Reviews for Last Summer
shortstackofpancakesx chapter 7 . 12/26/2012
Thorchick1993 chapter 7 . 11/15/2012
I absolutely love it! I was so sad when Matt died in the book and I was always wondering how Anna's life would've gone if he hadn't. I really hope that you will continue with this fanfic.
gena chapter 1 . 6/3/2012
this story is awesome. pleasse update soon!
drpepperluvgurl chapter 5 . 4/8/2012
Alright, I'm glad Frankie didn't have a real bitch fit, although I'm still expecting one later on from her... cannot wait for you to update and read about the trip, with matt alive this time! haha. OOOO Question: Will Sam be there? That would be interesting.
drpepperluvgurl chapter 3 . 4/8/2012
Okay, I know if just commented on the last chapter but..this was from Matt's POV and I thought it was fantastic! :) I'd really like more about him since I felt he died pretty early and we were deprived of what he was like or what he was feeling in the book, so I'm glad with your story you can explore that and I hope you will! So good!
drpepperluvgurl chapter 2 . 4/8/2012
Soo I just saw your story, as I was cruising through the fanfics for some of my favorite books and I noticed yours! I found it interesting because I loved this book, and it was very sad but it was the raw emotion that drew me in...which came from the death of Matt. But while I was reading it, i often wondered what it would have been like had Matt not died that day, and how things would have been with her and Frankie had he been around to tell her what was going on between them. so. I'M VERY excited to see what else you have planned for your story :) I absolutely adore this book and these characters and fun, so I can't wait to see what you do with them! Its really awesome so far so keep the idea wheel running!
Lizmny3 chapter 5 . 4/8/2012
I liked it. Update soon.
Lizmny3 chapter 3 . 3/11/2012
This is really good. Update soon.
Lady Proemess chapter 3 . 3/5/2012
I love this! Keep it up! Lovely in-depth character portrayals.