Reviews for A Better Tomorrow
acw1 chapter 63 . 11/12
great story
TwiFanfictionRecs chapter 1 . 11/1
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Eriza-chan chapter 63 . 10/27
thank you thank you thank you for ending the story in a happy way! 3
sassgrl chapter 63 . 10/24
Wow . fantastic.
Been reading this whole journey and I thank you for it. Beautiful ending ... Look forward to more from you .
kate.e.barker.7 chapter 63 . 10/23
Fantastic from start to finish
One to definately reread in the future
bamagal110 chapter 63 . 10/23
It was so good that she had a good life after all the hell she had been thru and I can't blame her for being the way she was with Renee if your parents won't protect you who will..
BiteMeBro522 chapter 63 . 10/23
OMG I loved it! Ah! I got a little confused who Aidan was, but it cleared itself up when you listed them out. :)

Can't wait until next time! Write On ~BMB
Bella MacLeod chapter 63 . 10/22
That was a wonderful story...I hope to read more like this from you in the future. I really enjoyedit and I apologize for not reviewing much but RL was being a force to reckon with and my internet was a bit unstable for a little while. Great Job and I loved it; BTW I loved how you got rid of the Thorns after Renee's attack...
laceyndom chapter 63 . 10/22
Fantastic ending!
nessa01 chapter 63 . 10/22
Omg that was such a beautiful ending! ! ! !

Thank you for writing this amazing story for us to read! ! ! ! !
bamagal110 chapter 62 . 10/12
Ah they did so good I am so proud of them they have come so far and now they are free..
Lalina92 chapter 62 . 10/11
Yay more gorgeous babies
nessa01 chapter 62 . 10/10
Oh what a beautiful Ending! I am so glad that she said her piece with her mother!

Thank you for writing this amazing story for us to read! ! ! ! !
nessa01 chapter 61 . 10/10
I am so glad that they are all doing well! !

Can't wait for next update! ! ! ! ! !
BiteMeBro522 chapter 61 . 10/10
Sweet! That was too good! I really liked the detective part. :)

So, out of curiosity, is this the end? Or will there be an epilogue?
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