Reviews for Festival of Surprise and Mystery
EveryAnonymousNameWasTaken chapter 1 . 12/3/2012
Please make a sequal this was an amazing story!
saltsky chapter 1 . 7/27/2012
LOL. Awesome
AiSherryChan chapter 1 . 1/18/2012

Shinichi mad of becoming a vocelist because he is a TONE DEAF!

Kaida-14Kage chapter 1 . 1/17/2012
XD This is pure genius! And I think you chose a perfect song-I've always thought this song suited the Gosho Boys well :)

A word of advice though-You might want to put a disclaimer for at least the song.

The only thing that confused me was-why was Shinichi so mad when he was forced to be the singer? At the begining you said that everyone decided that he would have to sing-so wouldn't Shinichi be stuck as the singer anyways?

Really great once agian though!

Poor Detective Boys though, they miss Conan...

XD Everyone is blaming the death on Shinichi XD

Love how you made Shinichi fear a tiny bit by the guys-I believe Shinichi can be really scary when he wants to be XD

Have you ever heard Shinichi sing before? I havent, but I've heard the voice actor of Conan singing (Badly on purpose since Conan is suposed to be bad) and I find it so cute-so I don't see why everyone in the manga/anime keeps covering theif ears whenever Conan sings XD And I can imagine Shinichi's singing would be similiar and that I would love it XD

XD They all use Akako's house as a place to pratice-wonder how they convinced her to let them?

Love the use of threats in this-it shows that even though they are genius detectives/magician that they are still high schoolers XD

And I haven't finished the manga yet, but I do know of Sera a bit and really I think from what i know She just budding in the band and forced to control them is something she would do :)

Love the desciption of the preformance and once again love the pick :D

Aww How sweet with Shinichi and Ran :)

XD They are running from the dealers XD

Great job! Really love it! :D (Sorry my review can out kinda long)