Reviews for In Nomine Magica, Revised and Extended 2nd edition
yellow 14 chapter 1 . 2/14/2012
"A touch enthusiastically?" Harry asked with a bemused look. "If it's anything like your normal...enthusiasm, I'm surprised that I didn't hear you over the Atlantic."

Ron and Hermione both blushed vividly red.

"How come you didn't review this one sooner Yellow?" Hermione asked as she tried to change the subject, but Harry's smirk remained.

"I thought I had," he growled in annoyance. "I hate missing reviews."

"Well it is a modified version," Scorpius pointed out and everyone jumped.

"Hello Scorpius, did you sleep well?" Hermione asked and Scorpius nodded, before looking at the screen.

"Is that fanfiction?" he asked as his face lit up and he leaned over. His face darkened as he read through the story.

"Sounds like the sort of thing my dear Grandfather would have thought was a good thing," he said in disgust, his face a frown.

"Yeah, well trust me when I say that there was an awful lot of resistance to our reforms even after Voldemort's defeat," Harry replied with an equal look of distaste. "The wizarding world was so full of inertia, I'm surprised that anything ever got done at all."

"Fudge and Voldemort were part of a larger problem. But ironically, without Voldemort, the changes we brought in were a lot easier to bring in," Hermione said and Scorpius nodded.

"Makes my Grandfather rant about it no end," he said with a smile. "Makes you my hero."

"Thank you Scorpius," Hermione replied as she flushed with pleasure.

Really good remake AJ, sorry this is late. Keep writing