Reviews for Aeons of Duel Masters
DJPERCABETH chapter 34 . 10/18/2014
Why so long? Break it into chapters.
DJPERCABETH chapter 1 . 10/18/2014
...uh...The last sentence grammar/ voicing seems wrong. Like... Just switch the last fragment- "Even the light seemed far, the moment he saw it. Then all went black."
holyknight chapter 10 . 1/25/2014
Ahaha its time for another review.. so many months have passed. Over half a year. Hope your not too upset by this :P

Anyway onto the review :D

The chapter begins with the summoning of Zabi Mira.. Holy crap thats one creature you dont wanna mess with. When I read you writing about him being summoned, its like I can actually see him in front of me and shields shattering in front of its might. I probably saw this animation in some duel master episode ,so it comes to mind :P

Ah an explanation of the abilities of the five civilisations. Very helpful to the new dm players who may be reading this fanfic. Cheerio for this awesome addition .

Chou Jigen Zone? Is that japanese for the hyperspatial zone? Or is it some made up thing to impress readers? Nice name though ! Seems so awesome to read it.. Chou Jigen.. Powerful :O
Tear a hole in reality, is that euphamism for 4th dimension?

Oui the big bad super pyshic.. your freaking me out! Save me from Vincen and wai! aaaa :3

When you say they have a backside, it kinda.. :P I hope you can understand what I mean haha.
I think Vincen should have had some pity and felt merciful for Quin. If I saw that super psychic standing in front of me.. I would have wet my pants and fainted then and there. I feel for you Quinn, bad Vincen :( But then again there is no more fun than awakening a super psychic and kicking the opponent's ass with it xD

The way you describe Ryu looking sensual and stuff, is kinda creepy xD. Maybe if I were a girl and had progesterone hormones I would understand but as of now nope lol.

And the story ends with Storm saying Gaial Kaiser.. Wonder what that means.. Hope its something as interesting as the rest of the chapter. By the way didnt expect to hear Gallows Devil Dragon speak lol.. kinda creeped me out . And storm is a black hair godess? :O

Nice chapter anyway, looking forward to reviewing your next chapter :) Cya
CruelPhoenix chapter 20 . 7/23/2013
So today i finally decide to review chapter 19 of this amazing fan fic ( wow i will b writing a review after 3 months..oh well )

Ah dungeons and dragons from the start , i like the smell of this chapter and FMK ( the thing i want so badly :"( )
and Lady Storm has a plan :o

And its party in the beach now :3 yes Dragon Lords shud swim times and i would love to see a Bolmeteus swim with aqua surfer sometimes :p and OMG "Taste of your pee " :

SO we have this Karas guy now with his henchmen in hooded cloaks ( must b Death Eaters :P ) and suddenly he summons a Shock tropper mykee and i dont understand how a mere 1000 power creature can b powerful...oh wait will tulk the oracle be also powerful like shock tropper ? :P
and what all this drama for a mere saucer ... and CCC ( CRAP CRAP CRAP lol ) and this doggy buisenss of the Karas guy hahaaha ( am thinking how Ryu would look like if sm1 places a collar and leash on his neck :P )

Ah Ryu is begining to show his dragon lord powers just like a Super Saiyan :P and omg stopping bullets with shields am gona love this now . SO if i make a dragond eck with 4 cocco lupias and if i get1 of them on T3 so i will be a Dragon Lord :3 ( have to try this after i finish reviewing the chapter ) and so we have thos wonder full dragon vs reaper duel and this is the best dragon duel i have ever witnessed...really infinity dragon and balzark combo is really outstanding ...and yes Ryu was the boss of the duel. :D
So another great chapter came to an end and now time for the next chapter .
holyknight chapter 9 . 6/24/2013
And this is the review for chapter 8.

The chapter begins with our great hero Will blubbering out all what was going on to Regent Bliss.
Blaze.. I am sure you dont stink sweetie :)
Lol never thought Mad Rock Chester was beautiful? I mean it looks like a friggin demon with awkward wings which hold guns :O By the way it has heads on its wings..ew
Regents are much much more powerful than Ryu and co? Wow I mean Lol. Are they the gods of dueling or something? :P
Captain Quin saw that Sana didnt have D waves but how did Regent Bliss not? I mean he is a regent after all. The significance of the word Regent to me can be read in the upper line
He didnt notice that that was Infinity Dragon? Bakayaru Koyamaru regent san :3

Even Will was carrying a glowing deck? Way to go Will kun :D
Sacrifices are necessary in a war dear Ryu, dont worry he will come back to life sooner than you think :D
Aha so our Vincen Shub is getting ready to own the zone? Nice
Shub doesnt troll like the rest of the characters in the fic. He mocks. Nice contrast to the others I think.
I had a lot of fun with Shub's mocking even though I shouldnt have since even am a chubby person. Rather very chubby :P
Also good going with fat captain quinn usin sumos :3

What are Psyrens? Psychics?
Also way to go Raion.. actually holding against 2 of Bliss's spells but then again why would Bliss cast super flaming hells scrapper in the first place? He must know it cant harm a liger blade.

And there goes Will with his second summoning. Aegis nowadays one of the non-used cards. I remember the miracles it used to make back in the kp days. Bam block and every creature of that race dies. Epic. Its name in kp was different though. Someonething like Aegis sage of fire and lightning.
Wow Sana seems to have grown wings. :3 The first person to ever fly. Oh wait the first people were team rocket xD
Ouch I can imagine big shards falling towards me. Surprisingly Will did not pee in his pants lol.

And we are back to Shub and Quinn. Shub is continuing to mock Quinn.
And here we come to know that Quinn is actually using Sumos. Awesome really. But I already spoke about me liking this part so not gonna do it again :D

Both are using alien decks and with more or less the same base cards.
Over here the deciding cards for the person who goes first was the cards which took them to this spot. Nice.
Are they called Ninjas or Shinobis? Or are both the same thing? Kinda confused about this
Poor Quinn he should have thought before breaking the shields but now there is nothing he can do.
All bow down before her.
Cant really imagine Zabi Mira smelling sweet though xD.

And with this I come to the end of my review. Hope you liked it.
holyknight chapter 8 . 6/23/2013
And onto the review for chapter 7.

Hohoho the chapter begins with Little Will trolling Shub. But seriously Shubham needs to get his short temperdness under control.
I am not going into the entire troll as it would be criminal to mess with the trolling of the worlds greatest troller that is you Wai :D
Oh and its Scooby Dooby Do, might as well have had said Shooby dooby do :3 That actually rhymes better than scooby does :D

Sana.. Oh wait its Anas anyway,
You feel proud for getting to know one's secret. Sana you deserve a backhand bash from me you numbskull.
Wow cant really imagine Anas doing that much research.
Friggin Sana you left your deckcase outside. Dont you know that even you will also be in danger. Noob .

Sage Saga? A pun? Well cause this is the beginning of a kind of Saga and Saga is a name here so.. And sage? New term :)
How can someone of a high post be afraid of the dark.. Impossible
You seem to know a lot about static electricity. Have you studied with it in college cause it seems you have done your study well ;)
What does that 60% you said mean? Couldnt really grasp that. hp zone-0 i understood but that 60% is confusing me.
And so the great Mad Romanoff appears.. I can almost hear the background music starting :3

Haha Illia.. that should have actually hurt Sana a lot :3 He deserves it that fool. Now my favourite fanfic characters are in danger :(
Oh Bliss How cruel are you..
Ah and the great mad romanoff casts miraculous meltdown which shuts off all the surveilence cameras it seems. Nice work there buddy.
Btw the arc that this fanfic is following doesnt have mad romanoff banned yet? Nice

Silver Shovel to the rescue. Now I understand the significance of its shovel. Didnt really pay attention to its name before.
Ah you again with your similies and metaphors. Way to go there (Y)
Badadadada here comes INFINITY DRAGON! Protect them you great dragon! :3
Ooo Primal scream does a lot of damage it seems.
Ah the great Mad Rock Chester, I never had the opportunity to get the tri-link god in my battle zone mainly because I never used Rock but amazing nevertheless.

Fie on you , you cur Regent.

And with that I come to the end of this review.
holyknight chapter 7 . 6/23/2013
From this time Ill be naming the chapter based on the chapter number you give , not .
And so onto teh chapter 6 :)

The chapter is based on the Dragon people, beginning with an introduction to Kage, the great Dragon Lord.
Youth? How come these fanfiction characters retain their youth throughout the ages and normal human beings all age and die :(
Kage is seen to be making an analysis of the duels which are going on and the only person whom he truly seems to appreciate is Nova whom he says had a perfect duel.
Ah style, dont we all love style? Whats the world without a little style eh? :D
And you named a Coco Lupia Choco.. or maybe chocolate.. come on ! seriously bro?

And a wild Full Front appears riding on an uberdragon bajula which supposedly looks like a wolf? Never really thought of bajula like that.
Beowulf is a living nuclear weapon.. Nuclear weapons are supposed to cause massive destruction wherever it is and they are known to create world wars. Beowolf.. Bad boy.
Who is of a higher rank? Front or Kage? Kinda hard to decide.

In comes a regent of DMRT called Hypus who seems to be the greatest Dragon Lord ever.
Ah so it seems Frontal is a new Dragon Lord of sorts atleast in comparison to kage.
But then why did Hypus speak with him and not Kage? Kinda confused about this.

Hypus named his Bolbalzak Ex Luna Apollo? Whaaaa . I dont see any connection. Why would anyone name a Bolbalzak Ex Luna Apollo ? :O
Nova seems to be an obnoxious brat.. Someone I know? :O

Front's bedding room is high up in the sky? Amazing :D
Hypus doesnt feel sad for Ryu. YOU COLD BLOODED PERSON! I AM COMING FOR YOU!
How did Ryu betray them? Hmm
Ah so calm when they know they might have to kill each other. Wow I wish I could be as patient and calm as Hypus.

And the obnoxious brat challenged the great Hypus? :D Am in for a treat :3
WHy the hell does he call everyone a noob. It is so annoying.
Hands up? First time hearing that xD
Even though Hypus showed an impressive show after charging a lot of mana I hate how he didnt summon anything in early and mid game.
Poor Nova but I dont support him because of his disregard for BolshackNEX, shows he isnt really such an advanced duelist.
So much mana tapping and untapping he got like over 10 dragons in the battle zone in 1 turn lol thats gotta be a record or something.
This playstyle reminds of Subking for some reason. Have you modeled Hypus after him?

Good going Hypus declaring it a draw, but if u hadnt and Nova was as good a duelist as Kage then you would have lost yes? :)
Oh so this Hypus can say what is one's civilisation? Nice :D

And here we shift out of the dragon people and come to regent Bliss or shall we say Blitzer :)
Blitzer seems to be a person with a really high IQ. A real smart person. Guess you have to be if your a regent.

And with this I come the end of my review. Hope you liked it.
holyknight chapter 34 . 6/22/2013
May I present to you the review for the chapter 32 of your fanfiction dear Wu san.

And so it begins with Storm Kurowind cleverly coming out of her trap..
My my she is one for doing calculations.. never knew such geniuses existed who could actually do so much mental mathamatics.
Pickles.. I love pickles :3
A new character Dracelo?
A mystery all right.. Suspense.. Want to know who he is :)

Ah so a few trades going on.
Kinda fits in as Duel Masters is after all a trading card game.
Poor Vincen, he lost his Zabi Mira. He kinda feels like what I feel after finishing a trade. I understand you poor Vincen .

Poor Ryu, kinda like an outcast always have to be in hiding.
Pyro appears here, the person whom Storm was talking about in the beginning of the chapter. Hm who is he actually?
Haha Chance. Is everyone in this fanfic a troller or what? :P

Ah so Lala underestimates Pyro. Hehehe. She is overconfident.
She doesnt know whats in for her.

Edo is turning out to be as big of a troller as Will and Lala.
And what he did was so awesome. Got to try that out sometime xD

So Lala is in for a surprise and comes face to face with Ryu.
Go kick her ass Ryu.
Lala kinda owns the zone throughout the duel after which comes out the big bad gaial kaiser to save the day .
Oh wait it awakened first :D
Oh wow I like this card :D
Hard to imagine a little girl liking muscles though :\
Un-Ryu.. Lol makes me think that you actually gave the name Ryu for writing this :P

Is the person's name Roberto or Robert? I find this a bit confusing.
Illia you damn bad girl.. You traitor you..
You took those lovely 2 cards and knocked out Subaru..
What would my friend Kok say to this :'(
I hate you from now.

What Robert did is faced by me when I dueled Sergiu..
Oh Radia I sympathise with thee.
I know the terrible feeling :'(
If i hadnt faced it I would have thought this to be too much of a coincidence but its not. Its perfectly possible.

Too many super psychics this chapter xD
Chance's deck seems to be wierd though.

Never knew of this infinite loop combo :O
Gotta try it out :D
I became kinda lost in the middle of this duel though so I cant really write much about it.
And wtf pudding gonna tell dad about zabi mira? LOLOL

Illia was actually good? Kinda like Snape from harry potter ne?
Nice touch to it Wai. I likez.

Oh well am done with this review. Hope its ok. My first review written like this :)
Scissica chapter 34 . 6/19/2013
Sorry it took me a while before I read this chapter. Was a little busy, but no excuses, no excuses, I am reviewing this chapter now. To the real thing—first off, Kurowind is absolutely awesome. Being a former member of OZ helped her be so prepared, like a boy scout, except not quite. Those aren’t even equivalents, but whatever. Ooh, dislocating any part of the body must feel uncomfortable and a little painful for sure. So she manages to escape from her cell, and she’s hungry because she hasn’t eaten in days, or so I think. Here comes a reference to another anime, peeling off pickled pickles from the eyebrows. Nice place to put it. But having those on the eyebrows must be somewhat irritating, if not weird (having extra weight on the eyebrows).

Trading cards sounds pretty good. The dialogue switches, and you do a good job showing that different people are talking. Perhaps I’m wrong, but did Ryu not approach Will to get a card or something? And Ryu is trying to hide from the cameras after that. Pyro is very interesting, but he must have some sort of scheme to either win or make others suffer, something like that maybe. So Ryu doesn’t know who Pyro is even though other people like Chance.
Teriyaki mackerel sounds good, but it’s burnt, quite interesting. Seems like Chance has some hearing issues, but that’s ok. Wish I knew the Japanese dishes, but I don’t. I’m assuming not all dragon lords are as blind as Ryu, hopefully. But why Ryu didn’t have his glasses on is a mystery to me.
Lala must be quite annoying to be with, or she was once a younger sibling and learned how to irritate someone older. She does have the knack of aggravate Vincen. Vincen and Illia both seem to react similarly when Lala and Robert says “love”. Lovely Heart, possibly some card or thing she has; poor Vincen. Too bad for Lala that her team has to battle Ryu’s team. Probably not what she was expecting.
Pyro must have dropped the tracking device on Ryu when those two had a chat. Edo sure has a knack of being annoying as well. He’s weird. Radia is probably kind of fed up of Edo, though Subaru doesn’t stop that guy anyway.
Poor Subaru; he had his cards taken from him and his friends were crushed by someone who he thought of as a friend. Guess Pyro is a real schemer and tricky person. Wondering how old he is.

“piece burn slab.” A piece of burnt slab or a burnt slab.
“I am so going too kill…" hm…so going TO kill or put more O’s on ‘so’
“ the only thing he thought would've been” the rest must have disappeared.
“one that he found with th” hoped there was something else after that.

Great chapter, I enjoyed reading about how the other people experienced during the first day of the Kingdom Games.
sergiumrs chapter 34 . 6/15/2013
*BOOM* A kork has fallen on the red carpet after it was separated from its mother which kept him in her glass made hands with so much love. Tears made of wine began to fall being collected by crystal glasses. And so the 2 friends touched with a *ding* and then the red liquid flowed on the throats of 2 abyssians.

Robert: We deserve this sweet treatment...after all that happened...

Subaru: Indeed...

Robert: But how all this started?

Subaru: Well...In the 1st place let's talk about our long lost friend. Ohh Storm...where the cruel paths of the life have taken were a model for me...your beautiful hair...

Robert: Too many details...well I think she's planning to return seeking for revenge. Gajirabute managed to reach the captive beauty...Dracelo she's coming for you. But now let's change the subject.

Subaru: As you wish...

*another glass have been finished*

Subaru: Will surpises me everytime...Oh well he's just a kid...he has enough time to learn. A Hustle Castle for an Apocalypse Day? I don't know how fair is that...we'll see...

Robert: Talking about fair...I just love the way Illia convinced Vincen to give his precious Zabi emotions, no time to think...just give it to me! Lovely isn't she? :3 And now we have our ex Dragon Lord a.k.a Ryu meeting the boss who directs everything from the shadows...Pyro. Oh poor Ryu...since I'm from the heart of Transilvania I really can't understand those Chinese dishes...Of course what would be a chapter without the lovely relationship between Vincen and Lala?...Either Shuby Doo is to blind\stupid to see the danger in front of his eyer or he really loves that little brat...Actually a very smart one...she knows how to manipulate him...and how to cover herself from not being discovered...ohhh my little Lala you made a huge mistake by underestimate Ryu...

Subaru: Can we skeep the "Dragon Nest \ Flat Chest" part please? TT_TT

Robert: Don't cry sleeping beauty...because you'll miss what's more important :D... *the bottle of wine its empty...Oh I should bring another one...*rises and leaves*

Subaru: I guess its my turn...even this blood starts to cover my eyes with a sweet mist...I think I can the duel between Ryu and Lala started...first nothing intresting except those basic moves that are preparing the deadliest combos...Hustle Castle for Ryu, that annoying fortress with a kinda childish design...although very of the few cards that aren't under the water civilization and allow you to draw cards...and then Lala brings out something that represents her quite well...a beautiful flower with sharp teeth or should I say Kamen? The combination of Red Green hole and fists of forever and Kamen's awaken cleaned Ryu's battle zone...Oh Ryu...even if you managed to regain a little bit the don't know what coming...Nibai astonishing pack of muscles...turned Lala's mana zone into garden full of vitamins for creatures. And so after Genji and Peace Lupia another beautiful creature arose taking with him the soul of the peacefull fire bird Gill Yokozuna...and then Ryu's Gaial Kaiser...but in the end the biggest wrestler of them arose...Unryu Izu Deis Great Yokozuna...but with the forgotten sheild burn ability of Gaial Kaiser and with the help of a little DNA Spark at the start of Ryu's next turn (and with some sheild which wore broke a few minutes ago) Gaial King Dragon rised bringing with him Lala's death...oh wait she's still alive...MY BAD...

*Robert comes with 2 bottles of wine and a spider web on the top of his hair*
Robert: Did I miss something?

Subaru: Ohh nothing important. I just informed our public about Lala's shamefull date with Ryu.

Robert: In that case it's my turn. Well I think I should start the tragic fate of my friends...oh yeah Subaru have you reclaimed your Volg Tiger from Illia.?

Subaru: Please don't make me to recall those moments...

Robert: In that case I'll just go to my beautiful duel between me and Radia. I admit I was a little bit troller in that day. Pushing the poot drakes buttons like never before. Although I admit I enjoyed it. First an Essence Elf..a beautiful butterfly which reduces the cost of my spels...a Dimensional Gate which turned into a little ghostly knight known as Bloody Shadow...and then...Aurora of Reversal...the spell which brang in the past terror upon the DM world...that beautiful Gabriela which mysteriously dissapered from someone's vault...and finally that Sanctuary of Mother...arose my Balthzar...*Ballcadeias' card shone in Robert's deckcase*...the symphony of by one Radia's dragons have tastes Balthazar's poison, Bolmeteus, and the other 2 gravity zero dragons which names I can'r remember since I'm not quite the fire guy. And she expected that I'll attack and grant hin some more card...maybe even a speed attacker? I wasn't born yesterday...although that sweet Falconer from my hand would do the trick. And then a blanket of pure darkness fell upon poor Radia...Dorballom...the creature which hides the secret of the Inferno Gate and brings death in the world has errased Radia's mana zone. And then a Skysword which gave me a little bit more confidence. As for dinner Roasted Lupia sounds very good for me no Balthazar? And that's how the game ended...again with Balthazar behind me...the final attack would be to cruel even for me and so I prefered to let the poor girl in the agony and move on.

Subaru: Meanwhile Vincen without to much struggle managed to awaken that Gallows Devil Dragon which even I'm affraid and wet Chance's pants. But it seems that the devil dragon seeks for something else not for victory. And so in a blanket of mists it begins his search and so Vincen gets yellow card.

Robert: What about your friend Edo? *finishing another glass of wine* He's facing Illia's combo which began with a huge amount of mana, Conversion of Life and Spiritual Energy, Ancient Horn, Goemonkey, Zabi Mira and Magnum. Bringing death uppon his creatures over and over again...more than 30 times...summoning and resummoning psychic creatures which decimated Edo's impresive battle zone and milling his deck...and so Edo falls in front of the 2 mighty cats and their master. How about you Subaru?

Subaru: Let's just say that I had the fastest defeat from my life...2X Invincible Cataclysm, 1X Invincible Technology, 4X Terror Pit, 1X Pyrofighter Magnus...

Robert: Ouch...oh well when we left I sensed that something was wrong with Illia...she was about to cry. But I just couldn't try to help her because I think I know what she's up to...and I never abandon my friends...

Subaru: On the other hand Ryu's team and Vincen's team were disqualifed because Gaial King Dragon and Gallows Devil Dragon started an endless fight which caused chaos around...

Robert: Do I look like I give a damn *beep* about them?...Oh well in the end we can se Pyro...the boss which seems to control everything from the shadows...

Subaru *fells drunk on the floor*

Robert: I guess that Romanian wine was to much for him *carries Subaru home*
acumashindorballomu chapter 34 . 5/23/2013
Oh boy, it's been a long time since Kok has reviewed your fic, no? Well then, I have to do what a man has to do, which means... ONTO TEH REVIEW!

So the tournament resumes itself with the Fight of the Rook which proves to be a deadly one for certain groups. On one side we have the reawakened rivalry between the Gaial King Dragon and the Gallows Devil Dragon, on the other the unleashing of the strongest Darkness creatures upon unsuspecting Fire and Water duelists. Quite the WDF chapter, no? And no, the acronym does not stand for another more known one.

Before the deadliest of duels, we have some prelude scenes that set up the atmosphere for the matches. On one hand we have Ryu, whose lunch had been spoiled and who met with the mysterious Pyro. On the other we have Ilia tricking poor Vincen into giving his Zabi Mira to her. (poor guy, seems like Lala is not the only living troll there) Then there's Lala who slowly shows her true colors - if only Vincen could open his eyes and get away from her. Then there is also the epically hilarious 'Dragon Nest - Flat Chest' joke that Edo pulled off on Radia. Seems like you worked well on it, because even the real Edo laughed hard while reading it. :P

Now that the fun moments are over, we have our matches. Having failed in finding Pyro to duel him, Lala's team ends up against Ryu's and we are delighted with a Sumo deck! Yes, Yokozuna can be quite the beast, especially with the addition of that troll called Nibai Nibai. Lala showcased great skills, but the second effect of Gaial Kaiser (which sadly is being neglected by many players nowadays) got the best of her. Truly, psychic spam can burn badly, especially when your opponent is using it against you. And yay, Lala's feminine tactics did not work on the fierce Gaial King Dragon that rightfully punished her. May the troll rest in peace. Oh wait, she survived, nvm.

On the other hand, what is this? Vincen's Gallows went out of control? Poor guy, pissing has pants thanks to it. But who wouldn't, actually? And White One sealed DDZ only to have Gallows break that seal? Nice story, I have to say. But yes, the rampaging Gallows Devil Dragon brought the disqualification of Lala's team and thus the tournament is rid of other buggers.

Then there is the malicious Ilia who tricks Subaru into stealing his Volg Thunders (putting your hand into one's belly, boy that must have hurt him quite a lot!) , and then she creates an infinite loop combo deck for Zabi-Volg deckout. Poor Edo, who heroically tried to free his best friend from Abyssian duties has to go through the hell of milling. Ilia's words just struck me as hard as it probably struck him - if Water and Darkness are at the opposite sides of the coin, then that must imply that Subaru and Edo can never truly bond as friends? Truly, this Abyss organization is creepy. But eh, that's the point of being Darkness duelists, no?

As for Robert VS Radia, Robert simply knew how to tick the young Drake's buttons - insult her pride, infuriate her into attacking, then pull out the field sweepers known as Dorballom and Ballcadeias into completely finishing her off. But while indeed she bravely kept on going, her loss was imminent, for hardly can one recover from those beasts. A torture for the poor girl. Though Robert is wrong for calling Dragons the lamest race. Bashers aren't brainless all the time if they're quick and swift enough. Oh well, I guess it's ignorance VS ignorance.

As for Edo's duel, Ilia's deadly combo with easily took care of Edo's liquid people bashers as well as milling his deck to the brim. The girl brought them to utter despair and besides that she used her poor Magnum to kill her own creatures again and again, not showing a sign of remorse. Just how heartless can this being be? So heartless as to give her Rook enough points to terminate Subaru in one move, that's how much. Oh wait, they leave without even baring good byes? Oh yes, she must be ice cold, no?

But wait, Robert noticed that she bravely held her tears? And that it was her hidden plan all along of pushing Subaru into betraying the Abyssians and joining his own friends? Tough love is tough, what can I say?

And to conclude this review, I have to say that the host of the tournament is gay. And not gay in the homosexual way, no, no. But gay in the 'utterly stupid obsessed fanboy' way in which he shows nothing more than worship towards Flora as if she is a goddess. I wonder if he'll commit suicide if she happens to lose the tournament. Sounds like a plan, haha. :P

Oh well, this has been acumashindorballomu leaving you yet another fruitful review for you to feast upon, so I hope you enjoy your meal. Sign out! *poof*
holyknight chapter 6 . 5/22/2013

Last time on Aeons of Duel Masters-
"Will seemed to have got a mysterious power and his going to use it, made the others call out their cards.. Lets see what happens after that"

Epic name..
Naaaice :D

Zeus? :P

"Yes, you are called Jasmine."
Sounds a bit corny dont you think? :P

Not supposed to be an a in there mate.

Lol.. bared and blared..
Typo ofcourse but bared totally changes the meaning xD

"The responsibility rest on you."
It will be rests, not rest.

""What happened?" Will rubbed his forehead. There was still a sharp pain there…no, it was coming from somewhere deeper. "Argh, my head.""
Le brain or something else?
Sorry not too good at biology :P

"Will only saw the flourish of long black hair and thus reflectively replied. "Thanks, miss." It was when he finished that the one who spoke was Subaru. Will gulped. Oh screwed…"
Epic troll.
Now you know why I love will.. :P

"Thanks, mis…I mean yes, I promise I will never ever make fun of you again."

"I guess we could've used a kiddy bench, which allows you to make mistakes then…"
Yes Will, get a kiddy bench :3
Just joking. :P

""Aegis attack Thunder Blade!" Will made an order, and a flaming wyvern dashed forth, and with a blazing sword, ended Thunder Blade's misery. "That is so…awesome!"

Storm tapped Will on his shoulder. "Now what can you do?"

"Right, whenever one of my creature wins, I can put Ace of Swords into Battle Zone! Arise, not 1, not 2, but 3 Ace of Swords, Ensign of the Galaxy Falcon Squadron!""
Come on.. Beginner playing so well..
I mean seriously -_-

""Whoops, I guess I should redo this turn, can I?"

"It is on Protoco NUB, do as you like.""
Protocol? :)
Lol NUB :P

""That" she pointed at that spell card he had in hand, "is material beyond the imagination of people. Are you sure, you would need to pull something like this on a newbie? Come on, where is the Subaru I know? Cruel, unpending on punishment, and dedicated to crushing your opponent when he disses your stance on things?"
Cant imagine Kok becoming angry :O

""You kidding? This feels amazing! Thank Ryu so much!" Will leaped at Ryu, who at first wanted to dodge, but stood still as he allowed the boy to hug him."
Yay Ryu :3

""Me!" There was a voice, like a mosquito."
Dont hurt Anas so much :P

"Who are you!" Ryu slammed a fist into the metal door, and a grunt came from behind the doors. With fury, he tore open the door, just to find a man, hands on his nose, looking up with watery eyes.
Oh Anas.

Who is the mysterious person with the mosquito voice?
Stay tuned to know it all.

Praty over and out.
holyknight chapter 5 . 5/9/2013
And to get on with the next chapter :3

""What a dual?" Will frowned. "I was saying what a girl.""

Actually got me thinking about Sana and Illia as a couple haha.

" Ryu rubbed his chin."

Thinking picture? Naaaice.

"There wasn't as much destruction done, but the holograms looked real enough, and that Dor…Door…Door-something, wow, that's one thing I want to see again. Oh, and right…"

Which door? :O

""Ah…eversince the day my father disappeared."

Space between ever and since mate :3

"Without players who has some sort of calibur of Sana or Illia or perhaps Ryu, the rest of the duels were a bit…meh."

Sana didnt really look like a person having caliber .

"Ach, furry collars, that man's taste is that a furret's head on the shoulder pads?"

If that was Shubham I have no problem whatsoever with him landing up with Lala :P

""Dealist? Really? Which moron called me that?""

Very plausible reaction.
Will oh Will when will u grow up?

"Gay. So you, Mr. Spikey Head, is his partner?"

Lol oh will you riot :3
Can be understood its Wai writing this.. The king of troll.

""No, I am not born gay nor am I gay."

"Was...? Will smiled."


""Well, sweetie, those cards are fake." Illia said without hesitation."

Those Kolkata noobs should read this.. I mean the members of the Duel Masters IRL group :3

""Launder? You wash cash?" Now launder is a word he knew…he was responsible for washing and hanging cloths."

I actually laughed hard at this :P

"The reason was that Illia grabbed his collar with an iron grip. "What did you say again?""

IRON MAN! I saw the movie today :3

""You should drop that 'great' part." Illia looked away."

One should be more respectful towards mentors.

"Naturally occurring?" Curious Will strikes again.

I thought WotC made them :P


Five different other voices…

All panicking…







Couldnt knock him out themselves?
Summoning more creatures will create the thing worse.

Anyway good chapter and ill do the next chap tomorrow. G'night.
HolyKnight chapter 4 . 5/9/2013

So lets get on with the review shall we ? :D

"But why am I now flying atop of Blaze? Oh right, this is the only dragon which I can summon without killing myself with exhaustion."

You make it seem as if Infinity Dragon is weaker than the other dragons :(

'"As you like then, but if you flying slower, perhaps we would be more comforta—wahh!" Blaze the Infinity Dragon accelerated, leaving Ryu's scream behind a trail of siliva that was torn out of his mouth as Armored Dragon burst forth.'

You mean the armored dragon right?
Otherwise doesnt make sense.

""This is a hospital. Wait, you never been to one?" The man's jaw dropped when he heard that Will had never visited one. "Actually I haven't visited one for at least a century, but yeah, this is an infrastructure where the society take cares of the sick and wounded.""

Ryu is more than a 100 years old! !
You mean to say Will never felt sick?

Ryu shouldnt make fun of Will . After all he is elder to him and should be more mature :O
But yes I enjoyed the taunting :P

"It was then that the rail beside the conveyer escalator belt thing disappear, opening into a bustling city scape. Centurus, the grand Metropolis, spread out under him, with thousands of roads, thousands of buildings, and hundreds of thousands of people. Apparently they were on a sky bridge of sorts that allows people to cross from one side of the city to another. About every hundred meters, there will be a branch off the sides, leading to somewhere else. Up ahead, some spires loomed ahead, tall and majestic. Best of all, in the areas beyond, Will thought he could see something gleaming, reflecting the shine of the Sun. Is that…the legendary ocean?"

Nice description (Y)
Ocean is legendary? :O :O

Centurus makes me think of centaurs. Related in any way?

Sana... ANAS! :3

""Duel? Ha, what deck are you using?" Sana asked with a smirk.

"Dark deck." She answered with a smile."

Eh never heard anyone ask what deck one was using before facing him/her. -_-

What made you keep the name Rosetta Tablet? :O

""Shush, Sana." The girl raised the last card in her Hand. "I will survive this duel with this card.""

So mysterious and cute :3

"Let's be blatant," She said, finger over her lips in a 'sh' sign. "I will not lose."

Thats insolence!

"And it is here, Eternal Meteor Kaiser. So I guess all my creatures get Speed Attacker, right?"

Praty : EMK! EMK ! EMK!

It seems as if Illia was teaching Sana how to play the game better!

Good chapter here.. Looking forward to reviewing more.
Praty over and out.
Freelancer 1989 chapter 4 . 5/6/2013
Poor Ryu, he gets no respect from his creatures T_T

Darkness vs Darkness is an interesting match up, especially since Dorballom can't pretty much destroy the opponents deck with his ability
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