Reviews for The 3rd Annual Hunger Games
pe3ta-is-mine chapter 3 . 4/6/2012
Awesome Chapter! Ramsey seems interesting :) I like Ariana and Sayer, too cute. Keep up the great work!
Beaux14 chapter 2 . 4/4/2012
naww i love Ariana and Sayer together 3 and poor Noah :'( Great job! I love that you didn't linger on the reapings, this is a way better way to do it. Please update soon!
pe3ta-is-mine chapter 7 . 3/10/2012
Really good so far. Can NOT wait for more ! :)
Phlanx chapter 1 . 2/29/2012

Name: Kylar Tandon Drake

Age:(12-18) 17

Gender: Male

District (2-3 preferred one 1st): 5, 2, or 9.

Personality: King, Timid. Strong willed. Straightforward, but never has anything mean to say about others. Tries to see the silver lining in every situation. Trained as a tribute, but never wants to be in the hunger games.


Token: Leather necklace with a small symbol representing his district on the end. Given to him by his father, originally his mother's.


Mom: Alana, Died giving birth to him.

Dad: Krait, they have a strained relationship, but his father has trained him to be a tribute.

Siblings: Twin sister, Bree, never trained as tribute.

Friends: The girl across the street who he goes to school with. Skye, has long black hair, kind, loud.


Hair: Medium length blue-ish black hair that stops just above his eyebrows.

Height: 5'11"

Eyes: Blue

Skin tone: White, but tanned.

Weight: 150lb

Reaping Outfit: Old brown suit that his father gave him.

Interview Outfit: Black suit with yellow highlights.

Chariot Outfit: Shiny silver outfit with alot of lights.


Reaped/Volunteered? Reaction?: Volunteered

If asked your thoughts on other tributes? (optional) If they wre reaped, he feels bad for them. If volunteered, he'll see them in the arena.

Talent Showed Gamemakers: Sword skills.

Score: 8

Weapon of Choice: A sword, sort of like a gladius.

Strengths: Strength, speed, ability to adapt.

Weaknesses: Too trusting, not very knowledgable when it comes to stuff with plants.

Alliance : (Yes/no? With who?) Yes, with careers, or district partner.

Romance? :(yes/no) Hopefully he'll make some time in his schedule to talk to his district partner or another district's female tribute enough to fall in love and fight for them.

Preferred Death: Heroic, fighting to save his parnter or romantic interest, or a tribute who wouldn't be able to survive if he didn't cut in.

Why Should your Tribute Win?: I believe my tribute should win because he was offered up as a career tribute, not by choice but by being forced and to show that not every victor has to be a slave to the capitol. And that there is still kindness in some people's hearts, whether they be career tribute, normal tribute or not.

Strategy: Work together with others and use the skills he was taught to survive and keep as many alive as possible.

Interview Angle: Funny guy who is easy to talk to and will talk about his family back home and his thoughts on Panem and the other districts, only nice things! Will come off as a nice guy.

Arena Ideas: Maybe a large forested area, but during the winter? With a frozen lake, large cliff overlooking forest that tributes can reach. Cornocopia could be on a snowy, icy hill which would make it harder to reach. The tributes would have jackets/hoodies that would allow them to survive in the cold...that is assuming they don't starve to death or get murdered.

Mentors: Maybe a strong, strict older man who doesn't show much emotion, but cares for his tributes, and dies a little inside every time one of his dies. Would be strong, smart and skilled with a few weapons, such as a sword, spear, and shield.

Thats my tribute, I hope he gets chosen, thanks for the consideration and I can't wait to read the rest of the story. :D
Scarlet Fury chapter 7 . 2/27/2012
Whoo, the reapings are finally underway! :) You portrayed Adrianna really well and your overall writing style is great. Can't wait for the next chapter! :)
Beaux14 chapter 7 . 2/26/2012
Yay it's started! All the characters are really good so far. I can not wait for the next one!
myfishcustards chapter 5 . 2/25/2012
Please continue this story, this was my first SYOT I submitted to!

myfishcustards chapter 6 . 2/9/2012
OK, I'll submit a tribut from 2.

Name- Karv Pollinto

Age- 17

Gender- Male

District- 2, 9, whatever's left.

Personality- Karv is a strong, cool guy. He is very popular. He is outgoing and fun to be around. Karv is generally nice, and likes girls. Lots of girls... He loves his brother deeply.

History- Karv's brother, Laren, died in the Hunger Games when he was 5. His family tries to forgt about it, but still hate the fact that he was killed by the girl tribute from 2, Harine, who'd won. The family hates Harvine's guts.

Token- A woven bracelet given by his friend Tomas.


Mom: Krivana. Light orange curls and brown eyes. She is very caring, and loved Karv and Laren more than anything.

Dad: Edate. Brown hair and brown eyes. He misses Laren very much and inspires Karv to volunteer.

Siblings- Laren, deceased. Laren had his father's looks and died in the Games when Harvine, his fellow district tribute, killed him. They were the finally two.

Friends- Many of these.
Beaux14 chapter 6 . 2/9/2012
Name: Calix Joyner

Age: 16

Gender: Male

District: 9,7,2

Personality: he has a very loud, cheery and confident nature. He is always a good person to talk to if you're upset because he is a big optimist and will always find the best in you. He has a dark side though, when he gets angry he can lose his temper easily.

History: Calix is very close to his family. He lives with his mother, father, and two sisters one younger and one older. His family are quite poor but are always looking on the bright side of things. They all work together in the family buisness, a small grocers. He was very close to his grandfather until he passed away a few years earlier.

Token: A name tag from the grocers that says Calix. It is the only thing he has with his name on it, he brought it because he wants to remember who he is.

Mom: Calix' mum is named Auralee, she is also a cheery, upbeat person. She is fairly young because she had Calix and his sisters at a young age. She is very helpful.

Dad: His dads name is Kaden. He is fairly quiet in comparison to the rest of the family, but certainly not shy. He is a well liked member of the community.

Siblings: Calix' younger sister is called Anessa. She is very loud and not afraid to speak her mind. The family are always trying to stop her blurting out things, about the Capitol being corrupt, in public. His older sister Brylee, is also very bright and loud. She is a 'plain Jane' type.

Friends: Calix spends most of his time with his family so he doesn't have any close friends, but he generally gets on with everyone.

Hair: Sandy brown, short and spiky

Height: 6"4

Eyes: bright green

Skin tone: kind of tanned

Weight: toned

Reaping outfit: a brown shirt and khaki trousers

Interview outfit: a green shirt to match his eyes and and black trousers.

Chariot outfit: ( if district 9) Maybe like dressed in a grainy colour kind of shimmering, giving an illusion of a lot of it. Sorry I suck at costumes

Reaped/ volunteered? Reaction? He was reaped, he was very shaky but was fighting to keep it together. He didn't want to leave his family.

Thoughts on other tributes: they all seem very strong and capable. He hopes he doesn't have to kill any young or helpless people because they appeal to his nature.

Talent shown to have makers: hand to hand combat and being able to easily make and camouflage shelters.

Score: 7

Weapon of choice: knife or spear

Strengths: hand to hand combat/ wrestling, strategy, running.

Weaknesses: children, injury, nimbleness

Alliance: yes, if you please

Romane: yes, if you would like it

Preferred death: nothing very bloody, maybe during in the place of a friend/girlfriend

Why should they win?: Calix should win because he has a kind heart and just wants to get back home to his family.

Strategy: stay away from injury as he doesn't know how to treat it. If a situation risks too much injury or is unnessecary, avoid it.

Interview angle: likeable/ family man

Arena ideas: sorry, I don't know?

Mentors: someone mean maybe?

Thanks, I hope you consider my tribute
chikadee-pan chapter 6 . 1/20/2012

Name: Welkin Neer

Age:(12-18) 14

Gender: male

District (2-3 preferred one 1st): probably 4, but 2 also works

Personality: he’s a semi-serious person. But, he has a great sense of humor. And, he’s totally random and will blurt out the elephant in the room without a second thought. But a lot of things he does he regrets later on. Isn’t the sort of person who thinks before he speaks. Quite the opposite. Sarcasm is a foreign language to him. But, he can keep secrets. The elephant in the room part is that if something is tense or bothering the whole group, he’ll just let it out.

History: he was born in district 4 (or 2-you decide), and he was sort of raised to be a warrior should he ever be reaped. But, he never wanted to. He wasn’t the type of person who laughed at defeat. He thinks his calling is to help people in need. He always hated the reapings (even more so since his birthday lands on it.) he’s a great fighter, but hates to fight. His parents (especially his dad) called him soft and weak. But he’s not. He has a very strong mind. He’s smart, but doesn’t like to cause pain. With his friend, he would sort of reek havoc across the district (couple of trouble makers, they were). So, when he got reaped, he was scared (parents were upset- about him being scared. They wanted him to go up there proud.). his sister didn’t want to let go, and his brother gave him a slap on the back. He waved at his friends and took to the stage.

Token: when his sister was holding his hand, she gave him a bracelet (made by his friend, Seldon).


Mom: Aria Neer (dead-straight black hair and blue eyes. Very pale and very stern. Has high cheekbones and has really no blemishes.)

Dad: Ellis Neer (curly blonde hair and brown eyes. Short for his age. tan and freckled.)

Siblings: Erela Neer (wavy black hair and brown eyes. Short for her age- 9) and Yessi (curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Tall. Very pimpled. 16)

Friends: Seldon. (14, red hair. Athletic build. Loads of freckles. Average height)


Hair: dead-straight white blonde hair. Reaches right above shoulders.

Height: 5’3

Eyes: dark brown eyes with dark lashes. Totally contrasts to his hair.

Skin tone: he tans, but not easily. Takes him a while to burn too.

Weight: 113 lbs.

Reaping Outfit: collered pale green shirt, tan pants, and brown shoes.

Interview Outfit: collar-free blue shirt. Blue pants, and, oh, whatever it is that the Capitol wears.

Chariot Outfit: since I don’t know what district you’ll use him for, I guess it’s up to you. But I want his chariot and chariot outfit to be very close in realtion to his distict.


Reaped/Volunteered? Reaction?: reaped. Pretty shaken (his parents noticed), but he regained his composure and waved to the crowd. Blinking back tears.

If asked your thoughts on other tributes? (optional) um. “I’m sorry. Give it your best shot.” Something encouraging. He’s just that kind of person.

Talent Showed Gamemakers:. he can throw a dagger and get it almost always on spot. He is also good at fencing.

Score: 6

Weapon of Choice: a dagger.

Strengths: listening, secrets, running, swimming, stabbing, observing. And he’s got a smooth lying tongue.

Weaknesses: not keeping his mouth shut and not taking things seriously. He’s also a wee bit gullible.

Alliance : (Yes/no? With who?) yes. Anyone from district 3, his district, 6, 9, and 11.

Romance? :(yes/no) hmm. No, but if it helps the story, then yes.

Preferred Death: something painless. I don’t mind if it’s slow, but make it painless. He hates causing pain to people so I only think it’s fair if he gets no pain in return. And no backstabbing by allies.

Why Should your Tribute Win?: why shouldn’t he. It’s every tributes dream to win. But, he does want to make his parents proud, and he does want to have a better life. But at what cost. I want to have him long in the games, but he doesn’t really care about winning. He’s an optimist, but he doesn’t want to kill people to win. He’ll kill, but he doesn’t care about winning.

Strategy: lie, manipulate, and steal. That’s his code. Steal is also around the terms of sabotage. And, he’ll lie to stay alive.

Interview Angle: questions everything. Has a get-in-your-face kind of talking. But, you think he’s sweet and he’ll say something you won’t expect.

Arena Ideas: make allies, not kill them, and wing it. Don’t think, just do. Crazy, yes. Does it work, absolutely. For a while, anyways.

Mentors: do I get to choose her name? if so, she’s Iona and she has been a mentor for a while and she’s no nonsense. But, she cares. She’s about 30-40 ish.

PM me if he got in. Hope he works out. PM me if he didn't too so I'll know to make things better.
mississippigirl19 chapter 2 . 1/19/2012
Did you get my pm for the guy tribute from 11
Rainbowsandsunshine359 chapter 1 . 1/19/2012

Name: Willow Dilerali

Age: 17

Gender: Female

District : 11,12,9 (whatever one works)

Personality: Willow is very shy and easily blends into a crowds. She is not often alone and has very few friends though the ones she has are very close with her. But she has another side that is funny and friendly that comes out when she is with her friends and family. When she is like this she will start joking around and be easily distracted. Though she will not pause if needed to go back to her shy side.

History: Willow is the middle child in her family. She sometimes feels ignored by her family and isn't very close to them. Once she admited that if her parents could choose which child they would most want to be reaped it would be her, because herother siblings are far more useful. Her older brother supports her family, and her little sisteris so adorable no one could even think what life would be like if she wasn't around. But she thinks being ignored has some adventages because it gives her time to escape to write, wich is her favorite thing to do.

Token: A charm braclet she got from her mom.


Mom: Died shortly after her sister was born. But they live with their grandma Nana

Dad: Is very busy and is not home often

Siblings: Brother melvin who is strong and confident. He is 19. She also has a younger sister Luna who is very sweet and is 5.

Friends: Lane Phelps who she has a slight crush on. He is the only person she realy trusts.


Hair: Dirty blonde

Height: 5'2

Eyes: They can look blue or gray

Skin tone: very tan.

Weight: 115 pounds

Reaping Outfit: sky blue dress with pink and green flowers

Interview Outfit: A one strap purple dress that goes just below her knees with ruffles and back heels with straps.

Chariot Outfit: For districs 11and 9 an orange dress that goes to her ankles It has little tress patered around the a big gold sun hat that has litle pieces of wheat on it. She is wearing gold district 12 A little back dress with pieces of coal lined around the bottom tights black flats with her hair in a bun


Reaped/Volunteered? Reaction?: Reaped Shocked but will not cry once she gets on the train she cries.

If asked your thoughts on other tributes? Not really paying attention because she doen't want someone she likes to die.

Talent Showed Gamemakers: Sword fighting

Score: 7

Weapon of Choice: A sword or knife

Strengths: Speed

Weaknesses: She under estimates her self but over estimates everyone else

Alliance : (Yes/no? With who?) No

Romance? :(yes/no) Kinda if so with lane

Preferred Death: Not without a fight

Why Should your Tribute Win?: Because if she did she would feel more important and she has people to come home to

Strategy:Shes just gonna wing it

Interview Angle: doen't have one

Arena Ideas: whatever pops into her head

Mentors: depends on the district and if its the 3rd hunger games i'm not sure she'd have one
xphantasiax chapter 5 . 1/19/2012

Name: Patience Wilkes

Age:(12-18) 16

Gender: Female

District (2-3 preferred one 1st): 8, 12

Personality: Patience is a very outgoing individual. She loves to meet new people, and loves having lots of friends by her side. She is ambitious but not the cleverest girl. However, she hates working and prefers to play with her pets instead. She loves animals and is very talkative. Though she tends to make friend with everyone she meets, she is very shy when it comes to a boy she likes. She is quite tomboyish having only really played with her next-door neighbors, who are all boys when she was young. She is sensible and prefers to think things through before she takes a risk.

History: Patience was born to Joseph and Prudence Wilkes. She has a younger sister called Hope. Her father owned a small portion of field that her made a living off, but when Patience was 6 and Hope was 2, he was struck down with illness and died soon after. Prudence was left to care for the girls on her own and as a result, Patience has become very independent but prefers to play with her animals than help with her mother’s work. She takes on the job of looking after her sister while her mother works on the farm.

Token: Bracelet from her sister and mother


Mom: Prudence - mother (46 years old) (A brunette woman wo after her husband’s death seemed to age beyond her year. She cares deeply for her daughters)

Dad: Joseph - father (deceased)

Siblings: Hope - sister (12 years old) (A slight little girl with long brown hair; she looks up to her sister as a role model)

Friends: James and William, the twins (17 years old), Patience’s next-door neighbors with whom she played with when she was younger. James has always wanted to compete in the Games and win as he thinks it would make Patience notice him. He has had a crush on her since they were young. William is the cleverer and more logical of the two and prefers to work and earn a living, rather than spend his days wishing to compete.


Hair: She has long brown hair that she almost always wears up in a bun or ponytail.

Height: 5’8’’

Eyes: Her eyes are bright green with brown flecks that show up in sunlight.

Skin tone: Olive skin

Weight: 9stone

Reaping Outfit: Lilac knee length dress with belt, flat shoes

Interview Outfit: Green Grecian dress

Chariot Outfit: Floor length white dress with her hair down, barefoot


Reaped/Volunteered? Reaction?: She volunteers to save her 12 year old sister, Hope

If asked your thoughts on other tributes? (optional)

Talent Showed Gamemakers: Flexibility, Agility


Weapon of Choice: Whip

Strengths: She is fast and very agile. She is very good at making friends and she has a very logical mind.

Weaknesses: Sometimes she is too trusting and she is physically weak so when it comes to hand to hand combat she has no chance. She tends to freeze under pressure.

Alliance : (Yes/no? With who?) Yes, but not a career

Romance? :(yes/no) Yes, she develops a crush on someone in the Games (possibly an ally) but is scared to act on it (You decide who).

Preferred Death: Protecting a younger tribute, distracting another tribute so a friend can escape

Why Should your Tribute Win?: Patience is pretty innocent when it comes to fighting; the is physically weak and anything that involves hand-to-hand combat is above her. However, her skill with a whip surpasses this and she is a skilled gymnast allowing her to reach places others couldn’t.

Strategy: Grabs what she needs at the start and runs, find an ally

Interview Angle: Talkative, likeable, innocent

Arena Ideas: Maze, underground

Mentors: Juliet “Etta” and Edith “Edie” James
lyannastarkers chapter 5 . 1/19/2012

Name: Hallie Karmin May

Age:(12-18) 15

Gender: Female.

District (2-3 preferred one 1st): 12, 8, or anything else open.

Personality: Hallie is a very sweet girl. She loves to help people. She only sees the good in people, even when she's being manipulated. However, she is very shy, so is good at staying hidden. She gets a little desperate sometimes for someone to talk to her. "Hi! I'm Hallie!" "Hey. Um, I don't really wanna talk right now..." "I get it! That's cool! Just find me later...I'll be waiting here...not talking to anyone else..."

History: She lived a pretty sheltered life until her parents decided they didn't love each other any more. They didn't believe in divorce, so Hallie was subjected to that for 3 years. Then they sent her to live with her cousin Layla. She lived her life with the cheerful 25-year-old until now.

Token: A coal-smeared white cloth.


Mom: Megara Hadley May.

Dad: Hargrove Jerald May.

Siblings: None. But she counts Layla as a sister.

Friends: People think she's a freak.


Hair: Brown, with reddish highlights.

Height: 5'1.

Eyes: The standard Seam gray.

Skin tone: Olive-toned.

Weight: 110 pounds.

Reaping Outfit: A blue dress that used to be Laylas.

Interview Outfit: A strapless white dress, making her look innocent and simple.

Chariot Outfit: A white dress smudged with coal dust and a miners jacket. She is a coal miners wife.


Reaped/Volunteered? Reaction?: Reaped. She gave Layla a huge hug, and held back tears.

If asked your thoughts on other tributes? (optional) Some of them aren't very nice...

Talent Showed Gamemakers: Bow and arrow skill.

Score: 6. She was nothing exceptional.

Weapon of Choice: Bows and arrows.

Strengths: Survival skills, camouflage

Weaknesses: Slow, clumsy.

Alliance : (Yes/no? With who?) No.

Romance? :(yes/no) I guess, if you find a good guy.

Preferred Death: Drowned or stabbed.

Why Should your Tribute Win?: Because she is honestly sweet and nice.

Strategy: Hide and shoot.

Interview Angle: Sweet and innocent.

Arena Ideas: See my other apps.

Mentors: There haven't been any winners from 12.
Silent Wolf Singer chapter 4 . 1/18/2012
Alright any spot in the district is fine 3, or any other. But Rain still gets her whip and blowdart you can deside on the outfit. But all that is hunger games let Rain be picked pretty please?
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