Reviews for Sky Kings
pikachucat chapter 23 . 4/24
clonezero chapter 23 . 4/22
It's so good to finally see more of this and I'm so glad you're back to writing it!

The promise for a sequel is also great news to hear and I'm sure a lot of us, your readers, will be waiting for that with bathed breathe! I also have no problem with time skips as without them the story may get too stretched out.

As for this chapter I honestly was expecting more lines from Ginougi and Akairo, but it was good nonetheless! And Doctor Khaine's promises of raising hell was definitely a laugh!
DaWubber chapter 23 . 4/21
Glad to see you back. This story has been one of my personal favorites ever since I found the site last year.
Darkis Shadow chapter 23 . 4/21
Well there'e Skye's return and for once she's not being a jerk. :D Progress! Ginouji is too adorable X3
Lord rage quit chapter 23 . 4/20
Glad to see you back not so glad to see the reason why you were gone for so long. I've losy 3 to many family members to depression and it sucks i hope you find something that makes you feel better
Jack1191 chapter 14 . 4/20
You really should try and get a job in Psychology. The scene at the therapist honestly showed how well you understand these mental extremities (PTSD, Manic Depression etc...) and I find it quite ridiculous that it's better than the three Psychiatrists I've had.

Keep on Rocking!
Law77 chapter 23 . 4/18
When I read your story, it always feels like I am reading a legitimate novel I bought for 199.99. Good work, nicely done, and God bless!
Cottonmouth25 chapter 23 . 4/18
Jasper is awesome. Scientific fact, ladies and gentlemen.

You're changing the title? I wish I had some suggestions, but honestly, I already think that the current title is really good.
crymblade chapter 23 . 4/18
Title? Well it certainly hasn't been about Kings of the sky. Maybe something related to bonds between beast and man?
Greatazuredragon chapter 23 . 4/18
Wow it really was a while. Nevertheless, really good chapter, good work and thanks for updating.
Steve mcpinecone chapter 22 . 4/1
Now the question is how quickly this is going to descend into madness when the gore magala's virus shows up.
malterex chapter 21 . 9/28/2014
2 things. You probably know by now, but the garara ajara now has an official English name, the Najarala. Two, alatreon switch axe deals dragon damage, not slime, so you may want to go back and change that to maybe a brachydios switch axe, or fix the fight to detail dragon damage. Other than that, keep up the good work, this is a great story, and really puts the monster hunter universe into perspective outside of the game.
Groudon chapter 2 . 9/27/2014
The mothafucker is outside the door idiot
Groudon chapter 1 . 9/27/2014
Guest chapter 10 . 9/27/2014
Sir if the third egg hasn't hatched could it be a female azure ratholos
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