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Bobtrumpet chapter 35 . 8/10/2016
I was hoping for something as good as "Across the Stars." I didn't think I would get something better. First rate.

Something I did notice, though: There were a lot of sitches in this story that were resolved fairly quickly. The story could have easily been 30-50% longer simply by adding some more detail or fleshing out the situation a little more. I'm not complaining, mind you, but it seemed some of the plot items were resolved almost as soon as they appeared. I don't recall that in "Across."

On to the next one! I see it's not finished yet, but you seem to be steadly working on it. I'll take my chances! :-)
EchidnaPower chapter 35 . 5/30/2015
Ya know man? Reading this story all over again, I am in awe at how much research you must have done and how much you had to do in order to write this thing. I can imagine hours on end just reading about quantum mechanics and string theory and everything else you brought up in this story. A lot of effort and a lot of love obviously went into this, and I applaud you sir.
EchidnaPower chapter 1 . 5/24/2015
Just thought I'd give this an official review because I wanted to tell you something amusing. I've started reading the series again and when I ran into this, I just had to tell you.

So you know how if you know a character well enough, you read their dialogue in their voice? Well what happens when you know nothing about the character? Including their voice?

Your three aliens, every time I read their dialogue...and I dunno why this is, but I read their dialogue with the voices of the three "Providers" from the Star Trek episode "The Gamesters of Triskelion".

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just search them up on YouTube and you'll hear the voices my brain automatically gives these guys, just thought it'd be nice to share lol
Tito-Mosquito chapter 35 . 5/10/2014
They did it! They saved the world again! Two worlds sort of. Once again, they're given a big parade for their appreciation. :)

At least Kim will be relieved that her head didn't end up mounted on Warmonga's wall, as Warhok plans to. But I'm sure she and Ron will be freaked out by WarRaptor and Battlefox's mounted heads. Ron might be paranoid, thinking they're looking at them with contempt.

Kim and Shego pregnant!? :O I almost knew right away what's gonna happen when they started throwing up. Strangely, at the same time. Their kids might inherit their parents' abilities: Kim's comet powers and Ron's mystical monkey powers; Drakken's plant/flower control and Shego's comet powers. They might even each them Monkey Kung Fu and the 16 martial arts Kim learned herself.

I like that little crack about Drew needing supplies to survive Shego's mood swings. xD

Nice to know Yori comes to terms with Kim, Ron and Hirotaka. :)

Camille and Bonnie get their own happy endings. Looks like Camille will be going back to stardom. I wonder if Camille and MC Honey will be friends again? And Bonnie's rivalry with Kim is over, and accepts it. Also, I'll bet her book will be a best-seller. :) Warmonga might even enjoy reading it.

So alternate Ron is gonna change the past? This could be interesting. A more experienced and forewarned Ron inhabiting his younger self. I wonder what happens to the younger Ron's mind? Yori would have anything to worry about, she'll be alive and no memory of the terrible things. But that would also still mean losing precious memories with Ron. And would alternate Ron ever tell Kim of what the original future?

Even this other Ron didn't believe in the moon landing. xD

There's a chance Sadie might return to her universe. And if our Kim and Ron do cross into the alternate universe, they'll be surprised how much it changed.

I really enjoyed reading this story for a long while! I can't wait for the sequel. ;) Once again, great job! :D
Tito-Mosquito chapter 34 . 4/22/2014
Great job on the rewrite! Sorry for taking me so long to review. ;

I see blowing up alternate Lorwardia is instead a last resort since no one but Kim is comfortable with that plan. And Kim hopes it hasn't end up coming to that. Still, it looks like alternate Lorwardia is pretty banged up now.

Who's the red being who congratulated Kim and Ron? And are the Hierarchy the same cosmic beings?

Now I'm about to read the last chapter. ;)
Serenarey Chiba chapter 9 . 1/2/2014
Hey there. So, I'll be honest - I, more or less, really enjoyed the prequel to this, but something about this story seemed to really get on my nerves. Admittedly, since I live in Japan, I didn't like the interpretation the show made about it, so I didn't really dig Yori, but that's okay. I enjoyed your storytelling. I appreciated Shego and Drakken, and a well thought out story, but it didn't feel all that serious, and more melodramatic than anything else.

In any case though, thank you for writing, but this is as far as I can progress. Good luck to your future endeavors.
Katsumara chapter 35 . 10/16/2013
So, better late than never on this one, right? But seriously. The last two chapters of this story, especially this one; just so awesome! So very awesome, and oh god, two universes? Leaves room for a lot of storytelling I bet! I can't wait for.. if there's a case of this story getting a sequel. :D Nudgenudge.

Take care, buddy. Keep up the wonderful writing, and as long as you produce more stuff, you know I"ll be around. Ugh, this was awesome. Thanks again for writing this!
Sentinel103 chapter 35 . 9/9/2013
Mahler it was a good story with a lot of potential for bringing more along later. Lemme see Kimmie and Shego are now in a seemingly contest to have kids. Will the ex-villainess cheat and have triplets? Who knows, but something tells me that Kim and Ron are gonna be changing diapers for a couple of high strung boys.

And in the other dimension Ron is gonna relive his hero start up with Kim, I wonder how he's gonna handle Eric...probably with a soldering iron.

Beckman chapter 35 . 9/7/2013
Kim and Shego are pregnant. I hope it's not some Star Trekian thing, were some interdimensional beings trying to gain a threshold into our universe.
I did like Wade's idea, for Kim and Shego to see Mrs. Dr. P.. I thought Ann would just hand the pair, a home pregnancy test, and then ask, if they want a brain scan. " I'm a neurosurgeon not a OB/GYN. honey."
Ron's counterpart, in the other universe is starting over. If you ask me, you have a great story arc, just waiting to be written. You could give alterRon a host of interdimensional beasts and badies, trying to stop Ron's new future. He would have to fight these monsters, all the while trying to keep his true identity a secret from alterKim. Ha! More work for you. Just when you think your out, it pulls you back in.
I think it's androids, that dream of electric sheep, but I'm not sure. Maybe you should ask Harrison Ford.
Oreochema chapter 35 . 9/4/2013
Awwww, yisssss! Nicely done, and very well-written, per usual. Perfect ending as well, if I do say so myself! :D

Best of luck in your next venture! :)
Jimmy1201 chapter 35 . 9/4/2013
Hmmm, so Alternate Yori crossed over to the other side. If Ron can "fix" the past, then will Yori remain there or be restored in the new timeline? Time travel is truly a cornucopia of disturbing concepts. I wonder the extent of changes that Alternate Ron will make, knowing what he knows - especially the fact that he loves Kim with all his heart from the start.
Linzerj chapter 35 . 9/4/2013
Aww mini Kim and Rons, and mini Shego and Drakkens... Plus, the other universe is repaired! (sort of...)
rick455 chapter 35 . 9/4/2013
What a great ending to a fantastic story. Kim and Shego getting pregnant at the same time. That alone is a great storyline. With all of the other plot elements left open, there is enough for another great epic just waiting to be written.
levi2000a1 chapter 35 . 9/4/2013
Oh come on Kim. Ron may not had much luck with Sackie, but I do remember him taking great care with Hanna.

Don't forget to install an off switch in the next Keppler.

I thought Kim created her first website. Must have been Kim Prime.

Late into my wife's first pregnancy with our first born, well the same for our second born, when she'd start the "You did this to me." phase, I'd remind her that she was there at the time of conception and she didn't complain then.

Anywho, so the alt Ron is now in his own preteen body and about to try and re copy his own history with a few improvements along the way. Hope he doesn't try to rush some things and it may be hard for him to keep 'his eyes front' while following Kim through some of those ventilation ducts with that bubble butt right in front of him that he is/was/will be married to. I fore see lots of cold showers in his future when his hormones start raging.

But now the door to the alt dimension is rigged with a boobie trap and KP (Kim Prime) doesn't know about it. Hope some readings give a hint before she goes knocking.

Looking forward to your next foray into the KP universe.
pbow chapter 35 . 9/4/2013
So Zorpox didn't use his MMP to shield himself from Nemesis?
It'll be interesting to see how this other demension Ron handles some of the future missions and school, and if that will lead to him moving up on the food chain and into Kim's heart faster. Good luck with that.
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