Reviews for Just A Friendly Sleepover
fearofpainteddevils chapter 1 . 1/23/2012
LOVED IT! I literally love how everyone makes Nick and Jeff be the goof's of the Warblers. I'm pretty sure that if I ever met the characters (not the actors who play them) as authors of stories have wrote them to act and be like; I'm pretty sure I would think that Nick has the mind of a 10 year old sometimes and Jeff would be sugar high all. the. time. XD

Though I've always seen both characters as polar opposites, which is probably why they get along so well. They pretty much complete eachother.

I've always seen Nick to be the level headed guy, the one who always knows what to say or do. He's a more outgoing type of guy. He would be the stronger of the two, the one to take charge.

Jeff on the other hand I've always seen to be the quieter one. He's more innocent and fragile in my opinion. I see him being the type of person who makes hasty decisions on the spot.

Sorry that I'm rambling on. I love this couple to death next to Klaine so I like expressing how I feel about both of them haha.

I really enjoyed this story by the way. It was very cute :)

MoonyLovesNiff chapter 1 . 1/21/2012
Niff has to be the most adorkable thing EVER!