Reviews for something from nothing
wbss21 chapter 1 . 9/1/2012
This is just as amazing as the first part of the story these two share, and I love how it expands even further on their relationship, and the consequences and aftermath of what happened to Loki.

It kills me how afraid Loki is to leave his study, and it's just bittersweet the way Sigyn keeps venturing out for him to retrieve food and things to drink. It's sweet for how much she cares about him, but saddening how she's the only one, and how no one else is even bothering to check on him or see if he's okay. He truly would be alone if it weren't for her.

Her protectiveness over him and ability to be strong for him is really astonishing and just makes you feel so much for them and their plight. You've again managed to make Loki incredibly sympathetic, and even incredibly vulnerable, which just adds to you feeling bad for how he's treated. He seems strangely innocent, in that his good intentions somehow constantly get twisted into something bad, and everyone is quick to blame him and say he got what he deserved. But when they treat him cruelly and are then punished for it, it's somehow unfair. It shows how things can become twisted.

I loved your visuals here too, and descriptions. The way Loki hugs his knees to his chest like a child just gets across so well how vulnerable and truly hurt he is. And his anger and rage in that moment couldn't be more understandable.

And when Sigyn finally does convince Loki to leave his study, my heart just about dropped when they were standing outside the banquet hall and Thor came through the doors and immediately started for Loki. His cruelty towards him is just terrible, and you show Loki's fear of him well, and just WHY he's scared of him, with the way Thor just physically overpowers him all the time and bullies and beats him up. You really feel scared for Loki at this point, and again, it just shows how the treatment towards him is really unjustified and vicious, the way Thor just assumes it's Loki who turned Sif's hair black without any evidence. How he just wants to hurt Loki.

And then I also love how you show that, for Sigyn, Loki is willing to fight against Thor. Not for himself. But for her. This shows both how much he loves Sigyn and how low his self-esteem is for himself. It's truly tragic, I think.

And you again show that lack of self-belief in the way Loki can't believe Sigyn went with him out of love for him. He thinks there HAS to be some ulterior motive on her part, because no one could ever just love him. It just breaks the heart. But when he finally realizes she really is there for him, it's a beautiful moment and you're truly happy for them to have gotten away.

And Loki's just adorable with how afraid he is to present her with his gift near the end, thinking she'll find it stupid. There's his insecurity again, and the tragedy of what's been done to him. How the other Asgardian's don't even realize how they've worn down his belief in himself. But it's again a beautiful moment when she's overwhelmed and made happy by the gift and in the end, Loki is able to admit his love for her. Amazingly done story, again, and like I said before, I hope you continue to write for these two. I'll be sure to keep following and reviewing as you do!
Jaded Baby Blues chapter 1 . 6/19/2012
You made me cry! I'm in tears reading this! Poor Poor Loki! He is feeling so lost and devastated! Oh, I fucking HATE Thor now! And I just love your Sigyn so much! She is so wise and strong! Just the perfect match for him! I feel so touched by their love for each other! You are an amazing writer! It's not everyday that I cry after reading fanfictions but yours is just so touching and sweet! I love it!
Gyreflight chapter 1 . 3/23/2012
My preferred pattern for romantic relationships has always been the ‘we-two-against-the-world’ partnership, so I was already predisposed to like this, and I was looking forward to Loki’s perspective on the fallout from Sigyn’s ‘death of something good’ story.

I wasn’t disappointed. This makes a most satisfying backstop.

I like strong, faithful Sigyn, and enjoyed the appealing realisation, as Loki discovers, that it’s easier to be strong for someone else’s sake. A true partnership allows the role of protector to switch without shame to whoever is most capable in any given situation – and Loki is certainly the most damaged here, the one who has lost most. Of course, by the end, he has also gained more than he had looked to find.

The Aesir though, the Aesir may just have chosen their own future…and, I think, they may have cause to regret it.
JannaKalderash chapter 1 . 1/25/2012
This was very sweet. I really liked it.

Just like Thor to blame Loki for Sif's wig turning black when it was made by dwarfs who can't be trusted to say if it's day or night! Evidently they messed with it somehow, or the magic faded, or its simply revealing her true nature.

Too bad it can't bring out her inner ugliness or something similar to Marietta Edgecomb in the Harry Potter book.

The word 'BITCH' spelled out in poisonous purple pimples would suit her just fine.

Or a truth spell on Brokk would be nice. Let him cop to putting a spell on the wig to get Loki into trouble.

Loki and Sigyn need to stay far away from Asgard. Far, far away like in another galaxy far. Start their own little pantheon and screw Odin, Thor, et al., Ragnarok, the Norns, etc.
The Pearl Maiden chapter 1 . 1/23/2012
Beautifully written. Glad you didn't describe what happened after the kiss, though I can tell what...transpired. *cough* ANYWAY, a beautiful piece. You write Sigyn/Loki wonderfully. :D