Reviews for Getting Away
mlkalmar chapter 46 . 7/15/2017
Thanks for the update! Hope your brother does well. Big hugs.
ParkerAlexis88 chapter 45 . 7/13/2017
I'm still lurking about. Can't wait for Saturday.
Rory46 chapter 45 . 7/12/2017
I've been with this story since 2012 and decided to reread this entire piece. You have a gift, and this is one heck of a read. Thanks for sharing your talent. I am so glad you came back to this story, because some stories deserve to be finished.
mlkalmar chapter 45 . 7/12/2017
Thank you for this story and sharing your talent. It is heartbreaking and yet so hopeful. Thank you for continuing it. I look forward to the next update.
DustyQOTF chapter 45 . 7/10/2017
you havetn lost us. those who loose me anyways are those who don't update in 5 -10 years.
hma1010 chapter 45 . 7/9/2017
Still here! Excited this is still going!
ParkerAlexis88 chapter 44 . 5/12/2017
Honey. Honey! This is a hauntingly beautiful piece of work. And I can't believe that it is unfinished. Keep writing because you my dear have an amazing gift.
mlkalmar chapter 44 . 2/7/2016
Just found this story and read it over the weekend. So painful and real. I notice it has been a year since an update and just wanted you to know I am reading it and would love for you to finish it. I can only imagine how painful and raw it is to write this but I want to see Blaine and Kurt happy and safe together and for Blaine to really feel that he is loved. I will be waiting to see if you complete this. Thank you for sharing as much as you have b
Cloveteach chapter 44 . 4/19/2015
This story is amazing. When I first read the summary I though it would be something along the lines of Blaine showing up on the Hummel's door saying that he got kicked out or left or something. I never imagined something like this. Then go have Kurt dealing with his abandonment issues on top of that. I have been truly invested in this story since I started reading. I'm interested in finding out what happens next. Every time I expect to see this, you switch it around and something different happens. Keep it up!
anorehc chapter 44 . 1/21/2015
Absolutely loving it, and certainly not planning on leaving it any time in the forseeable future. Keep writing! - A
DustyQOTF chapter 44 . 1/18/2015
haven't given up on you. figured you had a busy life
DustyQOTF chapter 43 . 9/30/2014
I do hope you continue the story. It has great potential to be helpful to others who are in similar situations that both Kurt and Blaine are in.
precious-passenger chapter 43 . 5/9/2014
It's a really great chapter, as always. But I'm glad to see a small ray of hope in it :)
Now I'm here to bug you to update soon :)
precious-passenger chapter 42 . 5/9/2014
This is what I envisioned, the aftermath of it on the family. Oh, Burt. It's just so heartbreaking.
precious-passenger chapter 41 . 5/9/2014
This is so full of emotions! I'm crying a bit right now. Poor Blaine and poor Kurt, really. I can imagine Cooper being sorry for barging in like that and Carole blaming herself for all that happened. But, I hope this whole ordeal would make Blaine stronger, would make the family stronger.
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