Reviews for A Thousand Dreams
AmyNY chapter 8 . 2/21/2013
This may be my favorite chapter so far. Beautifully written.
Xivida chapter 1 . 9/24/2012
No, that's not Merlin, that's me sobbing.
Oh Morgana, I still love you so much.
You were so much more once, so much more than you degenerated to be...
This is beautiful and poignant and amazing. I don't know if I should hate you or love you.
all-in-time chapter 8 . 9/2/2012
Nice to see this was requested. The image of a young Uther with a brilliant singing voice and the subsequent scene with the four of them and the sun at the firelight just... stuck with me. Very precious, the whole fic. It does not feel like a regular fanfic at all, but something of its own right - if I make any sense at all. Also, I need to compliment on the great use of first person storyteller, it makes the whole story sound so warm, I can almost hear old Morgana's voice. The idea that Merlin died so much sooner is heartbreaking, but also... very mature take at things.
all-in-time chapter 7 . 9/2/2012
Amazing. The third one would also have been my request. Reminds me of season one Merlin - who could have heart to hurt that?
all-in-time chapter 6 . 9/2/2012
So sad, despite it being a happy Camelot. M/M pairing has so many variations, maybe because there's so many obstacles in canon. Interesting version.
all-in-time chapter 5 . 9/2/2012
Aconite was the best. Nice parallels!
all-in-time chapter 4 . 9/2/2012
I love drabbles and oneshots in general, but yours are exceptionally good. Short without being lacking, and the dialogues and characters ring true. Of course, there is less time to build up whole characters, which may explain your nagging feeling, but I there's nothing like that on my part. I'm also curious how they will develop Mordred on the show, after reading this... I hope it will be something similar!

Btw, very interesting approach to make this into multichapter. First, to span out all the possibilities, and then expand on them. Works well!
all-in-time chapter 2 . 9/2/2012
Posting again here, but for the opening chapter, since I can't review twice on the first, and one is not enough!

There's just too many to pick out a favourite, but the one where Merlin killed Kilgharra because of Morgana, and later was not able to escape Morgause seemed the most... surprisingly probable. And the one with accidental love potions made me laugh. So much potential here, but I think it's perfect just as it is, the introduction, the finish, the second person works like magic, and that's actually unusual, too.

I'm adding you to my author alerts, though I already read on your profile that you're staying away from of sorts. I understand your decision, have done it myself, so I hope your focus gets directed into your original fiction. It's great what you've written and shared here, and that's what I meant to say. Cheers.
all-in-time chapter 1 . 9/2/2012
So. Much. Goodness. In one massive chapter, you show more wisdom than some through a whole fic. The choices and actions that the characters make, speak volumes. So sharp and moving, nothing excessive here. And, even before I can finish it, I found my favourite line:

"There are a hundred dreams where you told me the truth, gave in and whispered "I have magic, too." In many, it saved my soul. There's one where it broke me, and dozens and dozens where I used it to break you and Camelot."

(For that is the true reason behind Merlin's decision: even if it was just one chance in hundreds that Morgana would turn on him, it was still a risk too high to take.)

Your fic is amazing, seems like thousand lifetimes on top of each other.
Erm.. And a little request, if I may...Have you considered a reincarnation fic in the same format, except with events in history, with different characters for Merlin and Morgana, and the rest? I'm only suggesting, cause It already feels like this. Thank you for writing, I'll go read the rest.
Murphy AT chapter 8 . 7/6/2012
He's a wonder! I wish...well, I suppose that's the point of these. So many futures they could have had... Thank you for some of the best crafted AUs I've yet read!
cmb chapter 1 . 4/30/2012
I like the one where 'Arthur got a child on Gwen while his father was still living. Uther refused to let him marry her, of course, and Arthur would not let his child be born without his name. They ran away together. You turned to me for companionship, and we clung to each other as Uther's tyranny grew worse. When he died, we asked Arthur to come back, to reclaim his throne. He refused. You were heartbroken, and I made you my consort in an effort to shock him into coming back. It didn't work, of course (though I woke laughing from a dream of his face when he heard the news). He became a country landowner, running a farm of sorts, and he was better at it than any of us would have believed possible. Albion was never united, but Camelot survived tolerably enough.'

This is very well written. You portray Morgana very well, and I like the idea of so many alternate realities.
Dragon Mistress Syal chapter 8 . 3/7/2012
Thank you so much for posting this! It was great.
Child of Pendragon chapter 8 . 3/6/2012
wow you write SO well, i especially loved the last paragraph -

" Our son Arthur was Pendragon and dragonlord, sorcerer-king and servant-ruler, and we had given him the very best of ourselves... "

wow i love ur writing please continue
ArdeaSpark chapter 8 . 3/6/2012
I loved it! That was a great chapter!
Fiwen9430 chapter 8 . 3/6/2012
Aww he married Elena's kid, that is just adorable. And I love how Kilgarrah actually manages to admit he was wrong about Morgana, yay. I really like these oneshots, glad to see you're still writing them.
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