Reviews for Bella's Guitar
slyangelm02 chapter 35 . 11/14
I really enjoyed this fic!
slyangelm02 chapter 30 . 11/14
I really like your fic. The only thing I would wanna let you know about is an EKG is to check your heart. An EEG is to check brain activity and seizures.

I truly love how you write and look forward to reading more.
KTCameleon chapter 29 . 10/4
Georgia hun, Georgia
KTCameleon chapter 27 . 10/4
Holy fudge ! Vera way in love with Edward! He wrote that song !
KTCameleon chapter 24 . 10/4
The fur came from Embry does he like her ? 0_o
KTCameleon chapter 15 . 10/2
I freak'n loved this chapter and the chocolate part at the end reminded me of a scene from secret lives of bees.
KTCameleon chapter 14 . 10/2
Hey I know it's late but I recently found the second part to this story and I had to read this first..Im glad that I found it so I'm going to try and leave a review
redbella chapter 35 . 9/16
Loved this story.
Oh I'm from Canada on Vancouver Island about 100 miles north of Forks. Lol
Kelsey chapter 1 . 8/1
I love this. Reading it for the third time now! It's fantastic.
Elle Blessingway chapter 6 . 7/3
I've really never read Twilight fic until the last couple of months. This is the FIRST time I've seen Billy (or anyone, really) call Bella out on her shit, specifically the enormity of her selfishness.

Bravo, Billy. BRAVO.
Guest chapter 32 . 6/20
Such a good twist. I did see the foreshadowing, this a very well thought out plot
Guest chapter 29 . 6/20
Really really loving this story
Guest chapter 26 . 6/20
This story is just lovely. Your characterization of Leah is one of the best I've ever read. Most people just write her very one dimensional. I woke my husband up laughing out loud at 2am reading this.
IM A AUSSIE GIRL chapter 30 . 4/28
love your story so much it just gets better and better
Guest chapter 23 . 4/26
Charlie thought Paul was a nice guy *snort*. And Leah *shaking my head*...
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