Reviews for The Red Moon Rises
David Fishwick chapter 21 . 2/15/2016
Brilliant idea and thanks for writing as I enjoyed reading this story.
Geoff chapter 21 . 9/26/2013
Nice finish to Book I, and looking forward to the sequel.
anon.10810 chapter 21 . 9/26/2013
Great chapter. Looking forward to Book II.
Geoff chapter 20 . 8/26/2013
Cool you're finishing up this season and finally Xander and Cordy are gonna be together (I think). I hope Spike and Drusilla die!
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 20 . 8/24/2013
you know the inverse of Darla and Luke is actually really itnresting, Darla has so much faith in the proficy that shed just sit on her ass waiting for the slayers to make an even more fortified position and alow them the chance to make a good assasinationa ttempt right when the master revies.
Luke on the other had has so much fiath in it that hes NOT going allow an army to be right at the door of the awakening because hes has so much faith that no matter the losses they take it be better to remove a lot of the slayers NOW instead of hoping that one of them doesn't get lucky.
AND he doesn't have any issues with Darla staying behind because he knows theirs a big risk that he could die but the mission is far more important.
seriously both very fasenating things here.
now Spike there that little ending with Niki wood was interesting in what you did. spike doing some head games was quite fun especially as the good guys lose some people as well even if the main charecters arnt quite dieing. the magical coat I have to tip my hat off to you with being creative ein what stuff the magic could be doing.

Buffys tlak of just killing the human... ehh I always liked the slayers fucked up freak outs over human deaths so I don't know about that...
I DO like the relationship Xander and Angel have right here in regards to interaction, because while I liked the snark and all between the two their was always potential for a battle comrades type that could have gone a little like this witch is fun!
so im a tad surprised that Luke got token out by a small fry so to speck even fi it si Kendra while the leader of the slayers got taken out first.
but you know its actually interesting in regards to that in the army botht he heads got taken out, be itnresting to see if Spike takes control over the hoard in its own way, Spike the warlord instead of him being a maby gang leader in the old buffy could actually be fine in its own ways! and the leaders not being the best fighters is actually sorta interesting and true and nice in its own ways.
so the hit squad dealing with the big creature should be fun and Wes not being arrogant in what his group can do should be nice hell him maby overestimating the vampires is fun!
the slayers as a full army group fells akward to the extreme especially in regards to what weapons they boruth with them, a bonw and arrows would have worked so much better than crossbows and you could light them on fire and all!.
So that feels akward, Im curious aobut the ogrininzations of this world along with whos the biggest and who ahs the best armies,, I do hope tha the slayers arnt the only big group in the world or hell even the only big group on the goodish side.
and I am very curious about the proefsionall armies tha tconventionally could destroy the slayers and them not being an army more like rangers and stuff and DAMM am I curious at hwat oyur going to do.
hell considering magics so wide spread here now is their an magic genetic experiments like the slayers that are actually guys and stuff? or hell anything the one time experiemnts that are famous or mixing of some mythologes like on demon or demi god is still kicking around here and all.
hell Im actually curious about all the wide spread groups their is going to be here with things...
anyway! I like the chang eup you gave and the ieeal behind it being that the master isn't JUST going to show up immediately that the master gets released to then try and free the old ones that should be FUN...
I liked the Magicians here and the fact that they used themselves as artilliary instead of just macking a fire ring around all the vampires and unleashing hell. cause it SHOWS tha the slayers are a hunter group and are warriors maby, fighters definattly but are NOT soldiers!
its quite nice.
only seeing as the slayers are an actuall race im kind of curious about if oyur going to do anything in regards to the sons of a slayer and all.
hell are the slayers the supped up amazons of your world? and now im CURIOUS about the orginzaiton styles of all the groups now...
dam have you got me curious.
anon.10810 chapter 20 . 8/24/2013
Another awesome chapter, looking forward to seeing how it all ends.
anon.10810 chapter 19 . 8/14/2013
Great chapter
Geoff chapter 19 . 8/14/2013
Interesting talk between Xander and Angel, wasn't expecting that. It sounds like you're building up to the big conclusion soon, looking forward to it.
Geoff chapter 18 . 6/3/2013
Cool chapter, especially the end bit where Xander's pissed and gonna take the battle to the vamps. I hope ya update this one soon.
anon.10810 chapter 18 . 6/3/2013
Yet another amazing chapter.
Geoff chapter 17 . 3/23/2013
Nice update, cool Xander/Willow conversation. I'm betting that Amy is gonna die soon, one way or another; Wes and Lilah will either kill each other or end up in bed together, I can't tell which yet. More soon!
anon.10810 chapter 17 . 3/21/2013
An amazing chapter
Geoff chapter 16 . 2/26/2013
Cool new chapter, Amy seems to be getting worse and worse and I figure the Senior Partners are going to get up to something really bad soon. But the best part was the end scene with Xander! That was an interesting take on Nikki Wood, her having a superiority complex; and I liked how Cordelia has started to feel the glimmerings of jealousy after watching Willow and Xander hug. I hope we see more of this fanfic soon.
anon.10810 chapter 16 . 2/24/2013
Another awesome chapter.
Geoff chapter 15 . 2/7/2013
Good to see the latest update for this story. It was a bit short, with basically just people talking, but I'm sure the action will pick up soon. Until next time!
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