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chashkieh chapter 4 . 7/12/2012
Damn, it's obviously a trap. _ When's the next update going to be? I'm anxious to know what happens next. Can't believe I read this just now. Update soon please!
chashkieh chapter 1 . 7/12/2012
What an interesting story. I'm actually horrified just picturing their current situation. Great job.
Saint Sentiment chapter 4 . 4/14/2012
This is very engaging. I like that the narrative is lean and the story kind of hides its complexity behind it. For some reason, I keep imagining them as the Chris and Jill of REmake fame, and perhaps it is because of the plot devices-the partnership of Chris and Jill, the disappearance of Claire, and the cameos of various B.O.W's are reminiscent of earlier games. I also keep thinking of Code:Veronica. Lol.

I anxiously await your next update. :3
captain-tots chapter 4 . 4/13/2012
You've got a really great way of working suspense and apprehension into your writing. We know it's a bad idea for Chris and Jill to go into the apartment, and the whole time they were there, I was on the edge of my seat to see what was going to happen. I think it's great that you started the story off with all the action and then went back to the beginning. That really added suspense to it, because I am just waiting for all hell to break loose. I can't wait to see where you're going with this!
terragrigia chapter 3 . 2/29/2012
I'm sold. This is just superb and your dialogue makes me just want to ghgngjgjnghgngghgnghg all over myself.

Let's just say that I literally flew through this without wanting to because I just had to see what happened next. Yet another gem I have come across and boy am I glad for it. :D

Will be waiting for the update!
pinkalmonds chapter 3 . 2/17/2012
I liked the interactions here, Chris needs to realise Jill has been in Claire's place before. She know they need to keep a level head for Claire to be alive. Someone has a plan, if Chris storms the gates - that plan goes bad and Claire dies. So I love how cool and professional Jill is here.

Lol, the boulder doesn't hit Chris - Chris hits boulders! But he can keep his cool, he did and saved Jill he can do it again!

Things don't sound too good for our girl Claire - but she's tough, she is a Redfield afterall.
sad little tiger chapter 3 . 2/17/2012
Hey! I'm so late to this party. Forgive me.

So what I really enjoy about this story thus far is the present tense, tight-3rd person point of view. I think the "presentness" around it makes it more intense, more real, more dramatic. When I read, it's almost as if I'm watching a crime drama unfolding, you know?

I also love the mythology you've built up for this - new pharmaceutical companies, a completely new and un-game-related storyline. That takes a lot of word painting and creativity. I appreciate that.

And as before, I think the dialogue is superb. Your best, easily. It adds to that realism.

Poor Jill, always having to clean up after Chris, or comfort Chris, or save Chris. He and that sister of his are just like, huge f*cking magnets for disaster (no matter how we write them... or even how Capcom writes them). It's a wonder she sticks around.

I don't like that backroom sh*t either. But, you had it play out well for our heroes, so... It was tense though - I was glaring as I read it, going, "Don't ever go to 'the backroom'... Don't. Just don't."

Anyway, great job, as always! Can't wait to see how our Big Three get from Point A (the onset of the mission) to Point B (the Pits of Hell).

captain-tots chapter 3 . 2/15/2012
I really like the way this is building. There's already a sense of suspense established. I'm excited to read more!
illyrilex chapter 3 . 2/15/2012
Seeing the notification for this today made me ridiculously happy; reading it made me even happier. Brilliant, as always!
Ultimolu chapter 3 . 2/15/2012
I know who took her but I'm not talking. v_v

Chris: -rolls eyes-

Kiko: v_v

Excellent chapter, as always Chaed. Joo must review mah stories! o3o

When you have a chance, that is.

Update soonie! -runs off-
Franivia chapter 2 . 2/5/2012
Alright, finally caught up! I'm glad you have o'brian in the story, I like his character. One thing about you that drives me bananas are your darn cliffhangers have me wanting to pull my hair out! I'm gonna be bald when this story is finished lol. Now that that's out of the way, I shall patiently wait for the next two weeks :)
Franivia chapter 1 . 2/5/2012
Wow this story seems like its going to be a real roller coaster! If I'm feeling the plot correctly it sort of reminds me of a movie, but for the life of me I can't remember. Oh well. Anyways, I am so far very intrigued and the vagueness in certain parts leaves me on the edge of my seat!
cjjs chapter 2 . 2/2/2012
I really liked the flow of dialogue between Chris and O'Brien. It all sounded genuine. I also like how you've portrayed Chris here: the old veteran who has a lot of weight to throw around, but you also gave him his human vulnerability. Sleeping close to a weapon, implied mental trauma. It all works.

Keep it up.
Ultimolu chapter 2 . 2/1/2012
Claire's missing? That is not good. o-o
pinkalmonds chapter 2 . 2/1/2012
I was very happy when I saw this was updated.

And the plot thickens, bringing Claire in. Now we know Chris is going to rescue her guns blazing. I'm really excited about this. Excellent job as always. xD.
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