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Omni chapter 86 . 9/28
*Reads the end of the chapter*

*Starta humming "Super Saiyan 3" by Bruce Faulconer*
Mr. E Stranger chapter 6 . 9/28
Enjoying the story but you keep saying "could care less" which makes no sense in any context you've used. it should be "couldn't care less".
pannybaby123 chapter 86 . 9/18
Amazing chapter as always! Cant wait for the next update
The Harrinator chapter 1 . 9/7
I don't think a summary has ever grabbed my attention so thoroughly before
Guest chapter 75 . 9/4
Make somone else queen NOT BULMA!
TaMpura chapter 86 . 8/16
Your plot is the best. It is very good but you need to work on your delivery. Your world and your characters are too linear. There is a lack of individuality and persona in your characters they are way too shallow throughout the story so far. Understandable considering how many brilliant ideas you have but you need to find balance between the two. As much as I enjoyed reading the story it was frustrating at times. It felt like things happened because the author said it must, no reasoning or motive behind the actions of the characters an example of this is the gohan vs bulma plot. It is very entertaining but why is bulma in the wrong after all saiyens only need circumstancial evidence to lock bulma away in prison. Why does no one raise an eye to the circumstance of gohans arrest and why do the guards not react to the Queen being brutalised In her own home. It is too shallow, your ideas for the story are excellent but you need to work on your delivery if you want to be a great writer if you could I'd rate you right at the top but now it is at the middle I know you can do better.
DE.50.MErK chapter 86 . 8/9
Sly Assassin chapter 55 . 8/7
I thought barlot was kakarot and bardock's fusion name it was in dragon Ball fusions
Trunks Rules chapter 70 . 8/3
I know you mentioned that there wouldn't be any friends from the future making an arrival in this story, but considering how the whole point of the "History of Trunks" episode was to show the alternate timeline of Mirai Trunks, one that, thankfully, never came to pass in the main timeline, have you possibly changed your mind on that? Watching Fasha die was so heart breaking and I'm not sure I'm thrilled by the idea of continuing to get further attached to her character only to lose her in such a way...Cerina I'm still not really a die-hard fan of, her loss of kinda "meh". Sure, if we want to go canon, assuming any of the remaining characters survive Cell, Trunks could possibly move on with Mai one day...I guess, but I already much prefer he and Fasha together! Thank you for the chapter! This story has had an almost disappointing lack of Trunks so far and he's definitely my favorite DBZ/DBS character!
majinmarkuz chapter 86 . 8/1
Great chapter. But I miss Goku our universes Goku he needs to come back and cuss out pretty much the "hero's" of this universe to get there shit together
Team Soda chapter 86 . 8/1
Hot damn! I can't even remember how long it's been! Now all I need is for Bringer of Death to update.

If I'm being honest, I couldn't remember half the character's involved in this chapter. I forgot about Tarro being Cell, Raditz being a brainwashed loser, Kakarot and Bardock fusing on M1, Soko being a half loon, and Fasha and Kohl. Wow, I really need to recap.
Tyty2030 chapter 86 . 7/31
Holy shit, you UPDATED! Thanks. I thought this story might have been discontinued.
Hektols chapter 86 . 7/31
Let's hope that Cerina stops being so irrational, yes Kakarot chose to stay away to get stronger but it was something that had to be done, that had he have been in Earth the massacre could have been worse and that what she is doing is really petty because everything happened on her watch.

Will they use the Dragon Ball to bring back the human race? Just after they use Earth's Dragon Balls they could use Namek's and ask Porunga to change everyone's memories about what happened, including the near extinction of humanity.
AltenativeFutureFan27 chapter 86 . 7/30
Interlude before Timeskip?
guest chapter 1 . 7/30
the only thing dbz is the oc's with dbz names
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