Reviews for Zeppo Effect : Fight for the Lost
HellsMaji chapter 7 . 7/21
Seriously..? I can't help but feel that Xander is SO much more of a worthless pussy in this story than the previous one. He's a loser.
HellsMaji chapter 4 . 7/20
So you turn Xander from somewhat of a badass, to a little pussy-bitch? I hope he's just playing her, and not actually turned that fuckin' pathetic.
Lord Schmodder chapter 75 . 5/23
I like this story, just found it and read up to here.
First, thank you for writing it, second, looking forward to more.
Nice meshing of the universes!
Quathis chapter 75 . 5/13
Do they have a bet on how long it takes her to snap at their well-deserved barbs about her inexperience? I could see the two of them doing that. Wonder how well she'll be taking to that lesson in ducking. Until next time.
Quathis chapter 74 . 5/13
Fun seeing Archer's POV on the gang. Quite the characters, especially with the talk of the team hackers. And the fun begins. Until next time.
aDarkOne chapter 75 . 5/13
Short but sweet.
HowlnMadHowie chapter 75 . 5/13
Not that I'm complaining here but can't you make these just a bit...longer?
0megaprime chapter 75 . 5/13
Well, I can see that Garrus, Jack and Zaeed are not taking any crap from a stupid ghost girl with a large chip on her shoulder.

I really hope the Normandy crew can beat some sense into her before things go really south.

Keep up the interesting work.
Shalist chapter 71 . 3/31
"Xander in what tech school did you learn that hitting things is a way to fix them?"

Silly Quarian, applying 'mechanical agitation' to malfunctioning equipment (or clogged pipes) is both a reliable and a time-honored technique amongst -real- professionals.
TTrunks chapter 73 . 3/30
It will be interesting to see the long term effects of this mission. I always felt in the games the fall out was sort of ignored.
EroSlackerMicha chapter 73 . 3/29
glad to see this, guess your avoiding TTH good thing I have you here as I love your stories.
keep up the great work
Quathis chapter 73 . 3/29
This ought to go terribly. More than one wildcard on the team, with a rampaging and tortured Human/VI lashing out. I sense many explosions coming. Until next time.
0megaprime chapter 73 . 3/29
Ahh yes, the Overlord DLC.

The creepiest and saddest part of that game.

Man, Doctor Archer better have good life insurance handy because if THIS group finds out what happened...

Things won't be pretty.

Keep up the interesting work.
Flower248 chapter 73 . 3/29
Thanks for updating! I'm excited to read the rest of the overlord arc.
Ant Crown chapter 71 . 3/20
*In the Hallowed Halls of Valhalla*


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