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Popsicle chapter 11 . 2/25
Please update soon
Too lazy to log chapter 11 . 2/21
RMGD- why did I only notice this update now, when it happened like, two FREAKING moths ago?! Geez, for a moment there, I gave up hope that'd you'd ever update. But; here it is! (There is a God! XD) This seriously cheered me up, since I had to undergo an operation yesterday.
Right- I think I'll firstly let my fan-girl rage over her thoughts before the so-called-professional side comments her own piece of mind.
First of all, I am so glad you updated. This story specifically, since although I know you'd never, ever give up on writing as seen thus far, you DO seem busy (Girl, I've seen your profile page. Over 100 stories written?! In only 8 YEARS? WITH a life, I presume? Respect). I'm also astonished on your pure determination for writing extremely long chapters (Trust me- this is a long chapter) and ultimately giving the fans what they want all in ONE. Which makes me so angry when people just read something so long like this, feel satisfied and then just FREAKING LEAVE. With no review or anything- I know people have lives, but WTF? It takes time to shape and create a chapter or a story all by itself- some support for the author, or a simple line with "Job well done" would be freaking nice. I myself feel physically drained afterwards, and just lay on my bed for a while until I can pull my thoughts together. For people that think this is a hobby to do whilst having a break between work or studies- It's not. It is torture and commitment- Like Ernest Hemingway said in the easiest explanation possible- "Writing is easy. You just sit on a typewriter, and bleed." There- nothing to it.
Kyaaa- RikuoxYoru fanservice all the way! XD And you're not even making things really slutty or hot- totally keeping them in character. I love it! I myself am not the typical yaoi or yuri lover at all, but I make an exception for this rather weird pairing. Just cant help myself. And Hiroku; Oh please, no matter how heartbreaking it is for him, make him fall in love with Rikuo. Even if he gives up later on, probably seeing the commitment between Yoru and Rikuo (Ya know what would be a great plot twist? If he ACTUALLY does the complete opposite and fights for Rikuo. Man- love triangles! XD)- I just want some drama! P.S. Don't take any of these ideas into serious consideration- its your story, and I'll read on no matter how you choose the outcome to proceed. Just... Fan-girling is all.
Right. Now for the heavier load. Keep calm, and remember- as a writer myself, I simply feel the need to criticize and point out things that don't suit me. Don't take it to heart- I'm not measuring you to myself (Obviously), just thinking on what was good and what could have been done better.
Right- a couple of grammar mistakes here and there; spelling, and a few missing of key words like that or where, but that's to be expected when your first language isn't English (I completely understand since it isn't mine either, and frankly without spell check I don't want to know how any of my sentences would look like. Or this review). The relationship between Rikuo and Hiroku is cute, and Hiroku's obvious behavior towards others is actually understandable once Rikuo pointed it out (Though, him being a jackass by itself wouldn't make me love him any less)- so, no complaints there. Hmm, what puzzles me is the bit that you mentioned regarding Yamabuki's aka. Hagaromo's human side of the family. I keep wondering how they never noticed any of the demons, or how they weren't killed by any of them either. It's just a bit hard to cope with, seeing this was the demon that enlisted terror in a city and ate the livers of a thousands of teenage girls by kissing them dry (How does one even reach the liver by that process? 3-foot tongue? Ugh, I don't even wanna think about it) Also, mentioning Yamabuki's wish for Rikuo to be her child just hit a sore spot with me. No one even acknowledges Wakana existence that much, that poor woman was always just the second wife (I have no idea why, but seemingly important characters with low screen time or virtually cast-aside always have my vote, in like... everything).
All in all, please continue dutifully.
mitasekai chapter 11 . 2/17
Aaaahhh luna-san thank you for keep writing and updating this story. I will waiting like forever here
Ditambahin lgi dong ryuujixakifusanya fufufu ryuuji yg cemburu tp ga sadar klo dy tuh cemburu, i wanna see it again
bickering between hikuro and yoru are interesting too i wanna see a lot of it hahahaha
apa mereka mw mematahkan kutukan atw cerita ini sampai perang dg nue?
i cant wait for the next chap yuhuu
Mazura chapter 11 . 2/10
Awesome chapter. :) Update please!
JessicaFantasy chapter 10 . 2/3
Could you please make rikuo (human) x nurarihyon(young)? Pretty please?
Jessica chapter 11 . 1/31
Could you please write a short fanfic rikuo x yoru and another fanfic with rikuo x rihan as pairing? I really love those pairings. Thank you
Jessica chapter 11 . 1/31
I found there's an OOC ness in this story. Oh well whatever it's a good story though
JessicaFantasy chapter 11 . 1/30
Kurosaki Yukia chapter 11 . 1/20
MoonlightLoveSong chapter 11 . 1/5
I'm so happy you posted a new chapter! This story is between my favorites! :) I liked this chapter, especially I like the way you made Hikuro :3 I can't wait for the next chapter, good luck with your writing and Happy New Year! : D
Mellow Paranoia chapter 11 . 1/2
YES YES FINALLY AN UPDATE,I LOVE YOUUUU!Ive been hooked ever since I started reading this about a year or so ago and I was incredibly sad when I saw that the last time you updated this was a year ago...I thought you had abandoned this fic buT IM SO GLAD YOU DIDNT!I AN LITERALLY CRYING TEARS OF JOY RIGHT NOW BECAUSE RIKUO X YORU IS MY ULTIMATE GUILTY PLEASURE AND THIS IS THE BEST FIC ABOIT THEM!Sorry for the rant,either way,you've brightened up my day with this update and I absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter!
twilightserius chapter 11 . 1/1
wow he is gonna have an army of fanboys/girls on his be hilarious to see yoru's reaction. who shall win rikuos love
Sakurachi chapter 11 . 1/1
Oh, finally i'm so thankful, i thought that is already the ending or it is the end...but then it is not so i'm really is thankful hehehe you know i've really love this story... all your nurarihyon stories since i'm not reading any other kind of stories in know, i also read at wattpad hehehe so update soon if you had a time heheehhe... it is really interesting and as always it is awesome... you made me an addict XD jokijoki... well really this is such a nice chapter a job well done again hehehe you really did great...also it's ok if there's a clift hangers because it will make me excited or eager to wait that i will imagine my own stories hehehe XD thumbs up i appreciate your efforts in making stories XD so in other words i really LIKE it hehehehe... :) :) :) :D :D :D
twilightserius chapter 7 . 1/1
oh godess so embarassing poor rikuo-kun read more later
Sillvog chapter 11 . 12/29/2014
Wow it's been a while. I'm glad to see you're back. There are so many similarities with Shounen Onmyouji that have to keep reminding myself they are not Masahiro and Touda. And with the way Yoru seems to be getting more jealous, I can't wait to see what he might do come night time. Looking forward to the next chapter!
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