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jimbo2 chapter 18 . 5/5/2012
I really liked this story! Sometimes it's heart warming, sometimes it's really sad, but exciting all the way until the end.

Well done! :)
Ponycrazy7597 chapter 18 . 5/1/2012
Okay, now to make up for last review, which was short because I was excited about reading this chapter! :D

awww... Asbel and Nausicaa. D oh, the fluff! D

And they got to dance together at the festival. D haha. They didn't dance with anyone else BUT each other. ;) And they were the last ones to quit dancing. _ I love how you brought the dancing together from an early chapter back in this last one. Since the first one was a "lesson", it made me happy that they got to dance at the real festival. _ I'm kinda jealous though. They have festivals like that. And Nausicaa has Asbel. I'm jealous. *makes pouty-face* :( Don't worry though, I will get over it. ;P

You've been sitting at the computer EVERY day for 14 weeks working on this? Dang... You're more committed than me. I am VERY easily distracted most of the time. P Though I do think about my stories, even when I'm not actually writing. :D

YAY! SEQUEL! Even though you'd already hinted to me about a later story, so I was kind of expecting you to say that, YAY! _

oooh, Spirited Away... D or any Ghibli or Miyazakian fandom. D I am excited to see more from you!

Awww... a HUGE thank you and three hugs and kisses for lil' me? *blushes* aww, shucks. hehe. I'm glad you loved my long rambling reviews. I certainly loved reading and reviewing your story! It was so great to read it. D I'm sending you lots of big hugs and a HUGE thank you for writing it and posting it so I could read it! 3 _

Until next time,

Ponycrazy7597 _
Ponycrazy7597 chapter 17 . 5/1/2012
oh, poor Sedona... I feel for her.

Great chapter! _

sorry this review is so short... but you updated again! :O On to the next chapter! D
Ponycrazy7597 chapter 16 . 4/21/2012
YAY! new chapter! you are forgiven! :D

Especially since Asbel has been saved! ;) And Lastelle is with her family again. :)

hehe. I don't mind cliffhangers. I use them my self quite often. haha. :D They leave people wondering and wanting to read more. ;)

Good job beating writer's block! :D

And I loved the fluff. hehe. You didn't go TOO overboard with it yet. hehe.

Great chapter! hope you don't suffer from any more writer's block! And that you can update soon. But no rush. Writing takes time, this I know. :)
Ponycrazy7597 chapter 15 . 4/1/2012
hehehe I loved that final showdown! :D

But what about Nadasaru and Sedona? What will happen to them? I feel sorry for Sedona. She really does care about her brother. :(

And of course, Asbel! What about Asbel?

and I like your translation notes. Since I don't understand a word of Japanese, they are a BIG help! Thank you! :D

Update soon!
signalizing chapter 14 . 3/26/2012
Impressive story so far. I shivered when Asbel willingly "sacrificed" himself to save NausicaƤ. o.O Can't wait for the next chapter. :D
Ponycrazy7597 chapter 14 . 3/25/2012
OMG! I'm so sorry I haven't reviewed this in FOREVER! BAD ME. BAD ME. :( *pounds head on table*

I still love your story! Just thought I would say. :D

Even though you did kill off Nausicaa when she died to save Asbel. :'(

But you brought her back! YAY! :D

But Asbel gave his life to bring her back... not so "yay". :(

But he's not dead quite yet! So there is still hope! YES! haha I forgive you for killing them off... for now.

Write the next chapter and post it and I will forgive you even more. :D

As long as you forgive me for being a bad reader and not reviewing like I should have. Once again, BAD ME. But I will write you a review for the next chapter! I cross my heart. *crosses heart* Am I forgiven? I hope so!

Please update soon!

The sooner you do, the sooner I can review it! And restore my good name as you're loyal reader and reviewer. lol. ;)
AkayaKirihara chapter 8 . 3/13/2012
Quite interesting so far. I really do like the whole plot. Its very interesting. I noticed some spelling mistakes in the first few chapters but less as I got deeper into the story. Now I don't know if they just werent there or if I was just too engrossed which does tend to happen. However, they were small and didnt interfere with the flow so its not a major problem.

Your character portrayals are also very acurate. Overall, an excellent story!
Ponycrazy7597 chapter 11 . 3/5/2012
I'm a lil behind with this review. sorry about that. It's partly because this week has been extremely hectic and partly because I had to reread the chapter a couple times to pick up on what I missed. There is a lot of information in this chapter! O.O But I think I've got it all lodged in my brain. :D

First of all, WOW, what a beautiful place Isekai is! .

But what did they do to Asbel? Why is he so beat up? :'( I hope he put a fight and managed to cause some damage to his captors! It would serve them right for beating him up.

And wow, that's a lot of information for Nausicaa to process.

And what about Lastelle? :O

Anyway, I liked the chapter. It gave lots of information. :D
signalizing chapter 10 . 2/28/2012
Amazing story so far. Who knew NausicaƤ had such a dark side?
Ponycrazy7597 chapter 10 . 2/21/2012
Grrr... Why does Nadasaru have to be so clever? How'd he know Nausicaa was faking? Maybe it's because he's so good at lying to people himself. :(


...and you drank it anyway. *face palm*

Very clever poisoning, on Nadasaru's part. She couldn't tell anything was in it. She still shouldn't have drank it. *shakes head*

So now both Nausicaa and Asbel have been captured... ooooh, this story is getting good! :D

And why did Nadasaru push her in the Ohme blood? I thought he wanted her darkness, not to kill her?

And where DID she land? And what happened to Asbel and Teto? ...You're not gonna tell me are you? I'm gonna have to wait for the next chapter aren't I? :(

Agh, the suspense is killing me!

Post again soon! I HAVE to know what happens next! :D

Hopefully chapter 11 doesn't take too long!

Atleast I can think about all the possible ways Nadasaru can get his butt kicked later on in the story until it gets posted. :D

Til next time!

(I do have one question for all the other FanFiction people though. "Why am I the ONLY one commenting on this story!" SERIOUSLY. It's a good story!)

Okay, I'm done now. Bye! :D
Ponycrazy7597 chapter 9 . 2/17/2012
Hello again! Don't mind the HUGE comment. I'm writing it AS I read for once. :D

*Starts reading*

Oh, Asbel. "Who said I'm reckless!" No body had to say it, Asbel. It's so obvious. haha. :D And did Lord Yupa really think that Asbel was actually going to stay out of it just because he told him to? *throws hands up in exasperation*

I would have MADE him stay put. Asbel is crazy and reckless on a GOOD day. And now there's secret plots going around and Nausicaa may be in danger. *face palms* Add Asbel being crazy in love with Nausicaa(even if he WAS denying it)and you have a recipe for disaster. OF COURSE Asbel would do something extremely reckless like sneak onto the enemy's airship and try to figure out the evil plot. He's blinded by love and not using his head. :D hahaha

And an ENTIRE airship made out of the shells of insects they killed just for that purpose? D: That just makes me mad. grrrr...

But at least Asbel admitted loving Nausicaa. Even if it was just to himself and while he was sneaking around an enemy airship. :D :D

And a crystal of Aetherium? OOOO... another crossover! :D though I thought those stones only worked for those of Laptutaian royal blood?

How did Nadasaru know Asbel was there? It's not like Asbel did anything to give himself away. Maybe it was a trap... :O Maybe that's why the ship was unguarded. I mean why else would you bring that many soldiers just to leave your airship unguarded? (don't mind me. I'm just a logical, yet suspicious, person who has read WAY too much.)*reads chapter even farther* Yeah, He was definitely ready for Asbel to do something like that.

Ooo, Evil Villian Monologue Time! YAY! haha. :D though Asbel needs to work on his smart mouth retorts. hahaha. :D :D :D

*finishes Chapter*

Okay, even I have to admit there were quite a few similarities to "Warriors of the Wind" in this chapter. Asbel not listening to Lord Yupa, and sneaking on to an enemy airship to gather information ANYWAY, him getting caught(though in this one it was because it pretty much a trap and not because he gave himself away), and Yupa telling Nausicaa what happened and THEN telling her she had to pretend like nothing is wrong. But there were enough differences to keep me happy.

And yes! I saw it coming that Nadasaru was EVIL! And what is he going to do to Asbel? He better not hurt him, or I Nausicaa won't have to worry about beating up Nadasaru. 'Cuz I'll beat her to it. (Yeah, Nadasaru! I'm talking to you! You've been warned. *punches her open hand in a threatening way*) Sorry. I do NOT like that guy. (Which means you did a good job with your villian.)

Another enjoyable chapter overall. :D (Though I did notice quite a few spelling errors this time)

And I hope I didn't overwhelm you with this HUGE comment.

Til next time! :D
Ponycrazy7597 chapter 8 . 2/13/2012
*raises hand* I hate animal abuse too. Why do people have to mean to something just because they don't understand it? :(

And those poor innocent insects! *cries* D': I don't blame them for being angered. They have every right to be... Hopefully no one get hurt because of it though.

I don't know what exactly Nadasaru's plan is, but it can't be anything good because you, the writer, smiled maliciously when you mentioned it. O.o

And oh no, Asbel's sneaking around following him! ...he's gonna do something foolish and get himself caught isn't he? *facepalms* Oh, Asbel. *shakes head*

And you're welcome for the reviews! I like to let people know when they do a good job and when I like their work. :D

That and I like to talk and leave long comments. lol. :D

So you're welcome! :D Please keep the new chapters coming! :D
Ponycrazy7597 chapter 7 . 2/7/2012
Yay! New chapter! :D

Good work with the new characters. I found them kind of hard to pin down, so I don't know yet if they are friends or foes yet. I'm leaning towards foes. Every story needs villians.

I DO know they are up to something. People don't just show up out of the blue like that otherwise. And judging by Sedona's last comment, it's not something good.

Love the story! I'm always excited when I check my mail and I have an update telling me you posted another chapter. :D :D :D
Ponycrazy7597 chapter 6 . 2/3/2012
Yay! Two kiss scenes! :D I love fluff scenes. hehe ;)

I love how you made Nausicaa's blind rage her "darkness". None of the stories I've read have even mentioned that scene from the movie.

And Nausicaa sure isn't coping as well as she could, but then who would? Good thing Asbel is willing to help her through it. :)

I love the angsty scenes too. :D To me, turmoil and conflict are what help make a story. Other people may have different opinions of that, but it makes ME root for the good guys even more! :D :D

I love your story! :D Keep it up! :D :D :D :D
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