Reviews for Thieves
JustYourVoice chapter 9 . 7/29
I have to admit that when you first posted this story, I didn't read any farther than chapter 2 because I couldn't get my mind around the premise. How could Hermione betray Ron like that? Well, after seeing that you updated this story recently, I decided to give it another go and here I am after binge reading the entire thing in a day! I nearly didn't make it through because of chapter 9 (ugh! I felt like my heart was shattering! If I were Hermione seeing what she did, I would have vomited all over the Room of Requirement from self-disgust!) Whew! Made it through and now I'm just so happy that they are together now. But, oh, the consequences of one horrible, manipulative woman's schemes- And the wrong people are paying for it. I will definitely be following this story and will devour the next chapter when you update. Thanks for writing!
MotherNight chapter 23 . 7/28
Now that I've stopped dancing around out of sheer happiness and read the update I'm feeling so many feels a simultaneously that I may drown. Such a brilliant idea! Such a nasty cliffhanger! I love you, too. Looking forward to the next chapter …whenever it appears.
Jen0318 chapter 23 . 7/28
Ok so I was so excited to get the update email that I reread the whole thing. I had to reread the heartbreaking chapters so that I could appreciate the journey.
mscrookshanks chapter 23 . 7/28
Hjhfdfgjgfdfhgfdfgbb! YES! You're back. Thieves has stolen a piece of my heart. Thank you thank you for not abandoning this fic xx
JeanAndBilius chapter 23 . 7/28
Fantastic! Really great - love this story!
chavi chapter 23 . 7/28
I am so grateful that you finally updated this one.
You have addressed quite a few points in there where we were confused..
So you are suggesting that the scar on the con artist's chest was something deeper after being polyjuiced it stayed..
N possibility of polyjuice not checked throughly the first time..
There must be of memory tampering since Harry n Ron seems quite confused...
N yeah a good background on where was Hermione..
I want to appreciate the kind of work you put when writing intense, emotionally charged scenes.. The tension n feelings are so palpable..
I am looking forward to one of that...
Thanks for posting this one..
You are incredible
BeckNiece chapter 23 . 7/28
I just started reading this with this new update. It is good. Please continue soon. I'm with the others. Please give Ron and Hermione their "firsts" back.

Thanks for writing and sharing.
Guest chapter 23 . 7/28
I forgot how much I love this story! Can't wait to read what happens next!
VeniceRings chapter 23 . 7/28
This story is killing me dude! You should find someway where Ron didn't actual sleep with that girl. I know he thought it was Hermione, but it actually horrible to think that bitch won. Ron and Hermione deserve that much.
Guest chapter 23 . 7/28
This is ShePotter, but since I already review, I'm reviewing as a guest. First of all Harry's scar did go away when he took Polyjuice the first time, remember? Also, I loved one of your other viewers idea. Maybe Ron didn't have sex with the other girl. You could have her play mind game in him also. That would be so cool, if Ron & Hermione had their "first" back. Just ideas, you are a great writer, what ever you write will be great, I know:).
ShePotter chapter 23 . 7/28
Wow, I almost forgot what a great writer you are. This took turns I was not sure of. I hope they find out how she got into Hermione's mind to know so much. I also wonderful why Ron couldn't tell from their kiss, unless it was because they were so new together. Still "love"? Now, they are just going to walk around with polyjuice all the time? Ok, you have left us with many questions. Please update soon, we need more:). Also, thanks for the recap.
OfWhizzFizzing chapter 23 . 7/28
OMG OMG OMG OMG I am SO happy that you updated! Plus this chapter was brilliant! Keep it up!
probablyahufflepuff chapter 23 . 7/28
Omg! Omg! Omg! Yay! So happy this story has resumed and the trio have reunited!
holly1492 chapter 23 . 7/27
Oh God - now that you have brought us this far, I hope you will continue!
Guest chapter 23 . 7/27
I really appreciate your writing! Really I do! But I must make one desperate plea, please please please find someway to make it so Ron never slept with that girl. I know he thought it was Hermione but still. It is so unfair to hermione to have someone steal her life, have sex with her boyfriend, and then have everyone treat her like a horrible person. Again you are a brilliant writer, but this situation just can't sit well with me. Maybe you could have them go back in time and stop it from happening somehow? I don't know. But I think I speak for a lot of us when I say, Ron and Hermione deserve better than having their firsts taken away from them like that. Even if the firsts with the imposter didn't neccesarily "count". They still happened, and I'm not sure how they could really move past that. Please! It killing me! Help them fix it! *dramatic and desperate rant over*
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