Reviews for High Fidelity
thunnababy chapter 22 . 4/20
I loved this chapter, your writing is impeccable, moving and beautiful.
thunnababy chapter 21 . 4/20
At the risk of being redundant, I have to say this was a beautifully written chapter, so much so that it brought tears...the good kind.
thunnababy chapter 20 . 4/19
A very emotional, difficult chapter. My heart breaks for both of them. I did have issues with how Edward handled the news Mike gave him. Yes, Bella should have told him but him ripping her blouse open to look at her scar was too cruel. He has his own issues to deal with, I know. It now he needs to be gentle and loving to Bella. He knows this, I know.
thunnababy chapter 19 . 4/19
Oh God damn Mike's rotten, burn in Hell soul!
thunnababy chapter 18 . 4/19
The longer she waits to tell him, the harder it will get. I think it is profound that they both have deep wounds on their chest, therefor he shouldn't have a hard time with it. At least she still has one left. If it was me, I would have had them both removed and had implants. Small ones.
thunnababy chapter 17 . 4/19
Terrific chapter! You hit all the right notes. :)
thunnababy chapter 16 . 4/19
i feel they are both beginning to see, through many introspective moments, that there is hope for them. This is the time for her to face him head on about her fear, the one thing that is keeping her from being with him.
thunnababy chapter 15 . 4/19
Wonderful chapter. He is finally seeking professional help. I think Bella should as well for her scars a just as deep as his are.
Guest chapter 13 . 4/18
No, go, go, she really gave it back to him!
thunnababy chapter 12 . 4/18
I love the way you write. This is a powerful chapter.
thunnababy chapter 11 . 4/18
I like the way Bella handled the skanky waitress. So did Edward.
thunnababy chapter 9 . 4/18
Brilliant chapter! Loved the end of it especially. He can't stay away from her and she can't help herself for loving him.
thunnababy chapter 8 . 4/18
The terrible things he says to himself is his way of protecting himself from falling in love with her. Whatever happened to him to make him so hard hearted? I think Bella is getting to him though. He's never known anymwoman like her before. If she can only get past her insecurity.
thunnababy chapter 7 . 4/18
It's obvious he's never had to work so hard to get what he wants from a woman, but she is putting him through the paces and he's toast!
thunnababy chapter 6 . 4/18
"The not unkind ones too"? I don't understand why you would have gotten unkind reviews as this is such a well written story with characters beautifully drawn and easy to love

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