Reviews for Escaping From The Pain
88Mary88 chapter 3 . 4/15/2012
Amazing. Thank you so much for this story. It seems to be one of the only stories that deal with her miscarriage and than in such a good way. I really liked it. Especially they both seemed rather mature and left behind all their love-drama but actually concentrated on what was important. I hate the writers for not letting Blair (and Chuck) grieve for their child. Especially because I think it would have been such a wonderful oppurtunity for chuck to be there for Blair in an emotional-support way. We saw Blair often supporting and encouraging him after he lost his father, with his 'mother', when S was in the hospital, but we hardly saw her grieving, so if they had to kill off the child they should have used this to let chair grow closer and not start this Dair nonesense. I might tolerate dair better if they would explain Blair's decisions with her gieving, but they don't.

I also really liked your "calm" writing style. I actually loved it hehe. I truly hope you'll write again. I like the way you portrait Blair and Chuck. I think now they should have reached this mature, 'drama-free', confident-in-their-love/relationship status by now (well, obviously the writers don't agree, but who cares about them). Them grieving together was amazing and if it would have happened on the show I think they would grow even closer after this and become this confident couple.

Keep on writing.
Avivush chapter 3 . 1/19/2012
your story is touching, I could feel Blair pain, the running gave the story the atmosphere of her escaping and than Chuck find her and them dealing together