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bobsey chapter 13 . 2h
Beautiful story. Looking forward to upcoming chapters. Please do update.

And please do complete 'Serendipity' cause I am really looking forward to it.

Xo56oX chapter 13 . 3h
I am so happy this story is still going it's such a slowburning intensity and their relationship has grown in such a beautiful and realistic way, I especially love Lyon finally presenting himself
NaLu x Buckets chapter 1 . 4h
This is very interesting so far! On to le next chappie!
9momentos chapter 13 . 4h
I wonder of what is Lyon trying to save Gray from... I don't think he is a bad guy, I like him in fairy tail, and I don't think he'll be the bad guy here.
I love the story:)
HemophiliacQueen chapter 13 . 4h
I love it haha thank you for the chapter! It was worth waiting for :)
Guest chapter 13 . 5h
HAHAHAHA, MY DARLING LYON! The story has been very good so far, except for some errors in the writing. I also noticed that Gajeel's I-hate-fuckin-nobles speech was cut off. I hope you well, author! I love your fics and blog, keep it up!
cybercorpsesnake chapter 13 . 5h
Great chapter. Keep up the good work.
endingsarenotalwaysbad chapter 13 . 5h
I was screaming when I saw that you updated this fic! After watching Game of Thrones I'm totally in love with Lords, Dukes and stuff like that.

And oh my GOSH! Lyon is such a little shit! I can't stop laughing. I'm not really sure if he really means what he's saying. Like why now? He had five years to take "the burden" off Gray's shoulder and now that Gray's got the hang of it he decides that he wants to take his rightful place?! What the heck? Like are you serious?! That's so fishy... I mean I love Lyon and I really like how he's getting under Gray's skin but that stunt... is a tad bit too far. Or did he decide that spontaneously? When he saw Juvia he saw what he could have had and now he realises that he wants her and is willing to have her by any price?! That's... pretty childish. But yeah, we'll see. At least it's getting pretty interesting here. Besides Jose they have to keep an eye on Lyon now as well... Oh my.

I don't know but I believe that some of Gajeel's explanation is missing when Gray is trying to talk to him?! Because his sentence is unfinished?! :O

But still, I loved the talk between him and Gray. Gajeel deserves so much more screening time it's not even funny and I love that you are willing to give him all the attention and love that he deserves. His friendship with Juvia is so cute. Like she's watching out for him and scheming that he's making friends too. That's so sweet of her, I want to cry Q_Q How can you not love her?

Speaking of that: I'm really interested what the people in the ice kingdom think of her. I liked that you made her go outside and still having in mind that they are not so fond of her because she's an "intruder". I can only speak for myself but I would love to see more interactions with her and the villagers. Their reactions might be interesting... I mean their opinions about her might vary like in the actual Fairy Tail fandom (which is sometimes totally fucked up but everyone can do as they please...).

So yeah, I hope I mentioned everything important. It was a great chapter that showed that Juvia is blossoming beside Gray and that his influence is giving her more confidence which I really like. :D

Until next time :D
P. FullbusterBelieve chapter 13 . 6h
I already concluded that u abandoned the story. A fee days ago, I though of writing a PM requesting u for the update of "The duchess". Seriously, u don't know but I just love this story way too much...but I'm glad u came up with the idea of updating the fic.
Anyway, this chapter was really good but Lyon's sudden arrival...him talking about his rights...then when gray choked him to death he said he was trying to protect him...All of these are so much confusing. I hope you update soon to clarify everything. I'm glad for this chapter. Thank you. Looking forward to ur next update
Kary chapter 13 . 7h
We have to thank you again because you give us a precious gift updating this great story. I don t know how to tell you how much your story make me pleased and it s a little bubble of happiness that afford me to escape the real Life (that is not always sweet) for few moments. So thank you again! :-)
FFLuvr chapter 9 . 7h
I couldn't help but put my reaction for this chapter.. "KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! YUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS GO JUV! Thata girl! You kiss that Man! *heart eyes*"
Ok I am done, I love it I can't wait to catch up to your latest chapters. I was suppose to be sleeping at 11-ish but as soon as I saw your story I couldn't help but read it. I am so happy I made that choice! Keep up the great work!
Anani00 chapter 13 . 8h
Whooo first time i have done this morning was checking here to see if there was an update! I love this story! Lyon i love you too but try to do something to Juvia and i Will personally come there to hit you! Why Gray is so stubborn and he never explains things to Juvia? Obviously, as usual, you can use The right characteristic of everyone to make them act as they would in that circumstances and built perfectly the story!and the plot is perfect! You are sooooo good!
The King Of Dragons chapter 13 . 9h
Awesome! Lyon's the enemy now O.O I wonder when Gray will take the relationship to the next level...
Mrs Murasaki-sama chapter 13 . 9h
You have no idea how happy i was when i saw an update for this hehe. Really looking forward to the next chapter!
rosaji chapter 13 . 10h
Well this was a great upgrate! Thanks it was sooo good , I can understand Gray's actions with Juvia he didn't want to do anything just because he had to. Also I don't like Lyon just because he just wants things his way. Want is he thinking?! He can just come back and be a duke and take Juvia? No way! Gray please don't let him take her.
I hope you update soon this story is so good
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