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OnlyALouse chapter 4 . 2/2/2012
Oh, my. That certainly warmed me up after the jolly old run in these frankly arctic conditions that I undertook earlier. In fact, it was the best way of warming up I could possibly imagine.

It was so powerful, and so beautifully written that you could feel all their emotions seeping through every word. I don't know how you do it, I'm in awe. And its so in character still, so perfectly realistic that I can just imagine it happening right there and then. Absolutely perfect.

And now I'm beginning to really wonder about Mary's reaction. Hopefully it won't be bad, but you never can tell... Please update soon, and put me out of my misery!

Alice x
heratulipsia chapter 4 . 2/2/2012
mmmm... wish we saw some good makeoutage on the show...this was positively delicious! anxiously awaiting monday!
TheSingingGirl chapter 4 . 2/2/2012
The first thing I did on arriving at this chapter was to check the rating. Yep, still T. Ah well, surely next time!

Again here, they're not saying anything if they can help it. Indeed, Mary's preventing Matthew from saying anything - it's a beautiful sort of denial. It's also slightly worrying. At this point, I don't think she wants to marry him. I don't think she loves him. I think she just desires him, as he does her. For them to be thrust into an engagement because of one mistake (which I'm becoming more and more certain is the case) will be a fairly horrific move in their relationship, surely. I suppose this is part of the reason why part one is 50k - they'll have to work round that.

Unless, of course, I've predicted this plot completely wrongly and it's something else entirely. Well, I suppose we'll see a bit of it on Monday!

Serena89 chapter 4 . 2/2/2012
wow. That, and powerful, and honestly is there anything better than kissing fiercely (pouring out every frustration and unsaid word and hidden feeling) while surrounded by high winds? The breathtaking force of the nature spurring their own desires? By the time they actually go beyond kissing, I'm afraid a thunderstorm will hit them.

I loved how Mary did not want him to talk. They tend to misunderstand each others and spoil the mood and - ever the practical girl - she chose to pay more attention to something they do really really well instead.

"He felt it at the same moment she did" I admit it, I though it was an erection. This is my shameful confession.

Oh Matthew thinking that having kissed her he should marry her! Aww. To think Mary took a lover with no intention of marrying would shock him.

I can't wait to see how Mary will take his slip of the tongue. Will she be horrified? Will she be so scared she'll choose to run away and mark the whole thing as a mistake? Will Matthew persuade her otherwise? Monday can't come faster.
GhostIsland chapter 4 . 2/2/2012
Sigh. Ahh, "The Castle Stormed" thread. :D But seriously, as I reread this, it strikes me how it sort of...brilliantly pre-supposes 2x08. M/M's first kiss here seems very similar to the one there (JF stole from you, hee!) and for some reason reading this almost makes me...excuse the 2x08 kiss, because of what it *could* have led to, had they not been interrupted. But this still stands brilliantly on its own - what I noticed this time (when my brain wasn't completely full of OMG THEY'RE KISSING!) is how the weather intensifies as the kiss does, but in a lovely, subtle way. :D The imagery of Matthew pressing Mary into the castle wall to shield her from the wind as they make out is both sweet AND hot. You guys are remarkable. :) AND I CANNOT WAIT FOR WHAT HAPPENS NEXT BECAUSE I HAVEN'T READ IT YET! :D
TrapperII chapter 4 . 2/2/2012
Oh, how happy was I to see this update in my inbox just now? Definitely a welcome surprise that has seriously brightened up my Thursday!

It's amazing how skilled you guys are at drawing out the tension! Every sensation is perfectly captured. I thought Mary's response to "What is your opinion of me" was perfect. Can't wait to find out how she responds to a term of endearment ... :)
Pemonynen chapter 4 . 2/2/2012
Good grief.

I think I need some fresh air and strong tea after that. :-D

Loving it so far! Excited for the next chapter! :-D

Excellent work both of you!
URMYSTICK chapter 3 . 2/2/2012
What a way to leave it! I howled like the Wicked Witch of the West at that last sentence..looked like her too when it sank in what you both had deliberately done to me/us..scowl ;) This is exactly where i am happiest with Matthew and Mary - tentative squirmy electric awkwardness..You guys capture this flawlessly.

Also, you are both soooo good at describing Dan Steven's/Matthew's mannerisms, it's like sitting infront of the TV. So with that said, i am twitching with anticipation for the smut to begin. If you have made them this convincing with tense dialogue, i can only imagine the exhilleration when spit and buttons start to fly! age away.
Ju-dou chapter 3 . 1/31/2012
Gaaah! Ok I've recovered from the cliffhanger enough to review now, I realise people in glass houses etc etc.

As others have already said much more eloquently than I can this whole interaction really captures the Mary and Matthew of series one both individually and in their strained relationship - it is so believable. I feel that there will be no stalking off in the next chapter, I can hardly bear it, I just hope they don't do anything they live to regret, Matthew was very proper in those days and he never cut Mary much slack so I am intrigued as to where this can go. I don't know, with you two I can't see anything too straight forward developing, nothing as simple as a shack up and a quick wedding! Argh, I'm speculating because I soooooo want to know what happens and you are keeping me waiting until Monday, that is five days! Bravo as always, I jest of course, I will be patient *ish*
Starlight77 chapter 3 . 1/31/2012
Gah, I'm on the edge of such nervous anticipation here, just like Matthew, wanting to know her answer.

I love how they keep skirting around the big issue, both too scared to fully reveal their cards, so to speak. I love the growing realizations blooming in both their minds, how the trembling, the intense emotional and physical reactions are not just due to the wind or some random mood but to very powerful feelings they have towards one another.

I loved this line: "Surely you cannot imagine I would give myself away without some indication of what you think of me!"

I'm really enjoying this story, and how Mary is forcing herself to be honest and Matthew is forcing himself to be patient and I can't wait to see what happens next!
Serena89 chapter 3 . 1/31/2012
Nooooo! I can't wait a whole week for this! THE mother of all admissions, their hearts unveiled by the wind!

I'm really amazed at how season1 they sound. I know it's a stupid thing to say, but we've all noticed their growth, the change in their attitudes and beings in season two, so the difference (and therefore the right-on-the-spot characterization) is clear. I remember a shy and yet bold Matthew telling Mary he cares very much in the library, an unsure Matthew staring at her through a window, a devastated and heartbroken man when he says "Do you love me enough to spend the rest of your life with me?". A confused and scared Mary, when she touches his hand, the passion of when she shouts "I WANT TO!" and the content blush when he says "we should see more of each others". These young, restless, guarded and passionate souls that are no more and yet still live!

I love this dive in the past. I always say they haven't had enough sincere, raw, fights - and sometimes that's what love is too (but I surely wouldn't want them AFTER they're married. This was a pre-engagement secret wish.).

Can't wait to see where this goes. Will Mary stop playing games? chapter 3 . 1/30/2012
LOVE IT! You guys are seriously the best!
GhostIsland chapter 3 . 1/30/2012
Ahh, I'm seriously in awe of the fact that I can step into this story and immediately be back in S1. :D It's delightful, and the banter (of all kinds!) is just fabulous - even when they're misunderstanding each other! What I really love is how you've captured that thread of Mary verbally "pushing" Matthew, but him never letting her get away with it (the contrast between the "beast" line and "I said some unthinking things"). But I love seeing Mary come around here - realizing she doesn't want to fight or play games, and then Matthew apologizing for offending her. I LOVE how it happens by degrees - so true to the show! Also, Matthew touching her elbow is hot. ;) Just saying! :) This is great, you guys are amazing and I cannot WAIT for more! :D Please update SOON! :)
TheSingingGirl chapter 3 . 1/30/2012
Oh, you beasts! Ending it there - how dare you! :P Nah, it's nice to have things to look forwards to on Mondays. Brightens up the start of the week, if truth be told. If the price of that is a cliffhanger once in a while, I'm a happy bunny.

You say everyone's already commented on how young the two of them are - well, it does come across very very strongly, and in lots of different ways. For example, they're so ineffectual. Think of how much meaning some of Mary's tiny lines had in series 2 - "Of course I want you." - and then compare that to this whole conversation in which neither of them has really managed to say what they wanted to. Matthew's done better than Mary, but then he was always going to be the conciliator here. Another thing: they're so guarded. They're not admitting anything - there's no honesty here. And this is where the shared POV style works very well - there's so much that both characters aren't saying, and you need that shared narration in order to get exactly what they're thinking.

I just saw the update on MMMM, and was reminded of the summary of this story. Perhaps I should revoke my claim of them being 'ineffectual'. Looking forward to that!

Allora, a lunedì!

TrapperII chapter 3 . 1/30/2012
Argh. I definitely don't hate you for ending it there, but I might hate you a teeny bit for planning to wait another week before posting the next part! :) Cruel, cruel authors!

Bless them, M and M were both so very obtuse and THEM in this chapter. Poor Matthew especially - Mary really is enigmatic and gives him so little encouragement. He just keeps having to go out on a ledge with her. I hope that she'll respond to his final question with something a bit less cryptic.

Here are some bits I really liked:

- The palpable difference of atmosphere you created between the howling wind on the headland and the heavy silence within the tower ruins.

- This moment of epiphany for Matthew: "'Friends' seemed such a mundane, middling term, that did not befit the strength of his passions. Which direction those passions lay seemed almost indiscernible; she made his blood boil with equal measure of rage and – His eyes widened as, before he had even been able to formulate the thought, a sharp twinge of attraction flashed right through him, startling him with its intensity."

- This very in-character line from Mary: "What exactly are you hoping I'll say, Matthew? Surely you cannot imagine I would give myself away without some indication of what you think of me!"
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