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Li-chan chapter 70 . 14h
I'm loving the fanfiction.
I hope one day the saiyans can be purged of planet Earth. Or rather the universe. I do not mind that Kakarotto die. He could die at will, as well as all this cruel and evil family.
I'm hoping that something exterminate them and finally, the Earth may be the earthlings again because they only experience pain and suffering with saiyans.
I read comments that they better defend the Earth from monsters. But they are monsters. It is somewhat illogical, in my view, change one by thousands.
But, I believe that the biggest culprit for everything is Bardock. He joked to be God and condemned the Earth to the suffering as well as the universe.
Goku would never say something like that to him because it is too gentle. But that's the honest truth. Just when he bankrolled God to change your destiny, he destroyed everything he saw Goku protecting and breaking, destroyed thousands and thousands of innocent lives, and destroyed one by one friends of Goku.
For me, no saiyan provides and the best would be the end of them. I expect them all to be destroyed and the earth again experience true peace.
Death to saiyans! Death to Bardock, the worst saiyan is responsible for all this martyrdom and destroyed lives. For me, he is the worst because it was he who caused all this and these changes are not his fault, directly and indirectly.
I'm looking forward to the next chapter and cheering to see those damn saiyans be exterminated at the end of fanfiction.
Hanako chapter 70 . 5/2
I hope Bardock has a horrible death, because he is the monster, which made these monstrosities. He destroyed the universe, when he decided to change history.
If there is a villain, it is. I hope he suffers and, as is destroyed slowly and painfully, for all the evil, indirect, which caused.
He destroyed everything that his son, the other dimension, Goku did. He destroyed and continued spreading their destruction.
I confess that I felt very happy and went into ecstasy when he felt his brain being burned by Cell. Too bad it did not last longer.
If there is this hell on earth and in the universe, he is the one to blame. Therefore, it is the real villain and therefore deserves the greatest punishment for destroying the universe and condemned.
Death and torture Bardock, the real villain!
altenativefuturefan27 chapter 70 . 5/1
Its Possible that a Deus Ex Machina will happen due to bulma being on the equation since each time there is a certain future it changes?
wOULD THE SSJ god look like the one of the movie or the fan art version who resemble a SSJ4?
Have you ever read Dragon Ball Multiverse?
It is Possible that Tarbles is another Wild Card to the story?
I hope another Update Soon and See bardock using his ultimate move Spirit of Saiyan and scream" LET'S HEAD AGAIN"
altenativefuturefan27 chapter 55 . 4/29
I got the feeling in my spine that If isnt Krillin x 18 then It will be Krillin x Soko
As for Vegeta Inmortality I think Bardock will try to Break Vegeta mind and confine him a Fate Worse than death being unable to die and unable to connect to his body
Guest chapter 70 . 4/26
Is Majin Buu never going to appear now?
doubledamn chapter 5 . 4/24
Idea for a spin off/comedy version. Same thing but Bardock sees the TFS version instead the canon.
doubledamn chapter 3 . 4/24
This is very interedting so far, though I am curious as to Bardock's plans concerning Kami and the Dragonballs.
J.R chapter 70 . 4/22
Super Perfect job! I have been waiting for this one very long time. Please install the next two chapters very soon! Thank you so much.
Adam Arashi chapter 21 . 4/22
You probably get this alot, but in your Q&A at the start of this chapter you mention Ultimate/Mystic Gohan. That's a transformation. Otherwise he wouldn't have been told to "Just go super saiyan, and believe"
LauraGw00007 chapter 70 . 4/18
Oh my gosh! That was the most amazing and horrifying chapter ever (horrifying because what a crazy future). I can't wait to read the next chapter!
LSSJSN chapter 70 . 4/16
Could you give POWERLEVELs at the end of chapters? I'd like to know the strengths of everyone
J.R chapter 70 . 4/15
It was absolutely perfect! Please upload chapter 71! Thank you. Sincerely and respectfully.
AisloreIV chapter 70 . 4/12
It almost seems like you want that future Bardock saw to be the end of this story, considering you just sabotaged Bardock's only way of preventing it.. actually knowing about it.

But I suppose I'll see eventually.
Howlingpaw chapter 70 . 4/8
Omg this is awesome!
Beyond chapter 70 . 4/8
Man, your story is great This last chapter was absolutly amazing. I can't wait to see who will be the first to reach SSj 3.
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