Reviews for Intelligent, Indestructible, and Impossible!
1noel11 chapter 50 . 4/11
Loved the story . I loved ever last thing about good at writing.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/14
i will never understand why people create oc's when there's already a character that is basically the same concept as the one they've '' created ''. seriously this character is nothing more than a shitty knockoff of x23. except for the orgin, personality, and name this is her. you could've just made x23 ooc but nooo instead you created ... this.
nikkali44 chapter 50 . 3/5
Good story, hope you keep writing.
animal56 chapter 50 . 1/23
once again, awesome chapter. It's good to see that Daken and mio are (hopefully) gonna have a better relationship. well written
booklover1698 chapter 50 . 1/22
Great chapter! Nice surprise! Update soon!
lovinurbuks chapter 50 . 1/22
Cute chapter! Update soon... please!
Tokyo fox chapter 49 . 1/18
A littler better and you did address my confusion over why she would want to speak Japanese. At least enough where it makes sense..
booklover1698 chapter 49 . 1/18
Great chapter! I loved it!
Red X17 chapter 49 . 1/17
lovinurbuks chapter 49 . 1/17
Loved this chappie! Darken dies have a tiny heart! I mean he did try and save his daughter! Sweet!
ludy chapter 49 . 1/17
Please update soon
animal56 chapter 49 . 1/16
Great chapter as usual. Mio is certainly one of my favorite OC's in this entire site. Keep up the good work.
Dancing Eyes chapter 49 . 1/16
Oh my goodness, poor Mio. Wow this will be a barrel of laughs
TazzieLuv13 chapter 49 . 1/16
im goin do that to the person I hate when I go in to labor
tokyo fox chapter 48 . 1/12
After I managed to read this long fanfic... I must say I found it to be so-so and I could see errors in the story ranging from a few misspells to missing words that should've/could've been there.. I mean that in a bad way.. A few more words in the right spots would've made it a better story and there were places where adding more details in the right places would've help it as well and would've made this story a lot better but what made this a really hard read was all the Japanese. Plus I simply could not see how Mio speaking Japanese was supposed to help the story along.. It's not that it hurt the fanfic but it really didn't seem to help it.. At least not for me.
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