Reviews for Zeppo Effect : Fight for the Lost
JumpingToaster chapter 1 . 7/23
One of these days I gotta find out what is up with all these Buffy crossovers with Xander in them.
Quathis chapter 80 . 7/22
Well, it looks the ladies are doing fine, though Lannigan seems to be missing his self preservation instinct. I do wonder just how much twisted metal Shepard will go through to complete this mission. Until next time.
Quathis chapter 79 . 7/22
These three are going to have such fun in the Geth ship. Creepy atmosphere, possible souls of the dead, and three women who are all Alpha mentality these days in one way or another. I wonder who'll throw the first shot...

Until next time, which will be pretty quick with the next chapter there.
HowlnMadHowie chapter 79 . 7/22
I think I know why this arc is taking forever. Since you basically broke up the ground teams in to so many groups you alowed it to be stretched out. Hopefully you won't engage in this breakdown of teams in future.
Rakaan chapter 33 . 7/10
Can't help but think (Living) Simone is an idiot to not only be listening to the voice in her head, but to the phantom of her known bat-shit crazy ancestor who's ideas actually sound stupid.
Eep chapter 78 . 7/2
Both your storytelling abilities and your technical abilities continue to deteriorate at an alarming rate. Have you considered checking with a doctor about a small stroke? Seriously. It's starting to get worrisome.
Quathis chapter 78 . 7/1
When Grunt needs to give you motivational speeches, you know who are in a bad place in life. Poor Grunt, having to deal that family drama. Only solace is that he can focus on fighting more than them. Until next time.
TTrunks chapter 78 . 7/1
I owe you a bit of an apology. The last few chapters of this fic, I was wondering if it was going down hill. I admit this specific mission doesn't give you alot to work with until the end, but I was still sort of wondering.

Then this chapter happened, and it was awesome. I love the idea of the two Asari complaining and sniping at eachother, while poor Grunt is forced to deal with it. It was hilarious to read. I still have issues seeing Morinth as some sort of evil killer, given her genetic quality, and how the other Asari like her are treated, but the chapter was still amusing.
Matthew Gemm chapter 77 . 5/3
Please update again soon. Pleeeeese.
EroSlackerMicha chapter 77 . 4/30
glad to see this. keep up the good work
Quathis chapter 77 . 4/30
Loved the humor and dynamic of Jacob's dislike for Thane's profession, Kasumi's enjoyment of Jacob's muscles, and Thane just chilling and killing. Their little gang up on Archer was fantastic as well. Until next time.
EroSlackerMicha chapter 76 . 4/17
glad to see this and hear you are doing better.
love the Xander/Tali/Legion interaction.
Quathis chapter 76 . 4/17
Good to see the ties keeping strong on the team, even with those that hate another. Tali would have lost a great all for the hate of a machine. Until next time.
Huh chapter 76 . 4/17
Did you outsource this? Because while you've never been a truly masterful writer in terms of grammar and overall sentence construction, this is a significant step backward compared to your previous work.
Flower248 chapter 76 . 4/17
I'm glad you're back! I'm pleased that Tali didn't shoot Legion, even though it was due to an external locus of control, rather than an internal one. Thank you for writing and sharing this story. I greatly enjoy it.
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