Reviews for The Presidential Treatment
TurtleLover13 chapter 5 . 8/9
Wow, I never heard of that before. I am sorry about your son. I wish the best for him and you.
Tan R chapter 3 . 7/17
This is so unbelievable I can't
Tan R chapter 2 . 7/17
Wow, can Bella be anymore selfish? In reality she would have been locked up. And she would've single handedly ruined her sisters career. No investigation would've been necessary
Tan R chapter 1 . 7/17
No offence to Bella but I didn't see anything wrong with this bill, logically speaking .
Jaygm chapter 50 . 3/25
I really love this story! It was full of a bit of everything, and you ended it at a very good place. Everyone is healthy and happy. Thank you.

I hope the years have been kind to you Cayden, and he is happy and healthy as well. I learned a lot about FPIES and hope that someday it is cured and gone for good.

Thank you.
Jaygm chapter 49 . 3/25
Wonderful chapter. FPIES has to be a horribly sucky thing to live with. If some kids are so severely affected that they can only eat a handful of foods, how can they even get the proper nourishment? That has to be so difficult to deal with. I admire you and your ability to not only deal with the disease affecting your son, but all the other things you have been accomplishing in your life at the same time. What a role model you are. I am a total slug compared to you.
Jaygm chapter 48 . 3/25
That was just perfect! That guy has really mellowed. I really liked referring to him as asshat in the beginning, but he is no longer that man.
Jaygm chapter 47 . 3/25
What an ordeal for Bella. She's in tough shape. She needs something good to look forward to and it looks as if Edward is thinking the same thing.
Jaygm chapter 46 . 3/25
So Bella was only suckered by one guy, and Brady really was becoming a good guy when he was taken out. She was really hurt severely. A broken pelvis is serious and takes forever to heal. Poor thing.
Jaygm chapter 45 . 3/25
That rat bastard "James Hunter" (who they should have taken out from the get go) really did a job on Bella. She must have some serious injuries. Crunching bones is what Edward heard- so she has something broken. She also got kicked and beaten on her head. . .
Jaygm chapter 44 . 3/25
Poor Bella! She got suckered in by two pathetic losers. She just couldn't win.
Jaygm chapter 43 . 3/25
I was suckered in that Seth was actually in the vehicle because of the baby sounds that were coming from the backseat. You are right, though. That would have been a bad thing for your little guy. I hope Bella isn't hurt.
Jaygm chapter 42 . 3/25
Well, things aren't looking too good for Bella and the Prez at this point. I didn't like Rose from the start. She warmed up too quickly, but then I questioned that suspicion when she hooked up with Emmett. She needs to go down with that useless fool of a boyfriend, Royce.
Jaygm chapter 41 . 3/25
I wonder if Rosalie isn't involved in this somehow. We have heard nothing from her at all. She's taken a liking to Seth and can't have her own kids. . . Bad situation. I have never trusted her, so I am throwing her under the bus.
Jaygm chapter 40 . 3/25
So it was the biological father. We never heard a thing about him other than he just left the picture. What a loser.
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