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LogieBear chapter 3 . 9/2/2013
OMG OMG OMG! I'm only on the third chapter and I think I know what's happening! OMG I'm so scarred! MY POOR LOGIE BEAR!
Alligates chapter 10 . 9/2/2012
asdfghjkl bleh iwbqiu2h1 1ieekaHW words... cannot... express... WHAT IS THIS FLUID DESCENDING FROM MY EYES... zxcvbnmadnliwjoq you're amazing.
I am exploding. Repeatedly. I can't take how amazing (ahem, and Carganey XD) that was. I mean... splurdah. Those are my thoughts.
I feel this review is inadequate to the epic I have just beheld *_*
Alligates chapter 9 . 9/2/2012
... I really can't say anything... there are just too. many. feels. I'm literally having a seizure here. Why are you so good at feels? You're like... the feels god.
I've never cried this much during a fic.
What are you.
I love you.
Fish Stick Friday chapter 10 . 8/16/2012
Hehe. Logan's lisp. It's adorable. Kinda like his Texan accent. Hehe.

"Because it's going to be a very long time before I let you out of my sight like that again." Haha, Kendall. Right, because that doesn't sound the slightest bit creepy or anything? ;)

I love how James shushed Kendall. Shame on you, Kendall. You have to realize how difficult it already is for Logan to talk. We don't need your interruptions on top of it.

Logan DOES apologize A LOT in your stories. It's okay though. It works. He DOES seem like the most apologetic of the bunch. It's precious.

And now James is interrupting Logan? Didn't you just shush Kendall for doing that a few paragraphs back? Lol.

Thanks for giving the explanation of why Carlos could hear Logan when the others couldn't. Of course, I liked MY explanation better, but that's neither here nor there. :P

Well, Carlos' dream IS to be a superhero. In his own way, he was a superhero to Logan.

I loved this story so much! It didn't hurt that it was predominantly Cargan either. Hehe. I'm just sorry that it took me as long as it did to review it ALL. Great, now I sound like Logan, apologizing so much. Teehee! Great job as always, Laura! You're the best!
Fish Stick Friday chapter 9 . 8/16/2012
Uh-oh. Maybe I should backpedal a bit. I didn't REALLY mean you were evil. I said it in a joking manner, okay? And besides, I said I was evil too, so I think you and I both know I am clearly not. Um...yeah, sorry if you took offense to that. It wasn't hate. I swear! I love you! You know least I THINK you know that...

I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry. Oh, fudge. *bawls my eyes out in sheer happiness*

Aww! And then Logan trying to speak when his jaw was wired shut. The poor thing! You know, you're really not helping my crying situation with that,

I wish the writers of the show would write Katie like you do. Particularly the interaction with Logan. I mean there was a surprising amount of it in Big Time Returns. Of course, in your stories, Logan is her adopted brother, but still...

James could only wait 23 seconds, huh? I love how he tugged Carlos forward with him as well!

Then Logan's reaction to seeing Carlos' ear, or lack thereof. OMG! You're killing me, Laura! And Carlos''s too much!

Oh my! My Cargan feels! I don't know whether to be blissful or irritated with you for the splendidly written Cargan in this chapter!

Hehe, and then Carlos told Logan that he loved him. I'm pretending to forget the part where Carlos, said, "We love you too." You know, I'm forgetting the 'we' part. I'm hearing (or rather reading) what I choose to read. ;)

Aww, Logan fell asleep gripping Carlos' arm? That's so precious!

*rolls eyes* James and his Miracle reference. :P
Fish Stick Friday chapter 8 . 8/16/2012
Dominoes? But I thought you were in love with the puzzle analogy? They're all a piece of a puzzle, and without one piece, they're not complete.

At first I was trying to figure out what had caused Carlos to sit up so fast. Then Kendall was saying that he saw Logan smile, and it all made sense. Gah, your stories make me so emotional. I'm sure to an outside observer, I probably look like a pansy, a blubbering idiot. Not that I'm blubbering right now...What? I'm not! Fine...don't believe me

Woohoo! Go James' dad! You tell him!

"Maybe then we'll get a real doctor!" Now Kendall, I expected that from. Go Kendall! Now Kogan, Laura? Really? Makes sense though when I think about it. Kogan IS your favorite...You just won't give up, will you? ;)

Wait. What? The text was blank? *le confused*

You are SO evil, Laura. Do you know that? And people say I am evil? Puh-lease! Again, who do they think I learned it from? My evilness pales in comparison to your evilness. That sounded so weird saying that. But seriously, you had us laughing at one point in the chapter, and then you end the chapter like that? Like THAT?!
Fish Stick Friday chapter 7 . 8/16/2012
Hmm...I don't know if I ever told you this or not, but when I went to the BTR concert in Kansas City, it made me like Carlos even more. I still think in the showverse I like Logan SLIGHTLY better, but in real life, I THINK I like Carlos SLIGHTLY better. *gasp* They're both still my first and second favorite though, so...

After reading your stories, I think I would like to be an organ donor too. I mean if I'm no longer living, I won't exactly need my organs anymore, and someone might desperately need them, so I really don't see the harm in being an organ donor. Of course, it won't be easy for my surviving loved ones to give away my organs, but if it's what I want, then they should respect that, right?

"Are you having the best dream ever or what?" ROTFL! Oh, Carlos! Speaking of Carlos, so I tweeted him yesterday on his birthday. I told him to do EVERYTHING I wouldn't do. Lol. So since I'm not exactly the party animal type, that would mean...
I love wordplay too much. It's probably unhealthy.

Carlos' dream about corn dogs. LOL! Only you, Carlos. Only you...

Okay, that I did not expect from Carlos. Seriously, one second he was cracking me up about his corn dog dream, and the next he's all angry. But it's understandable. He's really emotional right now. It would make sense that he would be at least somewhat angry at Logan.

Hehe. And then Katie trying to tickle Logan into waking up.

You know what's funny? If roles were reversed, I'd probably be like, "Logan, are you freaking kidding me? How could you bet mad at CARLOS of all people?" Okay, so that wasn't haha, funny, but more ironic funny. It's true though...

I really liked the last line as grave as it was.

Haha, Carlos, you don't want to hear MY theories about what happened to you and Logan or why it happened. You really don'
Fish Stick Friday chapter 6 . 8/16/2012
Hey! Look who's reviewing! I want to get to Memory? But I need to finish this first. And confession: I briefly started skimming Memory this morning, and am SO hooked, so...yeah...

Ugh! I don't like the new reviewing thing here. It makes it SO much harder to review as you go. You have to keep scrolling down to write your review. Gah! It's annoying!

I remember what drew me to you back in the beginning. We BOTH are SO horrible to Logan in our stories. It's our FCMD! Lol. I think the foundation of any relationship is finding common ground, and that, as odd as it may be, IS our common ground...or at least part of it.

Poor Carlos! Only has one ear left. I still can't believe you did that to sweet Carlos! Now had you done it to Logan, I wouldn't even flinch, but CARLOS?! Lol.

Forget Carlos wanting to know what Kendall and his mom were talking about. I want to know!

I know you don't really watch Teen Wolf. At least I think you don't, but Kendall reminds me so much of Scott from Teen Wolf. He has an almost obsessive need to protect and save everyone, ESPECIALLY his loved ones. Kendall's rant about how he should have protected Carlos and not forgotten about him really brought that to light.

Okay, the whole part where Kendall said "You matter" to Carlos NEARLY got me all choked up. What are you trying to do to me, Laura? Lol. Seriously, the Jarlos and the Kenlos in this chapter. Are you trying to get me to jump ship? I know Cargan isn't your FAVORITE pairing, but neither is Jarlos and Kenlos, so what gives? Hehe.

I liked how James and Carlos didn't at least pretend that they were okay. They were honest with each other when they told one another they weren't okay.

LAURA! But James will get another chance to say goodbye to Logan, right? That can't mean what I THINK it means. Can it? Say it isn't so! Haha, and people say that I am bad with ending chapters on a cliffhanger! Who do they think I learned it from? I got some time before I have to go to work today, so...
Gifted Shadows chapter 10 . 6/3/2012
Oh, great story! I'm glad Carlos found him! Keep writing!
Fish Stick Friday chapter 5 . 5/23/2012
That was very admirable how Carlos was fighting for both Logan AND himself.

Okay, I don't care what you say, in my mind Logan is Carlos' one and ONLY best friend! Lol. For I believe a person can only have ONE best friend; it's in the name: BEST; meaning there can only be ONE!

You know what's really ironic? Especially because I am 99% sure you don't even watch the show, but the part where Carlos was telling his dad to save Logan instead of him reminded me of the Season 3 finale of The Vampire Diaries and how Elena told Stefan to save Matt instead of her.

Even I will admit that it's weird hearing Carlos refer to his father as "Daddy." That's only because in my head, Carlos refers to his father as "Papi" ALL the time!

Again I bring up only for the sake of saying that I'm glad I finally know how my height compares to the BTR guys. I'm not QUITE as tall as Kendall, but SLIGHTLY taller than Logan. Actually, I kind of feel like I might be the same height as Logan. The last time my height was measured, I was 5'10, but I feel like I've shrank a little bit since then. I mean my dad is 6' and I only come up to maybe the top of his eyes, if that makes sense.

When Carlos started slurring his words together, that REALLY tugged on my heartstrings. Poor Carlitos! I don't know if you saw my one post concerning my current feelings about who my favorite BTR guy is on the show and in real life. But basically, in the show, Logan is STILL my favorite, but in real life, Carlos has OVERTAKEN Logan. I know, I know. I'm just as surprised as you are. At least I was when I first came to that realization...

Lol. Of course the part where Luke was giving Logan CPR WOULD remind me of how Finnick gave Peeta CPR in Catching Fire. Who knows? Maybe that was your inspiration. Or maybe it was entirely coincidental...

And then when Carlos took Logan's limp hand in his. Oh. My. Goodness. Are you TRYING to kill me, Laura? My creys!

I like how all the guys (all the guys being Carlos, James, and Logan) refer to Mrs. Knight as "Mama Knight."

I was somewhat shocked by Carlos' sarcastic outburst. I would say it was OOC for Carlos, but when I take into account how concerned (and understandably so) Carlos is for Logan, I take back the OOC comment.

What really got me when you were describing how Logan looked was when you said that his jaw was wired shut.

Carlos' ear is gone? I would say, "My poor baby!" but that would make me sound like a traitor, and Logan in particular might not like that! Lol! But anyways, poor Carlos! That's horrible! AND something I haven't seen before in your stories, so great job! Very creative!

Okay, so not cool, Laura! I see what you're trying to do here! You claim this is a Cargan story, so then why are you making the Kogan so darn obvious? Kendall staring fixedly at Logan. Kendall falling silent because of Logan. Kendall falling apart because of Logan. Me no likey! I don't deny that Kogan exists, but I am now and until the day I die Team Cargan, and nothing even YOU do or say will ever change that! :P
Fish Stick Friday chapter 4 . 5/23/2012
I liked the reference to Big Time Movie. With the princess and the evil villain dressed in white. I like references to canon things in general.

Carlos had GONE crazy? Wasn't he ALREADY crazy? Lol! Or if not, the drive was a short one. Lol.

Carlos asked all the questions I would have asked were I in his shoes, but I probably wouldn't have been able to compose myself enough to even ask them. I liked the bit about his fingernails digging into his palms, but he pain was nothing compared to the pain of losing Logan. That was well written.

"It wasn't like Logan to admit to being afraid." But isn't he "so scared of everything"? Unless the point you were trying to make was that even if Logan WAS scared, he rarely ever admitted to BEING scared...

Carlos wishing he could hug Logan doesn't surprise me the least bit. One: because it's Logan! Lol! Two: because Carlos is a very...affectionate...guy. Remember "Big Time Moms"? He didn't think twice about hugging his mom even if it WAS in front of his friends. Carlos just...he strikes me as a hugger. Lol!

I liked the wordplay when Carlos reasoned that Logan's cell phone was dead, and then Carlos flinching at the choice of diction.

But if Kendall really did kill Logan, then it would be IMPOSSIBLE for Logan to EVER go anywhere by himself. Lol!

Thanks to this story, I'm probably NEVER going to help someone on the side of the road! Thanks a bunch, Laura! :P

Now that you mention it, it is rather odd that Logan wasn't a worry wart when Carlos wanted to take a bus without telling anyone.

It freaked me out so bad when Carlos couldn't hear Logan anymore! Why would you do that to me, Laura? My fragile Cargan heart...

I loved how Carlos refused to believe that Logan was dead. Ah, Carlitos, the eternal optimist.

I really liked how when Carlos jumped into the water, the icy temperature took his breath away. That was very vivid.

You WOULD end a chapter like that, wouldn't you? And you think I am bad? Where do you think I learned it from? Lol!
Fish Stick Friday chapter 3 . 5/19/2012
Logan? Overthinking? No! Hehe. It's okay, Logie Bear! It's one of your many endearing quirks! :)

Hmph! Okay, Laura! You don't need to shove Kendall and Logan and their "closeness" down my throat, thank you very much! ;)

This is the point where you are probably thinking to yourself, "What is WITH Eric today? Is he on a sugar high? A caffeine high?" My answer is none of the above. No, seriously. As hard as that is to believe, I haven't had ANY sugar or caffiene so far today.

There's something funny about how they (Logan and James only?) had been walking unannounced into each other's houses since they were nine.

Aw, Laura, why did you have to go and do that? When you referred to James also as Logan's best friend that blew my theory out of the water that someone could only have ONE best friend, and Logan was Carlos'. Now I'm all sad...

There's something particularly moving about seeing the dads in your story cry. I think it's because typically they don't. So when they do, it's that much more powerful, you know?

Hey, you know what I think has kind of been forgotten in the fandom? Jagan. I think Cargan and as much as I hate to admit it, ESPECIALLY Kogan has taken the forefront. But then again, there just hasn't really been any Jagan moments in the show since...I don't even remember when the last one was...I want to say "Big Time Sneakers," but I feel there were some Jagan moments after that...

No, I take that back because I was just going to comment on something which made me think of another episode that had Jagan in it; "Big Time Move." Okay, don't tell anyone, but I secretly kind of like it better when James takes up the mantle of protector. I know because Kendall is leader, he typically is portrayed as the protector, but hear me out, okay? In "Big Time Crush," he got WAY overprotective with Katie. But did Kendall? No. Granted, he was busy trying to help Carlos, but that's beside the point. Then in "Big Time Move," we learned that James protected Logan from the wrestling team after Logan called them stupid in Latin. But did Kendall? Again, no. And James IS the biggest of the four. He also apparently can bench press the most. Lol.

Ew! You and your having the guys throw up in your stories...

Okay, so this reminds me of how helpless the guys are in "Doppelganger." They WANT to do SOMETHING, but they haven't the foggiest idea where to even begin. Like SPOILER ALERT! In "Doppelganger," Logan isn't even IN California. But the other three don't know that. They, like in this story, don't know WHERE to look.

I'm SO glad Logan decided to try again with Carlos even though talking to the others proved fruitless!

Yay! Rabbit's Foot can hear Lucky Charm! Lol. I won't go into my little theory about why that is, but I think you have a pretty good idea... ;)
Fish Stick Friday chapter 2 . 5/19/2012
My heart skipped a beat when you put, "The last thing he remembered was..." The suspense that those ellipses created was clever and well executed. I was like, "What WAS the last thing he remembered? Oh no! Is he having issues with his memory?"

It was eerie when no one even seemed to notice Logan. I guess this is where the story title really starts to come into play, huh?

Is it wrong that when you said that Logan had never fallen asleep in class, I was like, "Of course not! The teacher's pet..."? Lol. I don't mean that in a demeaning way, Logan. There's nothing WRONG with being a teacher's pet. It's just I see Logan as being like this perfect, dilligent student who, like you said, would NEVER fall asleep in class.

It was really creepy both when Mrs. Birch didn't answer Logan, and then when Jack told her that Logan wasn't here right now. Way to get us readers hooked! :)

I gave a small chuckle when Mrs. Birch said that Logan would be halfway through the experiment by the time she got to the classroom. I'm not really surprised though. I mean as we saw in "Backstage Rush," the dude can read 82 pages in one hour in between performing songs at a concert! I probably can read a page a minute (depending on the font), so even if reading had my full attention, it would therefore take me roughly 1 hour and 22 minutes to read 82 pages.

You know what's really creepy? How Logan can physically TOUCH things in the classroom. I mean he can FEEL them. He can MANIPULATE them; dropping his backpack, knocking the microscope off the laboratory table.

Okay, SO not cool, Laura! The first person Logan HAD to get to was Kendall? Oh yeah. That's right. You like Kogan better than Cargan! You traitor! Lol. Just kidding...sort of... ;)

Logan knew his friends' schedules better than they knew them themselves? Haha, why does that sound slightly stalkerish. Okay, so maybe "stalkerish" isn't the right word, but you know what I mean, right? :)

Oh dear! My sarcastic, smart-alec self apparently is winning out today. "Disorganized panic." Is panic ever REALLY organized though? Lol. Don't mind me. I'm just being weird this morning...

Oh hey! On a completely unrelated note, I've actually been doing some brainstorming as far as a sequel to "My Best Friend Is a Vampire" is concerned. I know you're not really into the whole vampire fad thing like I am, but I can assure you that Cargan is going to be predominant in the sequel as well. Granted, I COULD just mean Cargan in a bromance sense. You'll just have to wait and see. ;)

Aww, Logan, tripping someone is mean! Just because you can physically touch things without people being aware of you doesn't mean that you should get carried away like that...Tsk, tsk...

What freaked me out is when the Rottweilers didn't even bark at Logan. I don't know if there's any merit to canines being able to sense the paranormal, but if Logan is a ghost, then the Rottweilers SHOULD be able to sense him. But they don't which makes me wonder if Logan's not a ghost, then what is he? How DO you explain this phenomenon?

Hey, that reminds me! You know what I saw in "Backstage Rush"? The writers/producers ATTEMPTED to have Katie actually INTERACT with Logan. Haha, but of course, Logan was too busy reading, and told Katie such with his "Do Not Disturb!" Post-it note! Lol. But seriously Laura, you should have seen my face! I was like, "What madness is this?" :D

You know what kind of bums me out? On , it says Logan is 5'9" tall while Carlos is 5'6" tall. That means Logan is a good 3 inches taller than Carlos. I liked it better when people speculated that Logan was 5'7" and Carlos was 5'6." I know 3 inches still isn't THAT much of a difference, but still...I don't even know why that bothers me...

Luke! Probably one of my FAVORITE OCs that you have EVER created! My eyes lit up at the mere mentioning of his name! I kid you not!

"Logan is your son's best friend." Haha, why does the selfish side of me hope that in that context, Carlos can only have ONE best friend? That would mean that Logan is it, which would send me over the moon! :)

But then you had to go and "roon" it, Laura, when you said that Kendall was Logan's best friend. If the same theory applies to Carlos as it does to Logan, then that would make Kendall Logan's solitary best friend. Darn you, Kogan! I. Like. Cargan!

Aww! Kendall idolized Logan more than anyone in the world? That's so sweet! I'm sure the feeling is mutual too. And I say that begrudgingly! Lol. Stupid Kogan...

"Never make promises you can't keep." But Kendall does that ALL THE TIME in your stories! Lol. Seriously. Every time Kendall promises something in one of your stories, I cringe because it's usually foreboding in nature.

Woohoo! Logan is saving Carlos for last! He's saving the best for last, I see! This makes me happy! Cargan FTW! :)
WyszLo chapter 10 . 5/15/2012
The explanation was PERFECT. I loved how you explained it that Carlos was LISTENING. Just listening. Just searching for Logan in any way possible. It made perfect sense. Your explanations about why Kendall and James didn't hear him were also spot on :)


1. "Logan, Carlos, and James all looked at Kendall, waiting for him to make the final decision." You know I love times like this when they all naturally/automatically defer to Kendall as the leader.

2. "No it won't," Kendall agreed. "Because it's going to be a very long time before I let you out of my sight like that again." Protective DADDY Kindle! FAVORITEEEEEE :) I mean, come on. How fatherly did that sound?

3. "Of course you are," James told him immediately. "Logan, just because you were adopted by the Knights, it doesn't mean my family or Carlos' family changed what we think about you. You've always been my little brother and I'll always be jealous of Kendall no matter how old we get." FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE. Laura, you know it's something special when James achieves my FAVORITE line in the whole chapter. Because he did. I LOVED THIS. SO MUCH. I really can't even put it into words I'm just infatuated with this.

4. "But why?" Kendall pressed. "Logan, how were you at school and no one could see you? What about James' house or. . . me?" I KNEW it would drive Kendall crazy that he wasn't the one to hear Logan. Knowing Kendall a part of him will never let that go.

5. "That was what scared me the mos'." Logan confessed, looking up at Kendall. "When you couldn't see me or even hear me." Their bond, Laura. I love it. And this line definitely made Kendall feel a little better, even if he would never admit it out loud.

6. "I think I understand. Carlos' innocence is always something we've joked about, but now. . ." he trailed off and looked at Carlos. "Never change," he said solemnly. "You saved Logan." SHOOT. Wait. Nooo I said James had my favorite line but I forgot about this! This one made me tear up! It was just so beautiful and perfect. Okay, this and James' line are tied for FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE. But this line really was something special, Laura. I loved it a lot. LOVE.

I loved everything about this chapter and this story, though, let's be honest. It was all just so so so so good. Only you could pull this off, Laura.

WyszLo chapter 9 . 5/15/2012

1. "Take your time, Logan." Kendall said, repeating his mother's earlier words. "It's okay. You're going to be fine, buddy. I've got you. We're all here." There is actually like a siren that goes off in my head at moments like these blaring "DADDY MOMENT. DADDY MOMENT." Kindle as a daddy is all I can see right here, so of course it's a FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE.

2. "He winced and squeezed Kendall's hand tightly, looking to his brother for an explanation." Their dependence on each other will never cease to be beautiful.

3. "Shhh, shhh, you're okay." Kendall soothed. Silent tears streamed down his face as he leaned over Logan, gently brushing his hair back with his his free hand. "Your jaw is broken, Logan. Just take it easy, okay? You're fine." Kendall's voice broke and he lowered his head until it rested lightly on Logan's chest. He cried in earnest then, shaking with sobs that he tried desperately to contain. As Logan, unable to speak and say anything comforting, lifted the hand that Kendall didn't have in a death grip and laid it gently on top of Kendall's head, Kendall almost instantly had his other hand there as well, holding on tightly." This... I have no words, Laura. No words except FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE. Of all of the Kogan embraces, this is up there. Top 10 material, but probably top 5 even. (Think of all the Kogan cuddles you've written... top 5 is quite an accomplishment, Laura.) It was just so BEAUTIFUL. I love the image in my head. It just illustrates their bond perfectly to me and I'm a little obsessed with it. The raw emotion of it all... it was perfect.

4. "We love you too, Logan."


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