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Guest chapter 27 . 12/17/2013
Explanation of the dates:

2036, 2153: An asteroid known as 99942 Apophis made a close pass to Earth this year (2013), and will make two more passes in 2020 and 2029. However, the 2029 pass is different, in that it's orbit could change. If it does in a certain way, then it will hit Earth on April 13, 2036.

However, if it doesn't change in that way, then the other date comes into play, since on it's current orbit, there is a chance that on April 16, 2153, Apophis will hit the Moon.

2880: Another asteroid, known as (29075) 1950 DA, is currently on an orbit that has a 1 in 300 chance of hitting Earth on March 18, 2880.

3797: You four should know a bit about this one. Nostradamus predicted many things, but like Maya's calendar, he ran out of space. His last prediction is for the year 3797.

63524/63530/63531: As I said, this is if you use pik'tuns. However, in my first calcuation, I forgot about something Maya didn't take into account: Leap Days. Throwing in the Leap Days gets a date in either 63530 or 63531.
Lower Michigan chapter 23 . 12/18/2012
Maya: Apparently, the humans have accepted the existence of the P'ik'tun.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in a new date: March 8, 63529.

Will they EVER learn?

...We'll find out if you were wrong in less than 68 hours...
fleur-de-lis chapter 142 . 5/12/2012
I wonder where the reunion is going to be held...Ah well, this was a good series anyways
fleur-de-lis chapter 139 . 5/9/2012
Dear Grandmother,

I am truely sorry for not replying back earlier*letter is dated 3 weeks later*.My finger has heald perfectly fine.

I promise you I donot underestimate her, it just that...Orlando has a thick skull, and is hard to crack.

And PLEASE tell Detroit that I am a GIRL! It is becoming anoying!I may have acted as a boy when I was a child, but I'm older, and act more like a girl(well not too girly, im more of a tomboy, but i still do thing any other girl would do every now and then)! I swear! If he calls me a boy one more time, I'll go over to his house and beat him sensles!

With love(and frustrastion),

Alex 'Rhode Island' Jones

P.S. My real name is Alexandra, but I like to go by Alex

(A/N: Yea, whoever is doing detroit needs to READ my first(maybe second?) letter explaining how Alex looks. And who-ever you are, please learn that I am mad at you for calling my character a male, seriously, i wrote in one of my letters how she looks.)
Lower and Upper Michigan chapter 133 . 5/7/2012
Yes, we have. In fact, Michigan has the largest percentage of wetlands remaining in the entire country. More than even Florida, Georgia, Louisiana or Texas.

((I know you're done, but I just wanted to tie up my loose ends.))
AILOVE-withcakedisactivated chapter 142 . 5/5/2012
Aww. Well, okay. Have fun with whatever~
Dixie C Jones chapter 142 . 5/5/2012
You should do a sequel about how they will act seeing their parents! Please?

This is very good, btw.
Toon-Girl-Abby chapter 142 . 5/5/2012
Dear fangirl,

This ain't a letter but... WOW!

You still remember my OC. I feel special, gracias.

If you wanna make another of this letter things, I recommend you the forum Letters Around The World. It's very funny and makes this stuff legal.

Con amor y chicha,

pst1993 chapter 132 . 5/2/2012
((I screwed up in my secind review. On the review for chapter 124, it's supposed to be Hollywood. My bad.))
bran0523 chapter 123 . 4/8/2012
Dear Mama,

Okay but then how does Rome always come back I've the met the guy like 5 times when Italy was staying with Alfred during the 1920's. She did that's great.


pst1993 chapter 124 . 4/7/2012

Here's a little funny thing about Orlando. He's obsessed with this stuff. He's a geek. That means he's an expert in that stuff. He can find the hidden stuff put in the movie. He even plays games called Total War. One of the campains is set during the Spanish conquest of the Americas (I gotta make movies based on them). He plays as the Spanish. I think it's because Florida used to be a Spanish colony and on his dad was New Spain (he's dead). His dad and he thinks the decendents of Spain (him included) are cursed. He's also afraid that if Maya finds out about who he's related to, she might kill him. He's planned something out though. Use a Halloween Horror Nights as a Aztec/Maya themed for one of the years, lure Spain, and you can guess where this is going and what he will offer.

Michigan chapter 125 . 4/6/2012
Sorry for the confusion, but there are two different peninsulas, and as such, two different Michigans, Lower and Upper.

The closest thing I can think of to use as a comparison is when Ontario was split into Lower Canada and Upper Canada...

And yes, a river was set on fire. However, if you ask either Ohio or Cleveland about it, be prepared for a harsh response. Basically, the Cuyahoga River fire is Ohio's version of the Trail of Tears.
fleur-de-lis chapter 132 . 4/6/2012
Dear Grandmother,

Do not worry, it was a baby one, so its bite wasnt too strong enough to harm me too much.

Oh, I will not underestimate Maya, I just do not think Orlando is smart enough to change.

With love,

Alex 'Rhode Island' Jones
pst1993 chapter 131 . 4/5/2012

Just got The Caretaker to dissect alive a power technicion. I'm also sending stuff for electricity and a some guys to build the things needed to power electricity and plugs. The construction guys are the victems of a psychotic Director and a psychotic storyteller. I would have used Bloody Mary but she tends to never anyone who summons her go (that's why I used other people in 2008). The god of fear who calls himself ... Fear is also a friend of mine due to the fact that I was able to get 20 years of fear into one place. I'm currently planning for what to do at Universal for this October. ... I'll see if I can get Fear to come over to my house untill Maya is gone. I don't undertstand why I cried in fear, I know Fear itself. Some of my friends are psychos and entities. Why did I cry when Maya came?


p.s. Detroit should know by now I'm a guy. I was able to read it while sending a letter to Fear.
AILOVE-withcakedisactivated chapter 130 . 4/5/2012

Oh Okay. Want me to remind him in case he forgot?

Yeah. I don't wanna worry you~ *smiles*

New Mexico

Former New Spain


Max/Amir Carriedo Jones~
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