Reviews for Digimon: Digidefenders
zigmas chapter 11 . 7/28/2009
So... a Gatomon, huh?

Do we get a lucky guess who the Commander is? :D

If you base it on the time discrepancy between the seasons... :D

zigmas chapter 2 . 7/28/2009
Weird. :D
Gijinka Renamon chapter 11 . 7/29/2005
Interesting. Is there any more?
Digimon American Cager chapter 11 . 3/5/2005
My I be in your story as a long lost digidefender by the name of brandon. I want my partner to be a toyagumon. This story rocks.
Gazza chapter 2 . 11/11/2003
The idea seems very interesting (~.), however the writing could perhaps use a tad bit o' work.

Firstly, and (IMO) most importantly, even though it's third person, you could still DEFINITELY stand to show more emotion. For instance when the D4's(BTW, I'd suggest a slightly more original name unless it's sposed to be a sequel to the 2nd season and I just didn't catch that) came out of the computer's and whatnot, the chilluns all didn't seem to think it was a big deal. "OOh, my computer just spit out some watch-like thing, big deal," seems to be what they're thinking because there's no emotion revealed, and no exclamation marks or anything.

Secondly, it got confusing at quite a few parts. I think the main thing is that you need to split up paragraphs. NEVER have two different people performing two different actions in the same paragraph. I remember in one par, you had one char speaking, and that same par, another char did something else. And since you didn't clue as to who was doing the speaking, it was majorly confroozing. See what I mean?

Third, and I believe lastly, do your homework .; You're opting to use nonfictional places, so you should research before you say things like there's a rain forest in Mexico just outside of Cancun. Or before saying they're being airlifted AWAY from Cancun(which is a vurry big city), to Bermuda(which isn't even a city .; It's that teeny island country a few hundred miles due west of Virginia)... And the person in that Mexico thread... That was confusing .;


Senora Hernandez smiled and rubbed his head. "Jorge, you are too young to worry about such a

thing. You must learn to relax." And Senora Hernandez returned to her house.


Senora Ms. or Mrs. _

But then you have him rubbing *HIS* head

Then returning to *HER* house

...Which of those is an error. I'm guessing perhaps the "his" was either a mistake, or it was referring to Jorge. If it was referring to J, you need to do something to specify the antecedent.

...That is all .; I hope you aren't the type of writer that takes corrections too heavily. I'm not trying to put down yer writing here, just suggesting ways to improve it. Anywho, adios! _
Scorpion chapter 7 . 11/8/2002
This is one of the best original fics Ive ever come across. Don't stop writing it now whatever you do!
Izzyizsumi chapter 1 . 6/5/2002
I like it. It's kinda cool.
Jesse Shearer chapter 2 . 5/21/2002
Hey, I see you're finally getting Digidefenders up! I've been hoping you'd post for quite some time now. I can't wait for the rest. Keep up the good work.
Jmsa chapter 2 . 5/19/2002
It was a nice story. You presented your characters well and shown us their personalities. I would like to read more if you don't mind.