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noMuku chapter 89 . 4/16
Man, I was rushing thru these last few chaps so I can start the Christmas story with Bella and the older man, lol. But now I'm kinda sad. Story was soo good. I loved every chap of it.
noMuku chapter 72 . 4/15
Damn... Okabe Leandro & Jed Hill make a great Embry & Quil. I am currently suffering from dry mouth & BFSE fever. lol
katya123 chapter 89 . 4/5
I loved this story I really thought it was awesome!
kwillie55 chapter 89 . 3/30
OMG! i loved it i read the whole story in about a day it was amazing i could not stop reading it your an awesome writer i really loved it and all your story's are great but this one is awesome
suzmac33 chapter 89 . 3/23
Read it again for the quality and I was feeling nostalgic. Excellent.
Guest chapter 89 . 3/10
Bowling for Soup reference? Lol.
CrumblyBiscuit chapter 86 . 3/9
My favourite chapter. chapter 78 . 3/9
Here comes baby! chapter 77 . 3/9
I was hoping she would imprint with Paul! chapter 76 . 3/9
I can't wait to find out what has quil all steamy! chapter 75 . 3/9
Like you said in one of your comments back about quil not submitting completely I do love that. It makes him even yummier! chapter 74 . 3/9
Bella playing match maker. I am happy that jasper & Emmett are still her buddies! chapter 73 . 3/9
I had forgotten they still had options of dress up! Hip hip hooray! And I'm not going anywhere! In the middle of the night ( I should have been photo editing not ff reading) I don't think I was very clear that typically I'm all about E/B but your story is so unbelievably amazing and your writing is so tantalizing & creative that I can't put this story down! chapter 72 . 3/9
I'll never look at butter the same! This might be my fave chapter! Thanks! chapter 58 . 3/9
Ok I really didn't see this coming! I'm a huge E/B fan! Team Edward all the way and I can say this is the first wolf/Bella story I have ever read and loved mostly bc it is not Jacob /Bella. Also, I couldn't pass up a story about a threesome with two wolf boys & Bella. ;) all that being said I don't want Edward coming round causing any issues. I actually like the three of them together. I don't want to feel bad for Edward.
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