Reviews for Decennium
Edhla chapter 1 . 5/2/2013
On hiatus? That's a damn shame. Your writing style is excellent- the best I've seen so far in this fandom. For this chapter, anyway ;) Well done!
Carvia chapter 5 . 3/1/2013
That's all?
BeMerryEatCake chapter 5 . 7/26/2012
I'm not the only one who like Natsu/Ango? OoO YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS.

Fabulous story by the way :D I thought I was actually reading the manga in book form, branching off into a different direction than what's happening now of course XD Stories like these make me want to cry that I can't buy fanfiction ;.;

I've been wanting to send ya a review for a while, finally remembered to get on it when summer's almost over *frowns* This saddens me. Anyway, I'm like dying for you to update bro. I really love this story already, and now you've made me excited about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse o.o

And, puh-lease, if these drabbles get longer I'm going to be one happy girl. Because the shorter they are, the faster I get done reading and that makes me depressed when I have nothing new left to read and I have to wait for another chapter ;o;

I seriously cannot wait for you to update this! :D Ciao
flaming-amber chapter 5 . 6/19/2012
O_O How is it that there is only ONE English 7-seeds fanfic. I can't believe this. What a huge injustice.

Thank you so much for writing this. I love the idea of Ango X Natsu. They're two individuals that are so broken - but there is potential there. They do say "beauty in the broken". I just feel that there is something that resonates between them - I just wish that it would translate in actual storyline.

OR - at the very least in fanfiction (sigh).

I love these little one shots. Not much romance (YET) but I'm really hoping for it - soon?

I know you're on hiatus but I hope you come back because I need this fanfic to survive the winters of my love for this pairing (TT)
BYF chapter 5 . 6/1/2012
Will Hana show up? Cant wait to see how that affects natsu/ango!
BYF chapter 4 . 6/1/2012
lol nvm it is romance. Im glad! Cant wait for more ango/natsu interaction!
BYF chapter 3 . 6/1/2012
Like! Will this be romance?
A Calm And Firm Existence chapter 1 . 5/17/2012
I don't think you know how happy I am to see AngoxNatsu fanfiction. I love this couple wholeheartedly and hoping they are end game in the manga even though I like Semimaru too I really want Ango to get a break.

I hope you update soon and I just added you to my favorites.
Mikoaya chapter 5 . 3/31/2012
Please don't make this into a zombie apocalypse! Although I did think at some point that this is what 7-seeds might turn into... Lol. Thank you for the quick updates. I swear I would not mind if you ended up writing long chapters.
Ysaye chapter 5 . 3/31/2012
So you changed the storytelling your own way? Well, I'm quite curious what you've got in store for us... looking forward to your next update :-)
Mikoaya chapter 3 . 3/28/2012
This story looks really promising. I hope you will update as soon as possible! I read about your little accident on your profile too, and I wish you a prompt recovery.
Hirumi chapter 3 . 1/31/2012
Thank you for writing this fanfic. Moreover, you are writing about my two favorite characters of 7Seeds. I loved the drabbles so far. I hope to see more, good luck with your writing. )
SakuraNyaa chapter 3 . 1/29/2012

I wanted to review your story! Thank you so much for this first 7Seeds fanfiction! I was so happy when i found out that there was actually a section for this manga (I wonder since when...The last time i checked (before Christmas holiday '), there wasn't :D I'm super so happy right now :3) and I am super delighted to see that it is one based on NatsuxAngo! Thank you so much :D I was longing for it :D!

She is so cutely described in your chapter, you pictured her perfectly, and Ango looking at the stars, I want to see Tamura-sensei drawing the scene you wrote!

Can't wait to read more :3!
Hermy chapter 3 . 1/29/2012
OMG YAYYY! :D A 7 seeds fanfic! I ADORE Ango x Natsu 3 Thank you so much for writing this fic!


Hmmm! Stargazing scene! WONDERFUL.

I couldn't help but smile everytime Natsu feels overly-self conscious when she talks to Ango XD So adorable, oh! that poor girl, don't worry, Ango's not judging you or anything, he's just looking over you. *pats*

And reading this chappie, I can already imagine how Ango's psyche is going through a healing process since he's not being too prudent here. I'm looking forward to the next chapter... 3
Hermy chapter 2 . 1/29/2012
I'm in love with Ango too... he is both hateable and LOVEABLE. I used to hate him in vol. 13-16 but he's slowly evolving, just like Natsu. He's a very complex character, and I'm happy you took the challenge in focusing on both Ango & Natsu's characters. It'll be tough but I'm looking forward to it
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