Reviews for Those Gilded Chains We Wear
Shita731 chapter 42 . 9/15
Found this story a couple of days ago and immediately fell in love with it. I know it’s been two years since the last update, but is there any chance you’re coming back to finish the story? I feel like there’s so much more that needs to be written.
NurseG chapter 42 . 9/2
I can’t believe I’m done reading this! I hope for an update soon bc this story is amazing! And I’ve read over a hundred stories in the last half a year I can’t wait to see what happens next!
Clo971 chapter 42 . 8/24
Hey there, i just wanted to say that this is one (if not the best) FanFiction i have ever read !
I know you haven’t updated in two years, i hope you are well and living your best life :)
Thank you for giving us good bellamione content and i wish you the best
jauatkales chapter 42 . 8/18
Ok, this must be continued. I'm seriously addicted. Pleasepleaseplease let this be continued.
BlueBirdRobin chapter 42 . 8/18
when will this fanfiction come back form the war?
Jesseburnett chapter 25 . 8/17
NOOOOOOOOOO! not the dreaded 'mc gets a short haircut in a fic!' XD sry lmao i just love long hair XD but i guess the only thing that matters is, does bella like it? i shall see momentarily...
Jesseburnett chapter 25 . 8/17
or, her life could have simply gotten too busy or somehow interesting enough to not write fanfic anymore. take it from someone that started a fic and gave up. its extremely time consuming. it even started mildly promising, with about 50 follows after two chapters, so it was fun for me, but it just took up every single scrap of my free time to the point that my gf told me that if i wanted any sex that i had to actually hang out with her b4 or after it. i couldnt really blame her lol
Guest chapter 42 . 8/16
Pretty sure this authors either dead or kidnapped, couldn't find anything by them past 2016/17 so I could just have missed them over a three minute google search.
Great story wish it will be finished one day.
Jesseburnett chapter 23 . 8/15
i can see where all the hype for this story comes from, the character development and building relationship is amazing. ive read dozens of bellamione fics, but this is the first one that has shown me WHY exactly its such a great pairing; hermione is extremely compassionate and forgiving, while bella NEEDS love and forgiveness. ... ... ...also theyre so friggin hot together! XD
Jesseburnett chapter 9 . 8/8
i gotta admit i really hope bella doesnt take any youth potion or whatever the hell. the age gap is one of the many interesting things about a bellamione pairing. it wouldnt really kill the story or anything, but i do have a hard time understanding why you would even do all that
Jesseburnett chapter 4 . 8/7
this is great so far, im sure itll keep me busy for a bit. tysm for writing it. and thx for the way youre writing ron. i mean like most ppl i dont really like em and he isnt even CLOSE to being good enough for the brightest witch of her age, but still its nice to see him written like his actual character for once, and not his femslash fanon character lol. i mean cmon, its insulting to hermione, her bein his girlfriend and bf and all, for him to be writtin like most ppl write him lol. but yea cool story so far, thx again!
shematriva chapter 1 . 7/24
Die FF ist und bleibt einfach die beste Bellamione Fanfiction die es gibt und glaub mir ich habe schon viele gelesen :D. Habe sie jetzt das 7 Mal gelesen und ich weine, lache, grinse und fluche jedes Mal an den selben Stellen. Ich hoffe wirklich das du diese Story irgendwann vollendest, sie ist ein wahres Meisterwerk. Auch wenn es jetzt schon über 2 Jahre seit dem letzten Update her ist wir beten weiter :D.
Grüße deine Shem
(hallöchen an alle deutschen hier xD *bescheuert winken*)
Guest chapter 42 . 7/17
I'm gonna cry I need an update
Yo mama chapter 42 . 7/1
I love how bella has opened up
irishgirl686 chapter 42 . 6/20
I found this fic recommended somewhere and despite the discomfort I felt with a Bellatrix/Hermione fic, I pulled it up on my phone and took a look. That was yesterday evening. I read from the second I opened that tab all the way to about 7AM without stopping. I literally could not stop. I could not put it down. Im exhausted but so so pleased to have read this story. It made Bella human in a way she never has been for me before. And now I'm looking for more Bellamione to keep me sated until you post again. I don't think anytying else will compare to this masterpiece though. I think I started this ship at the pinnacle. But I'll give a few others a try.
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