Reviews for Ashikabi No Shinobi
The Devils Bleeding Crown chapter 10 . 9/20
This is just getting trying to read. Naruto iis acting like an occasionally strong, reliable Minato... but then the rest of the time, he is acting like the flajey ass little bitch Minato. I amthat close to not finishing this story because of it. So Naruto is immortal. So what. That doesn't mean it's OK to basically create an OC with Narutos name, face and body... and 1% of the entire story his old personality. I have read plenty of immortal naruto stories where he is not such a pathetic little bitch. The sad part is, you don't even read reviews for your old content.
scotty26 chapter 4 . 9/18
you killed me with your Omake. I can literally picture Musubi in that sultry sexy Japanese voice and Naruto having an epic nosebleed; with that being said this story is just awesome. Reading that you didn't like the MC of Sekirei and putting Naruto in it is understandable. In any case, even though you already finish with this story I am wondering if and when Kurama will come into the picture(?) although I don't understand HOW Naruto has survived for thousands of years, guess I will learn soon enough. What I like about this story is that you understand Anime unlike other authors out there that usually try but tend to like Anime but the dub version you know? it kind of gets you out of the element per se, at least as long as the story is really good.
himalay1729 chapter 2 . 9/16
Good going.
Fainfan chapter 43 . 9/1
Thanks for the journey man
myafroatemydog chapter 40 . 8/21
This was an excellent chapter
Grovtech chapter 29 . 8/19
I've always thought that trying to escape from the city was really silly. It's not as if MIB haven't any power except there like a government would. The odds are that a wetworks team would find them within the week and the bodies would be in the lab the next day. It's also very possible that every covert agency in the world is surrounding the city just hoping to get a sign that they could get their hands on one of the aliens.

Honestly their best bet was to stay on neutral ground and make themselves useful within the bounds of what they feel they can do.

By nah, no one asked me!
acrimony1029341 chapter 43 . 8/15
First off I'd like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Apart from several inconsistencies and some spelling errors there are few flaws. Definitely one of the best stories on the site that has been completed. Thank you for your efforts and I hope your novels gain a good following.
Regards from sunny South Africa,
StayBlessed chapter 29 . 8/14
Meh, wish he wouldn't of decided to help. Dude was acting like a brat.
myafroatemydog chapter 39 . 8/12
This was a great chaprer
Desultorynights chapter 5 . 8/12
You also seem to to forget that Naruto is a being of incredible age. You keep making him act like a teenager with no concept of emotional control or any consistent intelligence
Desultorynights chapter 3 . 8/12
Dude...your portrayal of Naruto is kinda just overdone emotionally.
Desultorynights chapter 3 . 8/12
The whole emotional dependence thst sprung up practically over night is kinda fucking creepy...
myafroatemydog chapter 38 . 8/12
This was an excellent chapter
myafroatemydog chapter 37 . 8/12
This was a pretty good chapter
myafroatemydog chapter 36 . 8/11
This was an excellent chapter. Poor Miya
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