Reviews for Powerful Tomboy! Enter Megumi Hikari!
boyxaudungcoi chapter 1 . 3/13/2012
I love the ninja girl,she shows kindness to Zenki,kakakaka,it's time Zenki got some kindness from the upgraded warriors kicked ass I saw Zenki's new armor in the manga.I want moarrr!
Yuna chapter 1 . 3/4/2012
I forgot to review this oneshot. All I wanna say is that it is very cute, beside the fluff between Akira and Chiaki, that Megumi cares for little Zenki is so cute. I like the fight too, it did show how our priestesses care for their guardian no matter how bad their behavior are./sweat a little/ Overrally, it's a nice shot.
AzureKnight2008 chapter 1 . 2/28/2012

Chapter 6 is easily another good writing piece of yours, Khaossonic. :thumb: Since you managed to bring one of the most known mythical figures in Japanese legend - the Tengu. I have so many things that I want to discuss with you that I don't know where to start, so let's begin step-by-step.

In this chapter we welcomed Megumi - a straight-forward and tomboyish girl who brought many surprises to the Enno resident. Never know she's a skilled ninja on a special mission though, a member of a very high-class and renowned Iga Clan since the Heian Dynasty (named after the old Kyoto from 794-1185) that is considered the peak of Buddhism, Taoism & other Chinese influences, also the period when arts, especially poetry & literature were at the height. I appreciate the effort you put into the information search. :clap: Megumi is open, friendly and good-hearted, which I consider another nice choice of characters from you. Her character made her get along with the rest of casts without any trouble, minus Ryu, but it's only a personal problem. :sweatdrop:

Back to the Tengu, you may not believe this but they're supernatural bird-like creatures in Japanese folklore, best known as "Youkai" BUT they're also worshiped as Shinto Kami (revered spirits or gods), like Zenki & Goki. Legend varies, however, the Tengu are said to associate with Shugendou, that's why they're often found wearing Shugendou garb in most illustrations, thus they're spirits of the mountains and forests (Wonder if Goki-sama has ever met these Tengu before. ))

Have you ever heard of a Tengu by the name of Zenkibou on Mount Oomine? I bet you don't. Still, what an ODD coincidence right? XD It's a more human-like Tengu with a lloooonnng nose, a "Daitengu" to be exact! LOL And the "-bou", I notice ALL Daitengu carry this suffix at the end of their names, which strangely reminds me of Shinsen-bou - Goki's descendant of "Earth" element and Akira's cousin, don't you think? ; As far as I know, the Tengu commonly wield staff or swords but it's totally okay when you made them choose a club as their weapon.

Anyway, I especially LIKE the battle between the Tengu and our heroes. You did a great job in bringing out the characters' strong point as well as weak point. In this case it's about Zenki and Asura and how they lost control of themselves for the sake of destroying their enemies. :chilled: Frankly speaking, it does suit their tendency of fighting gods but truly, I'm glad I was of help when I explained to you the consequence of the "Wrath of Crimson Thunder" of Zenki in vol 11 and 12, which helped you develop sth as similar as the "Rage of Azure Flame" of Asura. :thumbup: This chapter is almost like a recollection of vol 12 where the Red Demon was once again revived and BOOSTED to the next level thanks to the *boundless love* from his master (Man~~ Zenki-sama, you owe Chiaki too much!). YES! Many people mistook it as a romantic love but I only saw it as the mutual affection of a priestess toward her servant/friend, you know it better than anyone else since you've taken time to explore the Manga in details, though you can't read Chinese but the illustration is already enough to tell the truth about the relationship of Zen-Chi-Go. :smile: What else? I like the strong will of Chiaki, too, she raged on no matter how grave the situation was, thus worked as a firm "pillar" for her friend Kasumi to end up saving their beloved guardians. Generally speaking, it's a cool battle of which the happy end coming from the generous dose of kindness and friendship.

Okay, now to wrap things up, I MUST say that I melted at the sweet scene between Chiaki and Akira from the onset, I mean... it was exactly how I expected from her personal guardian. And NOT just Chiaki, he would do the same to anyone in need, aw... remember how chivalrous he was when he beat that thief on the street to retrieve the bag for a female pedestrian. Ryu should have some moment to shine, too. Moreover, I haven't seen anything truly sweet happen to Ryu and Kasumi YET, even though they're still cute the way they are. Kasumi is more feminine than Chiaki that's for sure, and thus she's more "fragile" most of the time, Ryu needs to find way to confess his feelings sooner or later. The same to Akira. Never take those important "three words" lightly, they are simple yet precious to girls, especially if they're from the boy she truly loves.

Keep up the good work! INDOLA! XD

P/s: The last scene of Megumi and Zenki was so cute too. Megumi is a really nice girl beneath her "manly" looks.
Uzumaki Naruto chapter 1 . 2/11/2012
Waiwai i kinda forgot to review this. it's awesome!I love the fight and the upgrade of these fighting acted ridiculously when Megumi arrived xxddd well thumbs up for the shot!
Mr X chapter 1 . 2/6/2012
Another lovely shot with lots of action and information. Good job. Now I understand how Zenki got the 3rd armor, this is better than just seeing manga pages that consist mainly of CHINESE.

Ps: Is this AkiraChiaki? They got lots of moments already, good job.
CallmeBAka chapter 1 . 1/30/2012


Btw I love some descriptive parts of your fic, it was so nice and left me think much about my styleu-u
L chapter 1 . 1/24/2012
Man, this chapter provided great knowledge of Zenki's attack and why he acquired that armor in vol 12. Thank you! Now I knew more about this series.

Good thing there was Megumi to aid the day.*thumb* Nice details for the little romance part!
oOo chapter 1 . 1/21/2012