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Amanthya chapter 34 . 7/30
Jake can't have imprinted because his imprint hasn't and won't be born. I do take comfort in that.

But this ending...I feel betrayed. I'm...I don't know. Maybe I'll come back and re-read this later and feel differently. Maybe if you'd ended it with a smidgen of hope, I could still love this story. Even just a drop, that implies Jake's transformation was worth it because they would catch the killers, that he returned to Bella...

Also, what was done with the stuff in Bella's house that Billy could sense, unless I missed that? Angela, Quil, Seth, Leah, so many loose ends...

It does say something that it could hurt so much - you drew me in and I invested a lot of my heart into this.
Kathas.Hummel chapter 11 . 7/30
I love your story! It's great!

Right now I can't stop laughing, because of the image you created in my mind by the end of this chapter. Hilarious! :-D
DarkSouthernBelle chapter 34 . 7/29
Sorry it took me so long to review this, I wanted to re-read it first.
1. I can understand why Paul made Embry do this in a way since it seems to be mainly Sam, Paul and Embry and very little of Jared on patrol. I still love Paul and claim him as mine! I think you wrote him like he his in the book gorgeous, snarky and a temper to boot.
2. I understand. Embry was so worn out and they could tell he was close and it was better than him doing it in school or somewhere else. Embry is still great and tries to look put for his brother, tribe and Bella all at the same time while being in school, killing vampires and being on patrol.
3. I think it symbolizes what Bella was before in a way, being blindly led on until that was all she lived for and waiting for death upon her doorstep. She realized what she was doing to herself in the aftermath as well and didn't want to hurt anybody. She especially didn't want to hurt Jacob since that was the first person she mentioned when asked about hurting anyone. I don't know what I think of Jake N Bells now because it ended abruptly so I don't know if he will try to imprint or stay away. I love how they slowly got together though and didn't rush.

I also want to say I love your Leah in here. She got screwed over by imprinting, phasing as well as her fathers death and so many people (including Mrs Meyer) portray her to be this bitch that was a victim of her circumstance. I like her a bit angry but not where she is made to look like a terrible person for not forgiving them the second they imprinting and he left her in the cold. Any thoughts on a sequel soon. I would love to see you follow through with that idea of Mrs Atera talking to Lauren and find out what Charlie has to say to Billy, with Bella and Jacob as main points of course

P.S. I hope you have found help with you PPD and Manic Depression and it works for you. So many people think mental health issues are fake or attention seekers when in fact there are so many people struggling with issues being told nothing is wrong, they need to quit being shy, there is no such thing, etc. Thank you for sharing that with us and I hope if anyone else is reading your story and dealing with it that they get the help they need.
lm chapter 34 . 7/10
Absolutely smashing. I just pulled an all-nighter reading your story. I love it as much as audreyii-fic's stories. Thank you so much for writing it.
Kwaiyah chapter 34 . 7/5
You're good. Very good. So many emotions in this story. I can't tell you how many times I happy, sad, desperate, angry cried while reading this. And I'm kind of mad at myself for reading it over the span of... 48 hours? Ugh now it's over!
Kwaiyah chapter 20 . 7/3
I've been putting off reviewing this story because I couldn't remember my log in information, but I just couldn't hold out anymore. I had to answer one of your questions for this chapter. I LOVED reading the end, with Bella not grasping the groundhog concept. A big portion of my love for Twilight comes from Bella being almost a carbon copy of myself (aside from all the camps and wolves *sad face*) and the relationship she and Charlie have mirrors that of my dad and I before he passed. My dad and I had MANY moments like the groundhog one! You have a wonderful talent for weaving reality into this work of fiction. The relationships feel so real, the experiences Bella is having with her healing process are spot on, the dialogue feels so natural! I've done absolutely nothing all day but read this story and I don't have any plans to put it down. But to come back to my original point - even us well read bookworms have our moments of forgetfulness and downright stupidity. Giving Bella one (or some) of those moments makes the character all the more real.

Thank you so much for bringing out reality in this. It's wonderful.
Quileute chapter 1 . 7/2
i.luv.twilight2 chapter 11 . 6/21
This chapter had me laughing so many times! The Smurf underwear was hilarious!
samy.n chapter 31 . 6/21
love Ur story but ur're killing me with the snail pace that its gng .oh im frm south africa too!
Anonymous chapter 34 . 6/17
Good Story!
Anon chapter 32 . 6/17
Neen chapter 30 . 6/17
I am from Minnesota :)
Midori chapter 29 . 6/17
It's so sad that you didn't get a ton of reviews on your last chapters! I don't know if that's changed now, but your story is amazing!
Midori chapter 27 . 6/17
Oh my goodness! I called it! Great chapter! 3
Midori chapter 21 . 6/17
I'm pretty sure that the Culpeppers are the Cullens!
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