Reviews for When Fate and the Future Fails
Owner Pwner Dashie chapter 1 . 4/13/2012
Hmmm... A story on SOPA and PIPA? no offence, but surprising to see that from a guy who writes Pokémon wars!

I found the beginning half or so or this story a bit funny. Of how they accused Leon to have... pirated it? I'm not exactly sure what it was, but it was funny (to me at least).

Awww... Havoc got shot! I knew the Pokemon police were mean and all (the Officer jenny's) but this is just mean! Plus to a ranger which is like a... young soldier on Earth? Couldn't Leon just of changed into his Pokemon form to escape anyways? Surely he could have at least saved Havoc in the restaurant fight with his physic?

Overall I think that you could've probably made this sound more... powerful? I didn't really get the message very strong. Then again, SOPA's and PIPA's bill was already declined so that may be why. Hey perhaps if it wasn't for this story, those other two reviewers wouldn't have known the terrible things that would happen if the bills HAD passed, causing them to go with the government, and in the end you wouldn't be reading this review cause this site would've been taken down! Ya that was a big run-on sentence, but it's not English class... ummm so ya.

Great story for the bills. Too bad I didn't read this when they were still being looked at, but whatever. Atleast we know we're safe... for now. Until the Pokemon start taking over our planet. then we're screwed. :(

Owner Pwner 380!
zerones chapter 1 . 1/20/2012
Good job with giving more awardness.

SOPA and PIPA? what about NOPA?
MegaAuthor chapter 1 . 1/20/2012
SOPA and PIPA is a very sensetive act that could harm even the slightest mistake. While big cooperation believe in stopping the piraacy act and protecting their sensetive IP, there has got to be a better way to do so other than mass arrest over a copyright item. This shows that even the slightest harmless looking bill may appear idle compare to... say a Gloak 17 pistol, but the bill hide a sinister plot to those who read the fine line more carefully.

Indeed, these two separate acts alone are very damaging and can cause even a single fictional story, blogging, or art related icon to become global heresy over a single copyright product. This act should not be approve, and should not be used against innocent people who share their love for music, games and movie over this greedy acts alone.

True to the fic itself, the entire world has gone into a state of disarray, and all I can say for now is a global plague, where the enforced this fictional characters now live in are living with fear, like those on the Dark Ages many, many years ago.

Like what Havoc said, eventually some kind of miracle will happen, but it will not be at the hand of the gods (or in this particular fic, it's the Legendaries), but by mortal hands. Perhaps by some kind of resistance movement and guerilla attack that would cripple those who enforce it. I wanted to joke some more, but even when I'm writing this review, a surge of seriousness can be felt all over me; this is all I could say.

Comrades, let us support the anti-SOPA and PIPA from ever approve; our free speeches and social networking is at stake, and we do not want this bill to pass like those happen in China and Iran.

"Sure, he (Mengsk) may look like a guy you can put your faith in, but once your usefulness ends, he'll backstab you the moment you turn around; HARD" -Jim Raynor, Raynor's Raider, Starcraft 2

"Fear can only do so much, its what the people's hearts, their soul that counts."