Reviews for The Beginnings Saga: Complete Novel, Vol 1
Dragoon-Hard Metal System 2 chapter 12 . 5/6/2005
Okay, this is werid, but interesting , werid,

nut interesting. Update more.
RossBri4eva chapter 12 . 5/24/2002
Yay! I loved all the M/A chapters! Those were great! And thanks so much for the Roscoe and Bri part, it was...vundabus!
Rachel chapter 12 . 5/23/2002
That was ACTUALLY hilarious! I'm so happy that the next part is up! Are you going to write more? **does little WMG hand-puppet** Of course I will!
trisanamcgraw chapter 12 . 5/22/2002
These are some great scenes! (Especially love the Matrix/DrAI ones LOL) Are there more? I'd love to read more!
Water Mist chapter 12 . 5/22/2002
Oh man, where do I begin? Okay first off, I saw that episode of "Baby Blues" and I laughed my head off when I saw it. I love the rewrite with the Mainframe characters! That was even better than the episode itself! "I already changed her!" HAAA! I love it! The whole Bri and Roscoe thing was just so cute!-! The labor scene was hilarious! Excellent Job Gina! I can't wait for more of "Elemental Force!" Please write more soon! Bye!
Leivi chapter 12 . 5/22/2002
LMAO at the AndrAIa labour scene. That was absolutely perfect Gina! I don't know which bit made me laugh the most, Matrix walking into the door, Bob getting his hand broken...I think my favourite by a smidgen was AndrAIa knocking Matrix out with her nails! The rest are great too! The Sabrina crying scene (or chapter) is hilarious. Looking forward to reading more
Lanky chapter 11 . 5/22/2002
Hidey-ho! I liked the deleted scenes and stuff, but I just have one question: "You see, Bobby..." he started. "When a Mommy and Daddy love each other, they decide they want to start a family, " who's Bobby?
Leivi chapter 11 . 5/21/2002
LMAO Oh God that was great. Bob's reaction when Kit asks the question is perfect. Deleted scenes rule!
Meo chapter 11 . 5/21/2002
That was adorable! I love how that last bit ended, "I have no idea what this man just told me,". That was great! Keep the deleted scenes comin'!
trisanamcgraw chapter 11 . 5/20/2002
Aww - the first two scenes give more insight onto MAMoT, and I loved the last scene, with Bob and Kit! LOL Kit was funny.
Water Mist chapter 11 . 5/20/2002
HA HA HAAAAAAAA! HAAAAA! "We'll go have guy talk, okay?" That is the best line I have ever read! It's right up there with the twins calling Matrix, Sparky!-! I loved Bob's talk with Kit. That was just beautiful! I need more! Please write more soon!
Leivi chapter 10 . 5/19/2002
Hey WMG. This is a great idea, bundling them all together in one spot. It took guts too as all your great reviews are gone! Well here's one to replace them. I love this whole story! The characters are well fleshed out and believable. It takes a lot to be able to create a host of new characters and base whole stories on them (sometimes putting the regular cast in a supporting role) and STILL have people say WOW. You do this so well and I hate you for it. JK :P

Keep up the great work.
Rachel chapter 8 . 5/15/2002
Hey, WMG! Nice job, it's all here in a nice, neat package, yay! Where are the extra scenes? Are they randomly in the story or what? BTW, I ADORE the new fic, perhaps I should write that review there though...
Water Mist chapter 7 . 5/14/2002
I think Chip should use his mechanical know how and make a new remote control for Mike that makes him fall apart when you push it -! I love the interlude, that was great! I can't wait for more of The Mike Show! Please get out the deleted/added parts of your stories soon -!
Agent66 chapter 7 . 5/14/2002
Hello my lovelies!

WMG here, answering a few questions. The onyl thing all you readers (who've read this already) have to look forward to are the deleted and added scenes. Those will be in seperate chapters at the end, basically after Survival of the Fittest, which I'm in process of editing. I'm thinking there will be two chapters each, with deleted scenes from: Memories, The Beginnings Arcs, and Survival. Also new added scenes from the stories mentioned above.

But hey, if you want to read how the whole thing got started again, please be my guest! I loved the reviews from the stories seperately and I'll love them in one big place :)


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