last chapter SO FREAKING MUCH- gotta have a bit of yaoi.
But, oh, it was beautiful.

Damnit, where can I buy an Alfred?

Keep writing!
doodlesonlinedpaper chapter 14 . 4/21/2014
I think you are a psychologist attempting to solve everyday teenaged angst with this fanfiction. It's probably some sort of progressive thing. You know, "reaching them on their level" and whatever. Jk I know you're most likely not but JEEZ HOW ARE YOU SO SMART?! Whenever my friends come to me for relationship advice I'm like umm...breathe? Relax, take a step back, distract yourself a little more in the long run? Idk, but the way you're writing this is amazing. The character developement is awesome, and I'm impressed at the way you are able to tell a story through first person narrative/monologuing and have it come out so well and clear and easy to understand. (Yet deep and such that it makes rp you think and ponder and consider) I love it!
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