Reviews for A Special Case
Anonymous chapter 1 . 9/1/2012
Firstly, I'm going to come right out and say that I haven't seen the movie Tooth Fairy. Read the summary, yes, the reviews, yada yada, but never felt inclined to see it myself.
(Going to be glaringly honest and say it's mostly because I didn't want the image of Dwayne Johnson in a tutu carved into my retinas.) Secondly, I'm sure if I tried to see the movie now, the elements of this work would utterly ruin it for me. This is a compliment.
Heck, your work on a secondary protagonist like this could construct an entire movie in its own right, it was that awesome!
Again, I've never seen the movie, but your take on a character like Tracy, whom I've never known, would probably have me rooting for him all the way.
The setting, the depth, the way it all played out in such a short sequence...amazing.
You are a wonderful, crazy-way talented writer. I've read most of your works already.
Blue Sky? Kept me pulling an almost all-night-er for reading from beginning to end.
Please continue to grace us with the concoctions of that wonderful mind!
Aryashi chapter 1 . 1/23/2012
One of my worries going in was that Tracy was just going to be Wheatley in a different suit; the same character, just in a different situation. Thankfully, he isn't. Tracy is Tracy in this; excitable yet grounded (pardon the pun), more experienced than most yet extremely self conscious. He puts on a brave face, smiles for the world around him, yet feels that crushing despair you described so beautifully when he's attacked. Very solid, very interesting, and I can't wait to see more of him from you.

On the plot, I think that it was a fantastic short story. It stood on its own while hinting at things to come, and kept my eyes glued to the screen while I read. The reveal of the faith-leech was very well done, and I honestly didn't see it coming. Good action, to. Very realistic, as far as a battle between a faith leech, a wingless fairy, and a cynical children's author can be. XD

Speaking of Martian, he was brilliant. So jaded, it hurt to listen to him talk (Well, read, but you get my point) and his arc was well suited to the time you gave it. Seriously, this is amazing.

Also, the descriptions of how a fairy sees the world were just what the doctor ordered: Making sure that the audience knew Tracy wasn't human, and saw the world in a fundamentally different way. Well written, clever, and keeping in touch with the source material in the best possible way.

All in all, I am stuck. Satisfied with the end of this story, yet eagerly awaiting another one, staring Tracy in this new world you've opened up. I've always felt that The Tooth Fairy had a whole lot of potential, but didn't use it. I'm glad to see you're taking advantage. :)