Reviews for Dragonball Legends
pannybaby123 chapter 76 . 4h
Amazing chapter as always! write more soon!
The Zelos Wilder chapter 76 . 12h
We finally have SOMETHING over Bulma! Triumph! Anyways, great chapter! Enjoyed every thing, and, Bulma can't absorb no more! Yes! I can't wait for when Kakarot finally gets to pummel Vegeta. I hope his pride shatters. Oh the satisfaction I'll feel once Vegeta finds out Trunks isn't his boy. Keep up the good work!
Yuuri chapter 76 . 14h
Wow, the Kakorrot family is becoming more hypocritical, lol. I'm seeing Kakorrot and Cerina as the antagonists so far.

I'm on Team Bulma's side for sure, I wonder if she can make herself half Saiyan now that she won the tournament and has lost her arms that drains energy. She has time now, also I noticed that despite her arms getting blown up, does she get to keep Cerina's energy she took if so, oh man that's quite the power boost Bulma gotten.

Can't wait to see Trunks again though.
Simgr101 chapter 76 . 10/5
shits getting real again and since bulma's memories and thoughts are shared with vegeta is he going to know about broly soon and bulla? the fact that shes responsible for his father's death as well. what will he do
MarieE chapter 76 . 10/4
It was really delicious to read this :d I am looking forwaard for the next one, so intense!
Hektols chapter 76 . 10/4
Bulma's conspiration with Vegeta reminds me the original timeline when she was Vegeta-Baby's most valuable subordinate.

It's a bit strange that everyone is still considering Bulma a human after she became inmortal, that's something that should had alineated her from both humans and saiyans.
majinmarkuz chapter 76 . 10/4
nice, maybe we can finally see what trunks, #17 and #18 are doing now
KuramaFTW chapter 76 . 10/4
I'll say this much, you don't do things simple that's for damn sure. This story is so ridiculously complex that you actually need to have a decent IQ to understand what is going on. And jeez all of the freaking political plays are insane. You truly have created a story that I find hard to read between the lines to predict what is going to happen next, and I'm damn good at that so good on ya. Anyways keep up the amazing work and update soon.
Spellweaver10 chapter 76 . 10/4
Kakarot and his family are the most annoying things in this story. They are such hypocrites.
Are we supposed to accept them as the "heroes" of the story? They plot and plot behind everyones back and they are unaturaly strong when canonwise Raditz was one of the weaker saiyans ever and I doupt that Kakarot would have been strong if he hadn't turn into the hero of earth and trained with Kami and Kai as well as the underworld.
They even betrayed the crown but noone punished them. It's like they have plot armor.
Also souldn't this story have a M rating? It may not have lemons but there are many sexual references.
l think Cerina is also annoying. She pretends to be strong and courageous but I wonder, would she had such an atitude if Kakarot wasn't her mate? Yet I find her as one of the most honorable characters if somehow naive.
The Sorrowful Deity chapter 76 . 10/4
YES an update! I just want Buu lol and Kid Cell
Team Soda chapter 76 . 10/4
Ah, just as I thought.

I'm glad Bulma can't steal anymore energy. And she can't get any new energy draining devices. So it's good that she can't kill Vegeta in his sleep.

I actually watched allow of Game of Thrones between chapter 75 and 76, so I suddenly realize how similar the two are.

Now, perhaps Bulma won't mess with Kakarot since Cerina has something on her. Or maybe that will make her want to do it all the more quickly.

Anyways, I hope you return soon this time.
deathwing316 chapter 76 . 10/4
wow this blame bulma pattern is getting annoying every bloody chapter my hate for kakarot's family grows!
Guest chapter 4 . 10/3
Welp good story sorry to see it end without a conclusion
jackpotdante chapter 20 . 10/1
Okay I can't read this story bardock is being dumb and so is Kara. They already showed they can change the future all their doing right now is keeping a rabid dog that might kill them in their sleep around just because they think they need his help. If he should just kill vegeta and the whole royal family.

What ever thy need Vegeta for with Broly they can figure something out since they still have Dragonball and the hyperbolic time chamber. Any saiyans dumb enough to attract frieza deserve to die. Also since frieza has no idea about his power he can kill frieza even before frieza goes 100%(not that he needs to but hopefully he's not dumb enough to let frieza transform just in case) without any effort.

I can see that you need Vegeta alive for the story but I wish you would have done in a way that doesn't make Bardock a idiot who is endangering his family. Also just trusting Kara who a kid is also idiotic.
Guest chapter 75 . 9/27
Can you please hurry up and update we've been anxiously waiting
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