Reviews for Blood Debt: The 68th Hunger Games
DivineArrow chapter 26 . 3/8/2013
Amazing :) love the story so far and I really want proxy's plan to work out :P
Anime'sPrincess chapter 19 . 2/9/2013
This story is so emotionally hard-hitting and so fast paced.
I like how you are not afraid to kill off many tributes in a short space of times as that is how the games should be! Everything feels so gritty and unexpected and I just love your writing style.

Dale's death was an other very sad one especially because of Azeika's reaction and I like how because of his death, something snapped in her and she became a full rebel.

This was kind of the turning point chapter in the story and the last lines from Proxy were appropriate - 'Everything is about to change.'

I seriously have to commend you on the plot of this story, it goes along so well with the canon of the novels and now in my mind this story is also canon and this is how things were XD I believe that tributes like Proxy, Chace and Azeika were responsible for getting things going with the rebellion! haha I'm such a loser but truly everything makes sense and the plot of this story is so intricate.

I loved the scene in District 5 and when I first read this I truly did think something terrible was going to happen to Aly so the reality of it was so unexpected and a much better outcome.
Anime'sPrincess chapter 18 . 2/9/2013
Tawny and Kairen's death was handled just how it should have been and this chapter was one of the most poigant and very emotionally charged.

I do pity Chace, he is just doing what he thinks he has to do though I started not to like Acely much from here on out.
She was always quite bland to me. I do understand though, which makes her likable in a way- she was just thrown into this and wanted to survive.

Tawny and Kairen represented pure innocence and they were some of the most entertaining tributes in the story and the most heart warming.
Anime'sPrincess chapter 17 . 2/9/2013
I love Ashlyn and Lexeon's friendship. I adored them both, especially Lexeon. I feel they were two under-rated and ordinary tributes but they were still special in their own way.
It is really tragic, Ashlyn and Finch's feelings for each other and of all the romances in this story- Dale and Azeika and Proxy and Chace theirs was my favorite. It was so realistic and tragic... just unspoken feelings and something that could have been, torn away from them.

I also liked how Jade and Allan were just behind the scenes like 'What's up with them?' That was humorous XD
Anime'sPrincess chapter 16 . 2/6/2013
I liked what you did here with the whole focus on 'Convergence' and I love how Tawny and Kairen have figured out what is happening.
Aaralyn's escape was narrow and that section was very gripping.
I seriously love how you write and what you've done with this story.

I have to go now, I am very tired but I shall resume reviewing the chapters I have read soon enough.
Anime'sPrincess chapter 15 . 2/6/2013
While I was sad about Lolita's death I do like how original and unexpected it was and her dying thoughts were truly tragic.

I do not like Aaralyn much although I feel she is a well thought out tribute and you do make her seem very humane for a trained tribute as she did feel some remorse and acknowledged Lolita as a worthy competitor.

Okay now I feel the need to go on a little bit of a rant regaring the character of Kasha.
I feel she is verging on being a Mary Sue and that is not your fault- likely the creators.
Kasha is a 'very pretty girl' as described by Finch.
Kasha, despite being a small and weak girl from District nine recieved an EIGHT in training.
Kasha is so determined and refuses to show weaknesses.
She admits she is a nice girl who does the right think yet she has this out of character and random desire to be fierce and show that she can be strong.
She just doesn't sit well with me as a character and I am glad that my dear beloved tribute, Finch cut off her hair and also her hand. Oh and that he ended her life with an axe to the chest XD! I can be very brutal when I do not like a tribute.

But the whole fight sequence was very well written and appropriately tense.
Anime'sPrincess chapter 14 . 2/6/2013
A lot went on this chapter. Seeing as I have read on I thought the outcome of these cliff-hangers would have been that way and I was glad for Kasha's death but I truly hoped Lolita would have found a way to survive.

I really like Lexeon and his oblivious nature.

Every moment with Dale and Azeika is always so bitter sweet and feels authentic, it is never over the top or sickeningly sweet which I appreciate.
Anime'sPrincess chapter 13 . 2/6/2013
Sorry that my reviews are quick and may seem rushed.
I had read all of these ages ago, very quickly and I am trying to review now with a shortened version of my thoughts on the chapters.

Malcolm's death is what stood out to me in this chapter- it was tense and very short and sudden just going to show how cruel these games are.
Anime'sPrincess chapter 12 . 2/6/2013
I liked hearing from the survivors after the chaos of the Blood Bath and I particularly liked Proxy's pov. I like Dale and how logical and level headed he seems and I think he was right about why they cut the Blood Bath short.

Evander and Finch are very similar except Evander choose to act in a way he did not like in order to survive. Marius and Storm's decision to turn their backs on their allies is very in character yet makes for a very interesting story angle.

I felt Lolita's regret and sorrow over loosing Kellen very acutely.
Anime'sPrincess chapter 11 . 2/6/2013
Here I am. Reviewing as promised.

I cannot get over how tense this Bloodbath was, especially with the bare-handed murder of Amber. Storm sure is brutal! She became much more fierce than I thought from the reaping and Capitol.

The twist at the end with the earth quake was an amazing one.
Anime'sPrincess chapter 29 . 1/29/2013
I've read the whole story now! Finally!
I'll go back sometime when I get the time and give you all the reviews you deserve, I promise!

I just wanted to get this read and I had a few hours one day and sat down and could not stop reading it and I wanted to just keep going so I neglected reviewing.

As the story grew, Finch was defientley my favorite of all the tributes and that is why I am glad you dedicated a chapter to him and his family and pretty much it was a tribute to him and his short life so it was very sad to me. I guess you liked him to if you choose him for this epilogue.
I loved the twist of him having an unknown sister so I am glad you showed her thoughts on him.

Amazing story and I loved how it turned out! I will review more soon :)
Ms.Vanessaloverbue chapter 1 . 1/15/2013
lancevancedance chapter 1 . 12/18/2012
Stop... seriously this is horrible
Anime'sPrincess chapter 10 . 11/27/2012
Great chapter! Sorry I'm a in a rush to review this one but I can't wait to start reading the blood bath and Games chapters soon.
All of the scores seem pretty appropriate and some are surprising like Lexeon's ten and Proxy's one.
I liked Lexeon's pov and Azeika's the best. It is very interesting to see Proxy with Dale and Azeika.
I seriously love this story.
Anime'sPrincess chapter 9 . 11/27/2012
I really like training chapters as they are the chapters were the tributes really show themselves and their views and strategies and I also love seeing the forming of alliances.

Acely's pov was surprising with Evander! I did not want him to join the careers but it really makes the career group more interesting. Acely is pretty smart to realize that Evander does not belong with them. I guess Evander's mentor told him that the careers would likely recruit him and convinced him that it'd be his best chance at survival.

Lolita and Kellen as an alliance is very interesting - they are both misfits of the group for different reasons and to see them join together is cool. I love how Kellen kind of pokes fun at Lolita's rich girl lifestyle but she is right back in there with her own come backs.

Ashlynn joining District 8 and Lexeon was also interesting - they are a diverse group and their plan for survival is also interesting. I am still suspicious of Allan and his intentions seeing as he seems to be the leader of this group.

And I really love Finch XD I feel like such a fan girl but he is a brilliant character, I'm definitely rooting for him to go far. He's so conflicted but really intelligent and I think it is wise for him to go it alone even if I would like to see him with Ashlynn. The argument with Mattaniah was brilliant. Mattaniah seems like one of those annoying smart and arrogant kids who go around annoying everyone else.

And I am starting to like Aaralyn a bit more and realize her motivations for volunteering and LOL Q and A XD that is an amazing nickname.
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