Reviews for Panned
Light on the Horizon chapter 7 . 6/27
Love this story!
garnet86 chapter 7 . 6/27
Really curious how you're going to continue this! I've enjoyed this very much so far :)
WantingtobeBeautiful chapter 7 . 6/16
Please update again soon!
Penelope Grace chapter 7 . 6/10
Seriously update this!
Killer Queen of Slytherin chapter 7 . 6/2
Ha, I love how everyone is maming fun of Hermione for being fat when she really isn't. I hipe this gets updated soon, or I might have to resort to sitting on your widowsill at night.
Freedaydreamer chapter 7 . 5/31
Keep on writing this!its so can hermione have some sort of revenge to the press/tom kind of thing?
Ash-Castle chapter 7 . 5/29
I'm glad you came back from a break. This story was instantly gripping! I hope your inspiration for this continues!
HollyVanDerBerg chapter 7 . 5/26
I absolutely can't wait for more! It's quite a funny story :)
wordhoarder24 chapter 7 . 5/25
This is such fun. Thank you!
moor chapter 7 . 5/25
I'm dying. I'm wheezing and dying and OMG where have you been hiding this chapter from me?!
Sexyspectrum chapter 7 . 5/25
Sorry - too lazy to log in haha!
I loooved this chapter, thank you for posting it! I can't wait for the next one!
Keep on writing (and rocking!)
WittyBasketcase chapter 7 . 5/25
this was the funniest chpater yet!
poor cedric! did he really get a girl pregnant? !
can't wait to see what happens next!
WittyBasketcase chapter 1 . 5/24
ah, i love this!
tom is so witty!
and hermione is basically canon with a few adjusments!
windyshoes chapter 7 . 5/24
God I really hope she yells at rita or just something. She's having the absolute worst time in this chapter, poor thing!
amr56 chapter 7 . 5/24
I was so excited to see that you had updated this story, I actually yelped a little. It was mildly embarrassing because I was at work. The scenes with Hermione at work always crack me up, and the response from horrible Umbridge was hilarious. I really liked that Hermione got to the warehouse and found people in lab coats. I laughed when Ron read the headline and then explained why it was clever. I like the interactions between Hermione and Voldemort; the way they're sort-of-friends is cute. I really wonder what he's going to do now to try and keep his secret. Thank you so much for updating this! You made my day.
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